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  1. It's surprising how many times I have asked for a black coffee only to be asked "Do you want cream or milk?" Uh!
  2. Born in Carlton, married at 17 and moved to Netherfield for 18 years, then moved to Bakersfield. 30 years later still here.
  3. Here in Bakersfield mine are cleaned once a month and costs £10. Bay window, large kitchen window, Two doors - one with a side window too and one tiny storeroom window. Upstairs 4 fairly large windows and one bathroom. He uses ladders for the upstairs. Nice friendly guy too.
  4. Can't say I'm very impressed with the new style Nottingham Post site either.
  5. (Hope this works). My Grandma (Ethel Hudspeth, formerly Wright, nee Thompson) with my Mam (Annie Jessie Hill, nee Wright). Mam was born in 1912 so I guess this pic was taken about 1914,
  6. #37 and #38 Oops! 1832 of course. Dyslexic fingers and old age!
  7. The View From the Corner Shop: The Diary of a Yorkshire Shop Assistant in Wartime by Kathleen Hey and Robert Malcolmson. It is written for the Mass Observation during WW2. So far it is quite mundane and all about rationing, but has the odd bit of humour. Unless it gets better I may have to give up on it! Only bought it cos it was 99p from Amazon (on Kindle).
  8. #35 Grandma was Ethel Thompson born 1886. Daughter of Samuel Thompson born 1834, son of John Thompson born 1815 - although the last one is a bit iffy. Tracing Samuel through the church baptisms seems to say he is the "base son" of Frances Thompson, whose husband had been transported to Van Diemen's Land in 1932 for stealing half a sheep! Would be a great coincidence if we were related!
  9. I totally agree. I have checked out what I can and most things seem to have at least a grain of truth. Grandma Thompson did say we were related in round about way (you know the 2nd cousin one removed of a great uncle's brother sort of thing) to Bendigo the great bare knuckle fighter - but I can't prove it. At least the name - Thompson - is correct
  10. Unfortunately I didn't know my paternal grandparents - they both died long before I was born. I didn't really talk about family very much to Dad and sadly it is now too late. Didn't know my maternal grandparents very much either (due to a bit of a family falling out). I did grill me mam about her family and dad's - unfortunately she tended to embroider the truth somewhat and some of her recollections to me seem to differ to what my (much older) siblings were told. Mam is no longer with us now either so I have to try to figure out what fact and what is fabrication!
  11. Don't know of a family connection to Lancashire - but it doesn't mean there isn't one. I'm just glad someone else has heard of it. I was wondering if I was making it up!!
  12. Wonder if there was a baker on Bakerdale? The next road is Watson Avenue. Maybe there was a baker called Watson. lol.
  13. Our U3A has a project to find out the origin of our street names. Has anyone any idea why Bakerdale Road in Bakersfield is so called? I think it was build in the early 30's. Could it be something connected to the windmill (flour - baker)? I have asked at the library, the Archives and Notts City Council but no one seems to know, or have any idea how to find out.
  14. Feeling a bit lethargic I once said to my son "I don't know if I want a s**t, a shave or a shampoo". He looked round my head and said "hair looks ok", then stoked my cheek and said "don't need a shave. You'd best go to the toilet." He ducked quickly though, in case he got a clip round the tabs!
  15. Mam was using "ecky" way, way before the Goodies.
  16. As far as I know the family has no ties to that area. Glad someone else has heard the term though
  17. To be honest she never added the "thump" bit. Things were just "ecky".
  18. Grew up in Carlton as did me Dad, but Mam was a Snienton lass.
  19. Sorry if these have been mentioned before. If someone was taking you for granted she would say "Don't be a pie can". Not even sure what a pie can is! Another saying was "Ecky". The meaning depended how you said it. If you found a fiver it was ecky - said cheerfully. If you lost a quid it was ecky - said with sorrow and sympathy.
  20. Written my own eulogy to. "OK. Very sad. Let's go down the pub."
  21. As folk arrive "Campfire's Burning" - homage to my Scouting days During "Flash, Bang, Wallop" by Tommy Steele - homage to my camera club As folk leave "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen,
  22. A little further down Cavendish Road, opposite the bottom of Belper Ave, on the corner of the unmade road going down to a small holding, was "the pretty garden". The whole garden was made into small raised concrete fish ponds - some of them inter-connected. There were small windmills, houses etc on the banks and there were fish in the ponds. Does anyone else remember it?