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  1. Phil, are you saying that you have had a bucket of cold water thrown over you in the street whilst "courting". lol
  2. I have just had mine serviced 1854 miles ,my son has used it quite a few times. I was going miss the service but I had to have it done as part of the warrantee, I was not happy as all it was is an oil change a check over for £185.
  3. Nonna after reading your post on Active Gel I have just ordered some. The pain from my shoulder and leg only lets me have at the most 2 hrs sleep at a time. I saw the Consultant this week re my shoulder revision, I was going to have it replaced 18 months ago but due to other medical problems I had to cancel. He offered to carry out the op but after listing the possible problems it worried me , then he went into the problems with the current Corona situation ,with the wife being in the extremely vulnerable group I decided to postpone the op for 6 months. He said I had made the right choice. Here's hoping the Gel works, I am fed up taking pain killers, all I want is a good nights sleep. Hope either the injections or gel works for you.
  4. Again Nottstalgia has made me feel really old, I can remember when I started on the Fire Brigade in 1965 I was issued with blue shirts and separate collars. I had to go and buy studs something I had never used before. I think the shirts must have been stock left over from the war production and we had to have them to stop waste.
  5. I think it was clear why the Unis wanted all the students back, they are now not seats of learning , they are businesses. Once the students have started they pay the course fees and accommodation. When they are sent home they will not get any cash back. Am I a cynic or what? A better system would have been as Melissa stated let them study online at home , that way the Unis would still receive the course fees and next year, when hopefully the virus is under control, they could start at the Unis. But with most Universities building their own accommodation they need the money.
  6. I also remember Trinity Church , I used to catch the 28 bus home from school from there and before that the occasional bus trip into Nottingham with my mother, I must be really old.
  7. I can remember the names of Witts, Clarke, Spencer and Hopkins but cannot put faces to them except a Trevor Hopkins who had ginger hair.
  8. The City transport map was most probably from the early 40s with the 28 route starting later in the 40s together with moving the number 6 terminus later in the 40s. As their map shows, at the time of printing, there was no number 28 route and the 6 stopped at the far end of Gainsford, your memory is from the late 40s.
  9. If he has 2 pairs can he lens me a pair.
  10. Further to the number 17 bus outside the shops on Arnold Road I have been looking at Cliff Tons post of August 13th 2010 in "Nottm Bus Routes 1940s" , the map there shows a bus route to Bestwood Estate which indicates that the route went up Gainsford Crescent and ended at the far end of the Crescent. The number 18s Terminus was on Edwards Lane Estate and never went near Bestwood Estate. The terminus would be outside of the shops on Arnold Road hence the clock there, I was unable to determine the number of the route, but the map does show that the 17 went to Bulwell and that there was no number 28 at that time , it may be it was the number 6 and the driver had not put the right number on the bus. Hope this clears the matter up or maybe more confusion.
  11. Weather here dry, no wind and the sun keeps poking his, her head through the clouds, so I will be in the garden picking up fallen pears and apples.
  12. I would say that it is Arnold road, the shops look identical, but the 17 never went anywhere near that area and in my time living on Bestwood buses never went on that part of the road. That section of the road is the access road for the shops , Arnold road is where the photographer would be standing. The only thing that brings doubt to me is house to the front of the bus, on checking google earth there are no houses that close, Land croft Crescent is much further back .
  13. How are things going DJ, hope there is some improvement.
  14. I find that shopping online so much easier, you have a much better choice of items, no travelling miles and walking around to find they don't have exactly what you want or having to carry it back to the car or wait days for it to be delivered. As for cars I have only average just under 100 miles a month, why did I buy a new car last year.
  15. I have to agree with you Jill but it was the spare bedroom that only gets used for storage and for me to sleep in occasionally. The items in there I thought was of better quality but they didn't match but I liked them. I totally refused on principle to pay more, it was either that or nothing as the other items had been given away. I am now a tight fisted miserable old sod. As for Ikea I don't like the place , I wont mention what I think of the items they sell.
  16. I have a new spare wardrobe. It was decided that our spare bedroom needed changing, why? we never use it except for storage and me sleeping in it occasionally. So all furniture was disposed of and new wardrobe and draws were obtained from Ikea. I refused to pay a lot of money for furniture we didnt need, only use for storing things we dont want and I am 73 the kids will only throw it away. All these items were purchased and brought home , oak is going to look good in the room, my youngest son carried them into the bedroom and he told me he unpacked the wardrobe and put the packaging in the recycling bin to make my life easier. I looked into the bedroom and as normal a foolish idiot had picked up the wrong carton, I now have a white wardrobe and oak drawers, it means I now have to dispose of a white wardrobe and buy an oak one. Life is good , these things keep me active and stop me from doing things I enjoy and making mischief.
  17. I dont feel or think old, I just wish my body would agree with me. Due to physical problems I have to think how I go about doing things but I still manage to achieve what I set out to do. Age is just a number ignore it. The only time I have been made to feel old was when the wife was away and I sat outside a Cafe and had a coffee watching the world go by. I smelt the bacon being cooked , so I ordered a breakfast after eating that another coffee. When it became time to go my body had seized and I struggled to get up. A lady much older than me came across and aided me, giving me words of reassurance , I thanked her and set off home vowing never to sit in public again for that long.
  18. Cor!!!! Carni you are a cracker , hubby is a lucky man.
  19. Here is a link to the post website with 12 photos of Nottingham in the 60s.
  20. Your lucky Beekay after 53 years I am not even allowed to look , I dare not even think about talking to them. I must admit I do take a quick peek when she isnt about.
  21. My Grand daughter started her 2nd year at Coventry today and a Grandson starts his first year at Sheffield next week. What with corona virus and away from their families I am sure they will be OK , but I am still concerned.
  22. I think I am having a bad day, SWMBO tells me I am not, early this year I purchased 18 various Dianthus for a small border on top of a low rockery, they flowered extremely well. The wife has enjoyed ? dead heading them , she told me that she started doing them again today but seeing there was not many flowers left on them she dug them all out. Well so much for them flowering next year, her reply well she had also pulled out most of those white weeds for me. Thank you very much, so I then went indoors, those white weeds were the Cyclamen growing out of the rockery, at least they will carry on growing. The wife enjoys working in the garden and helps me so much, so I must not complain.
  23. I have to agree with you on this, last week we lost the brother in law, the 2 months before his demise was heart breaking, he was pleading not to be sent to a Hospice, which he wasnt, but he was begging to be allowed to die. What a sad end to a proud man.
  24. DJ thinking of you, let us know how things are.