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  1. where are the lads from the early 50s senior trent bridge school surely they,ve not all passed over
  2. just past the library at the junction of Holgate road and Wilford grove was a small part of Trent Bridge Senior boys schoolI attended there 1951-1955
  3. TB Seniors 1951-1955 class 1b -2b -3b 4b form master Graham Hind Headmaster F. Bateman A great school attended by great lads.Spent some great times there I know what became of the school but as to the whereabouts of the lads ??? I hope they are keeping well
  4. I am a former tbs 1951-1954 seeking the lads that were in 1B-2B-3B 4B F Bateman headmaster G Hind form master
  5. I can recall Cloister as I lived nearby in what was Friar street from 1946 untill 1949.The canal was close by