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  1. I did this walk yesterday: http://peakwalking.blogspot.com/2018/06/blyth-hodsock-carlton-in-lindrick.html
  2. My Peak District walking blog, Walking The Peak. I live in Doncaster and go walking pretty much every week in the Peak District. I also regularly pop down to Notts though...and take plenty of photos for the blog. http://peakwalking.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/worksop.html
  3. It looks like the micro-climate in my back garden in Doncaster is good for allowing geraniums to survive outside over the winter. I've just been placing the tubs out onto the patio from their more sheltered locations up against a west facing wall. I had a few blooms right up until the end of January and now my first flower of the new season has appeared. I wonder how everyone else's geraniums are getting on?
  4. The sun was perfect for photographing the gatehouse...but not the priory itself: http://peakwalking.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/worksop.html
  5. I was told by the Dean [I think] inside Southwell Minster that locals pronounce the name as South-well, but everywhere else in the county it's 'Suthel' and everywhere else in the country it's whatever you decide....and the racecourse is always pronounced as 'Suthel', even by locals.
  6. I visit the Peak District a lot and they call each other 'Duck.' I'm from Doncaster and we say 'Love' 'Cock/Cocker' or even 'Flower.'
  7. Danum

    Ey Up

    Ey up everyone: I'm surprised I haven't found the forum earlier. My name's Lee and I live in Doncaster. I go walking pretty much every week in the Peak District, but also quite often in Notts, the northern parts of the county are easy for me to reach on the bus. I also enjoy photography and blogging - my latest photographs of Worksop Priory are currently on my homepage. My favourite places are Retford, Newark, Southwell, and Rufford. I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting posts for me to read on the forum. My blog: http://peakwalking.blogspot.co.uk/20