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  1. Hello, I'm researching the life of George Henry Smith who I know was living on Knotted Alley in 1916. I understand that the area was demolished in the 1930s and presumably people were rehoused not too far away. I also have a death certificate that I suspect relates to George Henry , who may have died in 1936. Can anyone suggest where householders were relocated to please so i can consider if I've found my man?
  2. Thank I'm sure that's it in Hyson Green as very close to St Stephens church too
  3. Hello, my Grandfather married in Nottingham in 1904 and his marriage cert says his address was 45 Bateman Street which I assume was Nottingham because they were married at St Stephens Parish Church,Nottingham but I can't locate a Bateman Street . Before and after marriage he lived in the Meadows area. Can anyone help me please ?
  4. I know i'm a newbie to this site but I've just compared the 2 photos of Blackstone street posted in March 2016 with an old map and I think that the one showing the Grove pub is at the junction with Waterway Street and the other image is at the junction with Kirke White East stret. Can someone confirm please as I'm adding these into a family history document and want to make sure I'm right
  5. Who knows ! My family were previously living on Bathley Street in 1911 - it's a small world
  6. This is an amazing photo . Message for Pianoman - I also have a relative who lived at 9 Blackstone Street. This was my Grandfather, Albert Younger's address on the day that he died following the Chilwell Shell Filling factory explosion on 1st July 1918. My mother Irene and her siblings also lived there.