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  1. Posted 4 hours ago Can;t believe hes in his 70s.......great singer..snappy dresser...and knows how to move...could listen to him all day.. Ben are you talking about Rod Stewart or yourself. lol
  2. My first grandson was christened Thomas and we were not allowed to call him Tom, we were reminded numerous times. When he started school it all changed his mother gave up as all his school friends and teachers called him Tom, we inwardly laughed as we then made every opportunity to call him Tom.
  3. Carni snap, well nearly, I met my wife when we were both 17 and married 2 1/2 years later, still married.
  4. It seems our Margie was a bit of a tinker in her teenage years , how many aliases did she have and more importantly WHY?
  5. I bet by posting that you amassed so many brownie points with you better half, Donna. Not that you need any more brownie points with any lady.
  6. Well done Ben, your determination is incredible and you still manage to carry your life on in the same old ways, Benidorm prepare yourself Ben will soon be back.
  7. Try i now it should show the map
  8. Here is a map extract for you, it was up Commercial Road.
  9. Margie of course I was a shy young lad I still am, we have drifted off topic so to keep it on topic I went home on the 44 Trolley bus, have you noticed whatever the subject Bens favourite pastime arises , lol.
  10. Margie , you felt sorry for him, a pack of women can be dangerous when I was 21 I took up a part time job on my days off delivering lace to home workers. The factory employed about 50 females of all ages the only other male was the boss, all went well until I was back in the place at break time. I went into the canteen for a cup of tea, what a mistake. Eyes started to burn my body and the noise level rose and hands grabbed my body and took me to a table where a row a pennies appeared on the table, these were the old pennies. Lets see if he can cover these the shout rang out, I dont know how I
  11. The H&S Act came out in 1974 as Phil wrote due to that report. Before that there was numerous Acts for specific trades , such as Mines and Quarries ,Office and shops etc but they were all specific in what they covered and many places had no legislation whatsoever. For example in the Fire Service you could go inspect a premise and fire precautions could be insisted on, yet you could go into a 4 storied residential house where the only entrance-exit was the front door and everywhere including the stairs was piled high with Flammable fabrics waiting to be made up into garments, yet as all the
  12. I dont think BK, just ask the wife, I read that it was Nonnas birthday so I wished her happy birthday. remembering birthdays is something I always have trouble with. If its not yours yet Nonna save the best wishes for when it is.
  13. Happy birthday Barbara and Nonna, stay safe .
  14. You were quick to "bounce" back though Ben.
  15. PP I know how you feel , like you I have always done things for myself and despite age and other problems I still carry on although a lot slower. I have promised the wife in future to pay for work to be done, but I know that soon I will be back to doing them myself. Its very hard accept it but life is for doing things that you enjoy and I am not yet ready for sitting about doing nothing. So many tasks so little time or as Ben would say So many Ladies so little time.
  16. As I wrote earlier I was slowly taking the trees out, well yesterday I had dug all around the last tree cut most of the roots and removed some of the soil underneath it. I left the trunk 6 foot high to give me leverage to pull it over , expecting it to be a struggle I gave it all my might pulling it, a major mistake, the tree toppled over and I went with it. As I was falling backwards I automatically tried to stop myself falling by holding tightly onto the tree, which made the tree fall faster. As I was falling I thought this is going to hurt it seemed ages before I stopped fallin
  17. I had 4 tons of stone chippings on my front garden some 15 years ago, they were a golden brown colour but being south facing and at the side of my drive they have lost their colour. They now look a dirty black and grey and they have to go, also of the 3 trees planted in them one has been taken out ,the second well on its way out the third a flowering Cherry is staying. Clearing the leaves up is just to much for me even with the garden vacuum, I still have numerous trees left in the back garden which are staying. The problem is what do I do with the front garden, I considered artificial grass
  18. The wife suffered with effects of the Jab , She was in bed for 3 days , she could only describe how she felt as the worst hangover she has ever had.
  19. I went to the one at Mansfield no waiting , new mask provided, they sprayed your hands then checked your details and jab done. I was told if I was driving to sit down for 5 minutes . I wasnt so straight out less than 10 minutes couldnt fault them at all.
  20. Sorry to hear of your loss SG, we have only ever had one dog when we lost her we were broken hearted ,you have our sympathies ,
  21. So it wasnt only me that had a misspent youth and admits to it.
  22. Basford Wakes to me means walking down Lincoln Street and gradually the music becomes louder and louder. Then eventually reaching the Wakes and standing on the waltzer and looking at young ladies enjoying themselves with Johnny and the Hurricanes belting out Red River Rock and Reveille Rock. I wish I could relive those times. PS Jill if the wife even thought I was even thinking about them days I would be spending nights in the spare bedroom. lol
  23. Beekay I walked up the same road from 1962 for a few years and on Mackos bus as well, walking into the red hot pit baths to change into stiff filthy clothes ready to work.
  24. 1st jab today at Mansfield.
  25. I have heard them all, used them all and understood all that Brew wrote , not bad to say I was born in Surrey. Only moved to Nottingham to please my parents when they moved up here, mind you I was only 7 at the time. I went through a lot of hassle because I dint talk propa at fust.