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  1. I definitely got the strap from Ken Martin, on the palms, i remember it was not as bad as i expected so my poor behavior continued unabated. However, I attended Seely Primary on Perry rd from 1959 to 1964 not Haydn Rd.. ?? Went on to High Pavement fof further edumacation! I remember that "Pop" Martin as we called him lived on Elmwood Gardens somewhere between the ABC theatre and Woodthorpe Park.
  2. Flat 3, Cyprus Lodge, Magdala road was my flat forom 1974-1976. Many great oarties with my Boots RFC mates and pals from High Pavement GS. Always some lovely ladies and many huge cans of Watneys ? Beer. The landlard was a Mr Harold Piggin who lived upstairs but was fortunately stone deaf so good times were had by all. I had a piano up there and coupled with a cassette player and a 50 watt guitar amp we made a fair bit of was £4 19s per month. I hate to think what that place is worth now, it had two bedrooms, two fireplaces and lovely high ceilings, Drove past recently and i
  3. Sure, I worked at Beeston Head Office D90, in various departments. Estate dept was my main place to sleep. Went over to D31 for lunch most days. As i remember it there were two places to eat, one a cafeteria style self servs and the other a proper restaurant for the bigwigs. Menus were the same for both only the prices were jacked up for the more well off punters (which i certainly was not). This would have been in the early 70's. Have been in canada since 1975 but actually coming to nottingham on Wednesday for a family visit. Phil
  4. Enjoying the forum very much, so many memories. Born in Sherwood 1953, , lived at 54 Newfield rd and eventually my own flat in cypress lodge on magdala rd. Attended Seely school on Perry rd, then High Pavement on Gainsford Cr. Worked at Boots, Station St and D90 Beeston . Met a Canadian girl and ended up here in 1976. Keen rugby player in the day and had dozens of motorbikes since I was 16. Still riding but rugby is a distant memory. Fortunate to live on Georgian Bay off Lake Huron and now enjoy reirement sailing, biking and camping.. I have some good stories of adve
  5. Hello all, New recruit here, born in 53, seely prinary, high oavenent gs, boots station st and d90, played lots of rugby, emigrated to canada in 76 and still there. I am an old rocker and still enjoy bombing around on various motorbikes. To the point, i lived at 54 newfield rd and newfield hill was short but many cars burnt out clutches trying to get up due to the very sharp left turn at the base which prevented any run up. I think there is a picture on the forum showing the view of the famous "rathole" on the forum from the top of the hill. Cheers