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  1. I to was picked up with high blood pressure and again when at the surgery it was always high. I purchased a monitor and check it for a week before and record it , its is always OK, when I go to have it taken by them it is always high, I just dont like the doctors surgery.
  2. Covid Prison is preferable to the possibility of hospitalisation, there is always a positive side of all situations, keep smiling you will soon be out and about soon.
  3. nonnaB I am still still waiting to hear when you are making the buns, I should hate arriving too late. PS lurpak only on mine.
  4. When I was about 10 my sister and husband came to stay with us over the Christmas period and much to my amusement she emphasised to my mother that he had to have pork pie for breakfast Christmas morning. I have never heard it again until reading it on Nottstalgia.
  5. A merry Christmas to you all. May your Christmas be better than mine, I have done the wrong thing again. The wife is always complaining about price increases especially power, with me leaving lights on and doors open. So I decided to help her save money. So for Christmas I brought her an iron, a light ,a cobblers last and a little meths powered heater, She wasnt happy, so no dinner for me and a night in the spare bedroom. Roll on the New Year. PS I only followed Bekays example of useful presents.
  6. Keep smiling DJ , as you know life is like that, you think everything is going OK and then these thigs happen to try you. Remember your from Bestwood and your made of better stuff and can deal with these mishaps. Was it a fall or was it your attempt of seeking extra love and comfort from Mrs DJ.
  7. Wow what a memory, after hearing this usually came the order QUIET football results are on, then the anticipation if he wins I might get a new bike.
  8. Then I can start to look forward to Spring and summer plants growing and wildlife on the move again. Also warmer weather for us to get out and about again, these Pagans knew about the best things in life.
  9. Winter Wonderland is not some thing new, I can remember visiting places billed as winter wonderland with my sons when they were little, they are both in their 50s now.
  10. Thanks all for the information and views on windows 11, I think I will stay with 10 for a few years yet as it does every thing I need.
  11. Has anyone upgraded to windows 11 ? Is it worth it and what are the advantages or is it best to leave it alone and stay as I am on windows 10.
  12. Can I join you BK, your day looks better than mine ,I am at the clinic for blood tests one for the GP and another for the hospital. I am not bothered by the tests but my arm doesnt like giving blood, its not unusual for them to stick needles into me 4 times before giving blood. I told you I am a tight s*d.
  13. Chambers butchers on Main Street I had a sister and BL who worked there Tony and Francis. I believe there was also one on Commercial Road.
  14. Thanks Ben , just listening to words brings back so many memories, such as sitting in the Back room of "Billy" in Bulwell with the room full of mates.
  15. I understand your feelings Ben, places you use to have happy times in, now many of them closed some knocked down or changed beyond recognition. You can still see you friends there, many have gone forever , all have changed and you can recall incidents , some best forgotten. A song that brings all these memories back is Rod Stewarts " When we were the new boys" I would put a link to it but my skills will not let me.
  16. I use to go to Hucknall Miners Welfare in the early 60s on Wednesday nights for the under 18s, then after that on Friday nights upstairs for the entertainment. When it closed and was demolished it was a tragedy for the people. Many marriages began from there and a few ended . It was great while it lasted, cheap beer and great nights.
  17. BK VM = Virgin Media Virgin have been working on the system today I was told last week to expect disruptions.
  18. A croggie is a lift to someone on your bike , where the passenger normally sits on the cross bar.
  19. My main memory of Trinity Square, beside catching the no 28 bus from there, was the dirty black colour of the Holy Trinity Church, years and years of grime on it. Looking back most of the buildings seemed to be the same, if "progress" has done anything for us the city has cleaned up or knocked down some of the great buildings we once had, is it time they cleaned the Council house?
  20. Ben there must be a story to tell about when you used the above comment. Come on we are waiting to hear it , please do tell.
  21. It is sunny here today and its a bit cold, so I thought I would clear some of the fallen leaves out of my pond, whilst doing that I would trim some of the dying plants from it as well. I lasted about an hour, that pond water is cold and my poor little fingers decided to stop working so I am now in the warmth drinking coffee. Not going out again today.
  22. CT thats twice in one posting you have reminded me of my age. I can recall the church on Trinity Square very clearly and I use to roam the fields where Bestwood Park Estate is now built, memories of a misspent youth. I feel sad for the kids of today that will not be able to experience the pleasure of all those acres of open country side.
  23. DJ I know what you mean about forgetting names , I found the best way when meeting people whose name I have forgotten is to introduce myself, they then give me their name and it solves the problem. Often or not they are in the same situation and have forgotten names, its an age thing. lol
  24. In the 60s never argue with some Bulwell girls or you could end up with a busted lip. I know from experience. But they were some of the prettiest girls about.
  25. Beautiful scenery makes me want to start walking around Derbyshire again.