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  1. Hi Kerry, Thanks for the photos. They seem to be very rare. No one seems to have captured the school from a historical perspective which is very sad. We are organising a school reunion scheduled for next month. The uptake from the class of 67-74 has been astonishing and attendees are now closing on 80! We are in contact with many of our teachers from that time. They include: Mike Robinson Mike Higginbottom John Kendrick and his wife Ruth Mr Mahoney Andy Burnham Toby Jackson Maggie Gotheridge Hugh Nicklin Cyril Jacobs Bill
  2. Hi Lainie, Great to be in contact with you. Both Alan and I would love to attend the October reunion. We need to exchange email addresses so that we can share relevant information. That needs to be done via the private messaging system, if I can work out how to use it! At present, we are expecting 80-90 attendees at our reunion in August and we can disseminate details of your reunion at our event. Kathy
  3. Hi. I am Lorna Shaw, a few friends are trying to arrange a reunion of ex Portland and William Sharp schools . It is a great list you have of teachers and pupils. We left William Sharp 1972.

  4. Cont....... The reunion promises to be a major event with an emphasis on friendship and nostalgia. If this applies to you please post a message and I will then contact you with details via the private messaging facility.
  5. I am currently organising a reunion of the year group1967-1974. The date will be August 17th at a venue in Nottingham. if you fall into this year group please get in contact. The contacts developed so far number around 50. Several staff members are also involved. The reunion promises
  6. An interesting documentary about the John Player factory in the 1960s. My education was vital to me since I didn't want to end up in a factory like this. The motivation to get a good education was driven by the need to escape this kind of life. It was interesting to see references to Player's Angels. The women who worked in the cigarette making factory were given this nickname because they worked such punishingly long hours, There was never any time for mischief and they basically had no life outside work. Women were treated badly on the factory floor and if they did anything wrong, they wou
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BknhUMWEdgM Interesting video on the history of the Bilborough Estate: Good old propaganda!
  8. Have you seen these? Tissues required for the second one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66OimWfAcD0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TgCkKCwufY Your comment about snobbery is very interesting. My husband remarked that he always felt inferior to the Wollaton lot, even though he actually passed for the High School. Of course his place was rescinded when his parents were interviewed. Too working class I suspect. I certainly felt as if the Wollaton crew perceived themselves to be real cut above us Bilboroughites. Hubby feels that t
  9. Sorry, we are pretty useless on the year below us. It shows just how insular we were, in our year groups. I suppose we would recognise them by sight but would not necessarily have retained their names. Went for a drive this evening to have a look at our old stomping grounds. It was great to see the old places and so many memories came flooding back. A few observations from a whirlwind visit: The housing stock was in far better condition than it was 10 years ago. It took a real nosedive then and many windows were boarded up and there were too many car wrecks on front gardens. Today
  10. Jon Ivins: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jonivins Barbara Fisher became a Primary school head. When we met him last, Trevor Jones was working in London in some musical capacity.( 25 years ago. ) Alan Bird trained as a primary school teacher but went on to set up and run his own company, for 25 years and is now retired. Paul Eustace married Joanne Taylor and was working in the insurance business when we met him last. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/paul-eustace-aa574310
  11. OK Here goes. This refers to the photo with Mrs Anderson. Top row, left to right: Head master Mr. Woodward, Graham Gough, Steven Lees, Neville Clifford, David Bramley, Paul Keely, Paul Eustace, Michael Shepherd, Robert Allen, Jonathan Ivans, Richard Garton, Alan Bird, Mrs Anderson. Middle row: Robert Fell, Julie Knowles, Barbara Fisher, Jane Dunne, Denise Grayson, Celia hunter, Julie Mckinley, Elaine Harrison, Lorna Shaw, ???????,Trevor Jones. Bottom row: Steven Rogers, Janice Giles, Jane Bonser, Michelle Dodwell, Su
  12. Interesting stuff for anyone who lived in the new housing stock, on the Bilborough estate. I also found out that the concrete houses had an asbestos element to their construction. They were probably safe enough if the fabric of the building was not disturbed but it is not comforting news. https://www.reallymoving.com/surveyors/faq/what-is-a-prc-prefabricated-reinforced-concrete https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy2i0cZJ9QY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47a15MYYFos
  13. This is my hubby's class. I can't find my photos. Hubby is on the top row next to the teacher, Mrs Anderson. Mr. Woodward the head, is on the other side. Hubby and I have identified almost every child by name so I can list them if anyone is interested. Just found out an interesting fact. The Bilborough estate was a Labour initiative to put up lots of houses very quickly, after the war. The school with its fin like design was built from aluminium by an aeroplane manufacturing company. All the surrounding pre-fabricated houses are from the same stable.