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    Writing - 3 novels, last - Shorty's War published 2017. Old Music - 1920-1980's ish. Music animation - see Youtube "Hobson Tarrant"
  1. Well hello... I see the last entries here were in 2013... Have I missed the bus? I was at Forest Fields from around 1964-1968. Nickname of Tadge ( don't ask me why ). I have lots of fond memories of the place, particularly the stairs, there were two sets on each side of the building, about 10 tier then tight turn then ten etc.. probably 6 flights in all . The banisters were very sturdy and the challenge at the time was to race by jumping/ running from the top floor to out of the main front door. Got caught twice..Strap once from Oliver Barnet then caned by Hancox his successor. I rem