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  1. This is a long shot. The Raleigh Industries had an athletic club based on Old Coach Road for many decades. There were also various other sporting offshoots within the company which were run by interested employees such as a swimming club based at the Radford Baths & a Badminton Club based within the works canteen after work. It is the badminton Club that is of interest & anyone who may have been a member. My father was a member for many years & around the late 50s or early 60s donated a large trophy to the club as an annual prize to the doubles winners. This trophy was originally won by Dad for boxing as a very young man prior to the second world war. I remember it kicking around the house whilst I was growing up. The Athletic Club had the trophy restored & replated & Dad presented it to the winning doubles team. I am unsure of the exact year but suppose it would be around the early 60s or late 50s. A picture existed (long gone) of the presentation & I remember the winners were in fact twin brothers As already stated...a long shot but I have always wondered what happened to that trophy as it must be somewhere. The resources of this site are amazing so I thought it worth a try.
  2. jopip

    Christmas Memories

    Sent a letter to Santa: Next year I would like a low golf handicap & a large bank balance. Don't get them mixed up like this year! Merry Christmas to you all.
  3. jopip

    How's your day?

    LizzieM....hope he enjoyed the day at Twikers. I had to stay awake until 2.00am to see the game & was a little disappointed that we had 13 men playing against 16 ( that included the blind ref!) A disgraceful piece of refereeing . No doubt Hubby will disagree.
  4. Thank you Sputnik, I look forward to your comments.
  5. Thank you Sputnik for your response to Ron Hailey. Not only was he a great PE teacher but a gymnast & Rugby player. He once tried to get us interested in Rugby but all we wanted to do was play football & get spotted by a scout from a league team. I wish I had shown an interest at school because years after leaving I swapped codes & played Rugby. Always thought I might run into him on the field & pay him back for the times he gave me the slipper! I often wonder what happened to him.
  6. jopip

    Glen Campbell

    Last month I went to the concert of Jimmy Webb who talked a great deal about his long time friend Glen. Jimmy, of course, wrote most of Glens songs including Galveston (which not many people are aware is a war protest song) Wichita Lineman, By The Time I Get to Phoenix, & many, many more. He saw Glen regularly when passing through Nashville & explained that he was being looked after very well & was happy with his life & what he has achieved both has a member of the Wrecking Crew & later a solo performer. He told the story of waiting to go on stage with Glen many years ago...standing in the wings...when Glen asked him if he had written Wichita lineman. Jimmy said that was when he first realised something was very wrong with Glen.
  7. Hi Bilbraborn, A relative new member who has just read some old posts regarding Bilborough which brought back many wonderful memories of my 30 years living there. I understand from some of those posts that you live & were born in the prefabs on Wigman. Which end of Wigman were/are you. They start at Glaisdale Drive & finish at Bracebridge although many are located in the alley ways off Wigman but still addressed as Wigman Rd. Presumably you went to Glenbrook & Glaisdale schools. The story the St Martins church restoration is interesting reading.
  8. jopip

    Nottingham Evening Post Holidays

    My Dad was on that trip to Moscow. Unable to assist with the exact year but I bought him a Russian fur hat for Christmas either Christmas 74 or 75 so the trip would have been January/February the following year. I remember Dad saying that a group of men on that trip were regulars in the Hand & Heart on Derby Rd. A funny story... Dad got on the Russian Vodka after a visit to a circus in Moscow & during that night was physically sick. Whilst vomiting he lost his dentures down the bowl so on the flight home was unable to eat any solid food & had to drink everything through a straw. Once home Mother was not impressed. Dad then decided to claim for his lost teeth on his travel insurance & put in the claim at five pounds. The claim was accepted by the company but they went on to explain the policy was subject to five pounds excess. Both Dad & Mum are no longer with us so I'm unable to clarify the year but somewhere in the Russian sewage system is a set of Dads teeth. Anyone finding them can keep them if they fit as Dad has no use for them anymore! Hope that helps you Rhymester with your inquiry
  9. jopip

    Nottingham Clubs

    Second only post from a relative new member. Oh! have stirred up some memories. We must have met. Started my Tom catting at the Palais, moved on to the Beachcomber, Eight Til' Late, Penny Farthing, The pigiale, Hippo, 99 & every place open til' I fell asleep. Nights started at the Playhouse bar followed by the Imperial & the Salutation & anywhere in between. I can't say the 99 was particularly 'classy' on account of the fact that they always let me in! My days in the ole' town ended in 76' when I departed the UK. My last year being spent mainly in the Newcastle Arms followed by Babel. Just imagine.....I might have bought you a drink!
  10. Thank you Jill....Derbyshire being the county of my birth.
  11. Having found this site recently decided to become a new member. Did not attend fairham but played them at football many times when representing my school Glaisdale. The best teacher I encountered was Ron Hailey PE master. I believe he left Glaisdale mid to late 60s to become head master at fairham but have not seen his name mentioned in any of the posts. Maybe I have it wrong but I'm sure he became head in Clifton. Could it have been Farnborough? Would love to find out where he went.