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  1. Hello Jill did you know Dorraine Parish she was my girlfriend I just wondered what became of her 

    1. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      I wouldn't say I knew her, Paul. She was a friend of Jean Pollard, Su Pollard's sister. I remember her as living somewhere around the  Churchfield Lane area and I may have gone to her house a couple of times with Jean whose grandparents lived nearby.


      That would have been around 1968. Don't think I ever saw her again after that.

    2. Paul Widdowson

      Paul Widdowson

      If my memory serves me well she lived at 14 Wordsworth road.Her  dad worked at Raleigh we both went to Peveril I see Beni was asking if any body knew her that’s why I asked cuz I can’t find Beni post now I signed in.?? I used to live on westholme gardens off western  Boulevard. We were together for about a year I think 1969.ok thanks for your reply, take care  

    3. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Yes, Wordsworth Road sounds right. Beni hasn't posted for a long time but there are several members who lived in the Wordsworth Road area and are of similar age, for instance, letsavagoo who lived there and attended Berridge. They might recall her if you put a request on a thread related to Wordsworth Road. There's usually some response.  Hope you can obtain some information.

  2. Hi Jill. Dorraine was actually my girlfriend she was a year younger than me so a year lower at school, I cannot remember her best friends name or confirm that she was friends with Jean Pollard, so no I cannot remember Jean, Nice of you to post a reply Thanks,.
  3. I was at Peveril secondary finishing in 1970 form 5t2x would be nice to hear from anyone who knows me. Some of the old mates are Alan Pearson (Raspy,) Mark the chelsea fan, Diana Nelson, Peter Silverton, Terry Bintcliff, Chris Brown, Dorriane Parish and David Selwyn. Teachers I remember were Head Sam Ward, Metal Work Wragg, Music Smith, Biology Miss Robinson.