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  1. Can anyone help me out, Stuart Frews blog is that the one with numerous different comments on Bestwood Village and Estate, if so could you let me have the link to it. I did have it once and found it very interesting but I lost it and would love to reread some of the entries. many thanks.
  2. One morning I ordered an item from Amazon, forget what it was, but it was the lowest price available, it was delivered the same evening.
  3. Yes the previous photo was the exit from the Five Minute Car Wash, the entrance was around the corner on North Sherwood Street.
  4. I have been reading this topic again and seen that Photobucket has blurred the photo of Bulwell Hall Halt and the surrounding area, so I have put it on again.
  5. Only just been able to get back on since Sunday, nice to be back missed you all.
  6. We now have two brilliant wordsmiths on this forum, any chance you are related to the other the young Jill Sparrow , the younger sister of Beekay. Please keep posting .
  7. Bones can be donated, when I had a reverse shoulder revision they gave me somebodies hip joint ball into my shoulder and a "claw" onto my Humerous . Then it was just waiting for the bones to fuse together before I could move my arm again. I am still waiting for my other shoulder to be done, so hurry up and have your hip done Phil, I may have your hip ball.
  8. DJ I copied the photo from a booklet published for the closing of Central Fire Station, the photo was one of a collection of incidents that Central attended since it opened in 1940 , so I believe it is authentic.
  9. Brew whatever you do don't shut up, I am sure you know that I read with interest what you post and agree with most of what you write, but I think this topic is going off topic and straying into politics so I will say no more.
  10. Sorry I haven't welcomed you on board before , whatever you do don't stop posting. You posts bring a ray of sunshine to this dismal life of mine. Seeing as you once resided I Hucknall you are doubly welcomed. Have no fear of going off topic everyone else does , some times I think it is compulsory, anything you post about Nottingham will be most welcome, I look forward to some more interesting posts.
  11. Have to agree with you Jill love matters but being one of 10 children with a b*****d of a father who was an violent abusive selfish man who lived for his ale and went on adventures for months and years at a time that was missing in my home. My mother was broken woman, both physically and emotionally but she still did her best, money was important if he wanted the money for his enjoyment mother went even shorter . That was the norm for a lot of families in them days , many of the children of these families have done very well for themselves. What I mean by education is not only the 3 R type education but also on life it self , instilling aspirations into them and that these are available to them and how to achieve these.
  12. I never thought myself as poor , I thought it was normal to have holes in my shoes and not having things others had. Only when I was 11 and being offered a place at a school where you stayed till you were 16 and needed a uniform did I realise that I came from a poor family. I was lucky I stayed at that school and had a better education till I was 15, when I made the decision to leave as I saw the problems my mother was having on how to purchase new uniform for the next year. I am not complaining as I knew many who were a lot worse off than me. People do start off disadvantaged , only a good education can give them the start in life they need. Years ago it was possible without the educational qualifications to advance, not so much now , people nowadays need certificates of all different things to gain employment now. Most are condemned to a lifetime on minimum wages. Many go to schools where they are expected to fail and they are treated as such, they may come from one parent families where no one cares less about them. I started at the NCB as an apprentice electrician at 15 a friend also started on general mining the same day, after about an hour later I saw him walking away crying he was told to go as they found he couldn't read, how he had been let down in life . I not criticising you PP but a weeks holiday in a caravan, whilst I was young I can only remember going away twice and that was on day trips to Skeggy and there was many of my friends never had that. Sorry to go on about it but I often hear people go on that people can make it if they work hard, many work hard all their life and never make it.
  13. Stuart.C thanks for posting it upright, I keep trying to but so far failed to master the process.
  14. Attached is a Photo I have found of the crashed Canberra bomber on the rail lines at Bulwell Common Station . Sorry if is too large and side ways still not worked out to change photos. I
  15. I am too busy living my on life to concern myself with someone else who I have never met. He doesn't make comments on mine why should I or anyone else comment on his. What he does if it is legal its up to him.
  16. I am not going to make any comment about shaking NonnaBs lemons.
  17. I was in Boots the other week chatting to the ladies as usual, when she told me that a woman was preparing to steal items, I naturally looked at her and sure enough she put more into her bag and walked out the shop. I asked if she was going to stop her and I was told that it was the policy not to do anything other than let them proceed with the theft due to safety concerns for the staff. It appears they can steal what they like without any problems.
  18. He who laughs last has only just understood the joke.
  19. I brought the wife a new bag and belt for valentines day. The vacuum cleaner will work a lot better for her.
  20. Fogrider the photo is from Triumph Road, it was taken from Lenton Times . Searching through the different editions of it you can find photos and info regarding the station and also the opening of Dunkirk Station. I once found info on a young Ron Spencer, who you will know, he served at both Triumph road and Dunkirk, I tried to find it again to make a copy of it but failed, hope you find Lenton times interesting. You can purchase copies of the Lenton Times as it is still in publication.
  21. Hi Trevor welcome to Nottstalgia, in your post you mentioned the Fire Station on Triumph road, this closed down and moved to Abbey Road Dunkirk, which has now been demolished. I can only find one photo of Triumph Road Station which is from 1940/41.
  22. Here is a map of 1955 Bulwell with China Street on it.
  23. Happy birthday Col , may your wishes of today come to be.
  24. Cliff Ton You owe me a cup of coffee, I spilt mine when I read your post. I can see the image in my head, with other ladies chasing them shouting don't forget about us then Ben.