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  1. Thanks Beefy for putting those images on the site. Hopefully I will come home for a holiday next year and will go up to Wilford Hill to put some flowers on the grave. I used to tell people I work with that the great Edwin Starr lived in Nottingham and then........ I saw him at least once at the 'Beach'. Thanks again.
  2. Wow mama! Just had me crumpets & Bovril. Think I'd better seek out Betty Ford's Phone number.
  3. Haven't found anything yet. Still looking though.
  4. There used to be a chippy down Alfreton road on the left near the old cinema run by a Jamaican fella. We all used to pile in for red hot jamaican patties, chips and curry sauce. Not for the squeamish the following day when it's been mixed with 10 pints of Trophy bitter from the Windmill in the Lace Market.
  5. Fabulous collection of stuff to overdose on. Trouble is it would cost a fortune to satisfy your cravings. I've lined up me Bovril and crumpets (pyklets) for brekky tomorrow.
  6. What's the brand name of the curry sauce. I must get some sent over. It's been a hell of a long time since I've had some on me chips.
  7. I cook mushy peas quite regularly but can't get them to the standard of those down at Vic market.
  8. Has anyone tried to convert the locals to the delights of cheese & onion cobs and mushy peas. A lost cause methinks.
  9. Bovril on crumpets. Now that is something that must be tried. Watch this space.
  10. Went to a barby last year and took fish fingers, white bread and HP sauce. Did I get some funny looks.
  11. We can get quite a lot of British stuff including Bovril but as you say it's a trite expensive. Mind you I nearly wet myself when I found chocolate Hob Nobs. Never seen spotted dick but there's a British butcher 1 1/2 hours drive away where we can get faggots.
  12. I could do with some decent black pudding. The stuff here in Oz is a bit ordinary. In our town there is a eatery which serves aussie food, but on the menu is liver, bacon, onions, mash & gravy. Food of the gods. Although not British I fell in love with grape jelly jam in New York. There's a American shop across the other side of Melbourne so I'll have to go and stock up.
  13. I looked at that Coasters document. Complex as most band discographies are but very informative. It makes Pete Frames 'Family Tree' seem like a kids story book. Thanks Mick.
  14. Then of course when things started to go pear shaped, CBS came into the mix. Whatever Hurts You - Mad Lads a great track. Also anything by Jeanne & The Darlings.
  15. The SD part of the catalogue number is only on the front of the sleeve. My original copy was the same but with a blue background. This could be a recent pressing, never thought to ask as I was running out the shop whooping and hollering. Thanks for the Coasters info, I'll check it out.