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  1. Johnalbert The wife and i used to go to the Rhinegold in the late 80s and early 90s the owner then was Rod (Rodrigo) Beltran he was a great guy ,we used to go there every Friday night with some friends , we used to sit in one of the small booths, when it got late he used to leave us with our drinks while he went upstairs to do his paper work ,often stayed till 1 or 2 in the morning ,decorated in a rustic spainish style with oak beams, best food in Nottingham but not cheap, shame to see it like it is now , Rod sold the business and we were told that he was going to stay on as manager , new ow
  2. johnalbert, iam trying to find anybody who was in harlow wood hospital near mansfield, i was in portland ward , sister langton was in charge, about 1953, then again 1963 in ward 9 , where sister williams was in charge
  3. i am pretty sure that the photo was taken from carlton st looking up, with stony st on left where gas light is, on right is broad st
  4. i used to live at the back longs the chemist on arkwright st and i often went to ozzies because he used to repair radios and he taught me how to repair them,i was about 10 , then we moved to healy st, i used to climb over our back wall on to arkwright st , the record shop was sharmans,
  5. i remember mr williams at trent bridge, when we had music we went across the road to the meadows boys club,cant remember learning anything though, he used to get us singing ,up the jolly roger boys,he told us to sing loud so he could hear us while he went to the toilet at the back of the hall, enough said,
  6. going up drury hill on you right was a very old shoe-repairers thats perhaps where the smell came from, the person that owned the shop had it compulsery purchased to make way for the new broad marsh shopping center ,after broad marsh car park was finished he committed suicide by jumping off the top of it