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  1. I saw Little Richard at the Odeon in 1963. There were some great acts in that show (Bo Diddly, The Everly Brothers, & a new group with a strange name The Rolling Stones) but little Richard stole the show. He jumped off the stage, running up & down the Aisles & ripping his shirt off. He even had time to sign his autograph during his performance. A great night.
  2. I can help you with this Rod. Mr Evans did indeed marry Miss Bagguley & took a school group to Norway with them on their honeymoon in 1960/1. In the mid 1970's I had a girlfriend who shared a house with 2 other student teachers on Malvern Crs. West Bridgeford & Mr. & Mrs Evans lived next door. I would sometimes see Mr. Evans on a Sunday morning walking to the local church on Musters Rd where he was a lay preacher. I believe Mr Evans died a number of years ago leaving a wife (nee Bagguley) & two daughters. Hope this is of interest.
  3. i thought your first post was wrong Jill. Sparrow & Dann was based in West Bridgeford in the 70's. Took a girl out a few times who worked there.
  4. I'm amazed Nice airport was closed due to flooding. I was there 5 weeks ago on the way to Cap Ferrat & the area boasted of 300 days a year of glorious sunshine. Guess I just caught the last few days.
  5. Used to be a great shoe shop on Bridlesmith Gate. Sold the best mens shoes in the Midlands
  6. Beat this one. We are having dinner in an up market hotel in Tropical north Queensland, (Port Douglas) being served by the waiter who I guessed was from the Midlands. I asked where he was from & he said "England" so I assume he thought I was Australian. I told him that I knew which Country but where exactly in England. He said "Guess" so I said either Nottingham or Leicester. He couldn"t believe it & said that he was from Nottingham. Next question; Where in Nottingham? He said "St Ann's" So I said" what Street." He told me he was from St Ann'swell Road which I'm not really familiar with but joking I said "which Number!" By now he's so shocked that he sits down! Then I informed him that I was originally from Bilborough which was even more amazing as he went to Bilborough College. The crowd around the table could not believe this conversation & that I could pick an accent from the other side of the world. We talked about the Palais & the Loccarno which of course he did not know on account of his age but said that his Mother had talked about those places. So I said "just think...I may have known your Mother!" My wife (smart arse) them pipped up "No! No! You might have known his grandmother!" Very funny my wife!
  7. Can not believe your picture Ian. I haven't been to Nottingham in 12 years. Someone wants shooting!!!
  8. Not sure exactly why Aston Martin was chosen for the Bond films when Bonds choice in the Flemings books was Bentley. If Bentley was approached maybe their reaction was the same as Jaguar when asked by the producers of The Saint. I can't see Bentley giving away 2 cars & slicing one in half.
  9. The producers of 'The Saint' wanted a British car for Roger Moore portraying Simon Templer & approached Jaguar to supply a vehicle. The producers explained that the show would be weekly & expected a wide audience throughout Britain & possibly overseas thereby giving Jaguar a massive promotion & advertising platform simply by supplying a car. Jaguar responded by saying "we at Jaguar do not give away our cars! If you want a car then you will have to buy one" Volvo heard about this & informed the production team that they would not only supply a car to assist the making of the show, but would also supply another car for the personal use of Mr. Moore. Furthermore they would cut a car in half to enable interior shots of Mr, Moore behind the wheel, As a result the Volvo reg. ST1 received promotion & advertising that no car manufacturer could hope to buy & the model became a classic. The Swedes obviously had greater insight & forward thinking than the'good old British' establishment within the British car industry.
  10. As a young boy I collected & swapped programs throughout the UK. this is the oldest...1952.
  11. Welcome. Knew Pinxton well as a young boy. Grandma & Grandad lived on Park Lane . Fond memories of a smell of coal & walking up Park lane to #100 in the 60s & 70S
  12. Yes Paul. Remember Mr Hewitson, Edinburgh,Evans,Crosby,Lockwood,Steel,Hall, Mrs Bagnall?
  13. This is a long shot. The Raleigh Industries had an athletic club based on Old Coach Road for many decades. There were also various other sporting offshoots within the company which were run by interested employees such as a swimming club based at the Radford Baths & a Badminton Club based within the works canteen after work. It is the badminton Club that is of interest & anyone who may have been a member. My father was a member for many years & around the late 50s or early 60s donated a large trophy to the club as an annual prize to the doubles winners. This trophy was originally won by Dad for boxing as a very young man prior to the second world war. I remember it kicking around the house whilst I was growing up. The Athletic Club had the trophy restored & replated & Dad presented it to the winning doubles team. I am unsure of the exact year but suppose it would be around the early 60s or late 50s. A picture existed (long gone) of the presentation & I remember the winners were in fact twin brothers As already stated...a long shot but I have always wondered what happened to that trophy as it must be somewhere. The resources of this site are amazing so I thought it worth a try.
  14. Sent a letter to Santa: Next year I would like a low golf handicap & a large bank balance. Don't get them mixed up like this year! Merry Christmas to you all.
  15. LizzieM....hope he enjoyed the day at Twikers. I had to stay awake until 2.00am to see the game & was a little disappointed that we had 13 men playing against 16 ( that included the blind ref!) A disgraceful piece of refereeing . No doubt Hubby will disagree.