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  1. Pleased some one else has the same view of modern composts as myself, I tried using mine but it ended up on the garden as a mulch. I have also purchased 50 peat compressed plugs, I soaked them in water for a few minutes and then put lavender cuttings in them, hope these are successful as I have had very little success with cuttings in the other compost this year.
  2. I have been purchasing potting compost from local shops and in general find it horrible stuff, nothing like years ago, it dries out to quickly and full of large lumps of bark and other material. I have just received a large bale of peat, delivered in one day from Scotland, I intend mixing it with garden soil to see if the results will be somewhat better than what I have achieved this year.
  3. Well I have done it again, sitting talking with the wife, my son and grandson the subject was how well I was looked after and the wife said that I wouldnt know what to do without her. I replied my mind is working overtime thinking about it, but I would need her to buy me some castor oil to wipe the smile off my face with what I was thinking. That was a big mistake my son and grandson laughed at my joke, it was a joke honestly, the wife didnt see the joke. So advice is now needed on how to teach me to keep my big mouth shut.
  4. Wish I could paint like you Beekay, I have tried but I am a failure, do you give lessons.
  5. Since the start of the CV episode I have only had a few days where people have not been jet washing, the noise from these machines certainly jar my nerves after a prolonged period. Every drive, patio and path near me must be now immaculate but still they find more to clean. With living near the top of a hill the noise from travels from a great distance for me to enjoy, please let it stop. To add to my joy and happiness I have just realised that we have just had the summer solstice and the nights will now be drawing in. As with Col me being this cheerful keeps me going as well.
  6. Jill mine nearly ended before the reception did, one of her bridesmaids was very nice.
  7. I am not too worried about it , I will benefit from a good nights sleep, it would be wrong of me to say she snores so I will say nothing.
  8. I am a stupid old man who has lost his memory. I must write that 100 times. I am a despicable and poor excuse for a husband. I must write that 100 times. My excuse is that I have had a lot on my mind and I havent been feeling too good for a while. Yes I forgot that 53 years ago today I married my dearest wife and unlike 53 years ago tonight I will be sleeping by myself. I will remember to put a reminder in my laptop for next year and while I am at it I will also put a reminder about her Birthday, if I forget that my life is in danger.
  9. The only Transport Museum I can think of is on Portland Road Hucknall in the old Trent Bus Depot. I visited once on one of its open days and it was full of old double decker buses some restored and some still under restoration.
  10. Sherwood Restorations is where I brought the B from, I would love to go and look around there again , but I couldnt trust myself not to buy a classic car again, no self control.
  11. Phil go for the classic plus 8 or the new plus 6, then you can be a boy racer again, the joys of rear wheel drive. PS if you do have one again let me have it for a day, you will have to lift me in and out again.
  12. Here is a photo of my MGB, it was my pride and joy, until I had to accept that i could no longer get in and out of it. The last time I drove it to get out of it I had to open the door and roll out onto the ground , then wait for someone to help me up. the last time the wife left me on the ground and went into the pub for a drink. So it was sold and the wife had the money.
  13. Col be back soon you will be missed, hope its not another health problem, will be thinking of you.
  14. Hi HeatherD a small bit of information for you a definite for the officer at the front, it is Station Officer Freddie Williams, the man in shirt sleeves is either Crunch Christian or Paul Cassidy and the one at the back is either Cliff Cairns or Bill Roberts. Memories are a bit vague due to the passing of time, the AFS was disbanded in 1968 and as I mentioned before Bert Caunt front centre passed away aged 95.
  15. HeatherD I have sent a copy of your post to a retired firefighters group to see if they can put any names to faces.
  16. Welcome to this forum HeatherD please keep posting and let us know more about yourself and any memories of Nottingham , I believe that is Bert Caunt in the centre of the front row, he passed away earlier this year aged 95.
  17. There is going to be no photo of my haircut, my son cuts his own so my dear wife made me have mine cut by him. He has what I call the thug cut, so short he might as well shave it, I insisted I wanted it much longer. It was cut much to the evil pleasure of my dearest wife, it is shorter now than it has ever been, no problem now of social distancing, I will not be leaving the house for weeks.
  18. I remember my first day at Bestood Pit as a 15 year old straight from school , end of the shift into the showers , all nervous showering away and suddenly a massive bloke entered my cubicle and started sponging my back, fear set in when he spun me around but it was only for him to give me his sponge and tell me " now do my back". I then started to breathe again, no one had let me know that this was the norm.
  19. Happy birthday Carni may all yours presents be covered in chocolate and filled with fresh cream, have a great day.
  20. trogg


    How selfish of them expecting a break in a 12hr shift. After all they are only doing an extremely pressurised job with every chance of catching a fatal virus and they are only looking after the health of all of us. The NHS deserve Respect and the thanks from all of us.
  21. Great photos of parents and grandparents, when despite the hard times standards where the priority, more please if possible.
  22. Your both right many people think things will be back to normal before to long, some are still thinking about holidays late summer. It will be many years before things are "normal" again what ever the normal will be then. We started the lockdown 2 weeks before any one else and in that first period only went out once, up to Curbar Edge where we never went near anyone else. I cannot see us going to crowed places even when allowed until this virus has gone and they have a vaccination that has proven to work. But on the bright side we are both still here and can find plenty of things to do to enjoy ourselves. But then as the wife keeps telling me I am a miserable old
  23. At the next meetup, hope it soon, the wife will let me attend she said I am safe with you lot, we will have to swop stories on medical conditions and medications, lol
  24. I have seen some of your previous projects Beekay , I wish I had your talent, if you have any photos of them post them so Ian Finn and others can see them. Paintings not hernias.
  25. Previous 4 days fed up of pressure washing, today to cold for me so fed up of watching westerns on youtube, roll on warmer weather. then I can spend my day applying sealant to drives and patio, what an exciting life I lead.