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  1. I wish they did them at Colwick Hall, it'd be such a good venue for them.
  2. #876 I don't know you, carni, and you don't know me.. but I read a number of your posts prior to joining and you sound to me like a lovely women with a great heart (where it matters most) and a stellar sense of humor. All I know is this, that having courage does not mean not being afraid, no ma'am. I have seen people be big scaredy cats and still be the bravest people I ever met. Being vunerable is not a weakness, it's takes a strong person to be in that place... You'll be in my thoughts on Thursday.
  3. Sad but true, Jill, I have heard many stories of elderly mistreatment, it's terrible isn't it? I have always considered it a privilege to care for people when they are at their most vulnerable. I have never understood the mindset that to care and act on it somehow how leaves one in a deficit... far from it, it's life's greatest reward. Good for you for volunteering with Age Concern!
  4. I work in a hospital and in 2 specialties were I typically see patients at their worst, I am a passionate advocate for patients and their families, I look after them the same way I'd hope my own family would be cared for, no less. My job is not to just to do my job, it's to go above and beyond if it is in my power to do so and to be present & sincere. Sometimes people forget to look after the patient, the person, not just the ailment... like making up a gift bag of bubble bath, tea bags, and smellys for the wife of a patient who is so consumed with looking after her husband, she feels guilty looking after herself. Or running out before my shift starts to buy denture adhesive and the morning paper for a lovely old gent who's wife lives miles away and can barely get around herself, let alone visit him in the hospital. I frequently have a good ol laugh with my patients, to the point that colleagues ask if we know each other, especially when it's a fellow Brit and we get bantering!
  5. Hi Loppylugs, Ah yes, it's definitely spread out here in Calgary now, so much so that we are encroaching on the wildlife a little too much, a mountain lion was at the front doors of my work the other year... likely hunting the bounty of local hares. A beautiful coyote was in my garden the other day, again, the hares are tempting it. I live and work in the far South end, practically joining Okotoks. Sorry to hear of your first wife's passing, was she from Canada originally or back home? I worked in India in foreign aid & community development for 6 years so I'm used to hot and humid. Calgary is a bit too dry for me and wrecks havoc on my wooden antiques. However, I may have an overly romantic idea of GA, all plantations and Spanish moss, etc, but something is calling me there. I recently watched a travel video where the commentator mentioned some sort of cicada that will fly out of the Spanish moss and chase you, now I don't mind bugs, just not on me or chasing me, so if you and your lovely lady are ever in Savannah and see a pasty blond woman running like she's on fire, that'd be me. I used to walk or ride my bike from Colwick to Netherfield. There was a sweetshop half way there, I'd always stop in for sugar mice. The shopkeeper's Son once asked for my phone number, I was 16, he was 17. My Dad went through the roof when he called, convinced he had lecherous intentions he scared him off permanently... Killjoy. Do you like GA? Hog away...
  6. He and his other half lived in the rabbit hutch next to mine in Colwick. Funny story, I was a kid back then and would make "perfume" for his wife out of petals from the other neighbour's rose bushes. She endured my visits, I didn't know who she was at the time. Well, one day I decided to bring over my pets to show her, I kept them in an empty plastic icecream container. My Dad heard screams coming from their house and ran over expecting carnage of some sort, only to find that I had dumped my pets onto her living room floor for a better showing... they consisted of Devils coach horse beetles (who loved beef flavoured Monster Munch by the way) a couple of toads, and a sprinkling of woodlice. We weren't rich, pets where whatever I could find under Mum's rockery garden. She was terrified and livid, standing up on the sofa, screaming at a bewildered young me to get them out of her house! She told my Dad I wasn't to visit her ever again.
  7. Back in the day parents had an easier time of it when it came to having the talk, it was more at their pace, today with social media you don't have the luxury of waiting too long, kids will find out anyway and much sooner than you'd like. Our generation, by comparison, was naive and innocent until a much later age. That said, some bloke stored his "magazines" in Colwick woods back in my day and me and my best friend would borrow them and have a read laid out on Colwick Racetrack (not on race day, obviously!) we'd always put them back, theory being that if we stole them we wouldn't get to see next month's new issue! Needless to say, we knew much more than we should've, never did us any harm though, they merely fascinated us.
  8. Post #1 Love that... this was a good childhood. We grew up playing in mud, making our own toys from sticks and whatever else we could find in the forest, creating games, climbing trees and jumping in the lake. We had nothing but never really knew it, we were rich in things that mattered and above all else I just remember being happy and not feeling like I was missing out or needing for anything. I don't remember watching much for tv, I never wanted to be inside anyway! I have become one of those "back in the day..." people and I'm grateful & happy for it.
  9. This sent memories flooding back for me, the smells, the music, even the cockles (whelks weren't my thing either) and peas with mint sauce... good old days *sigh*
  10. I have some fantastic childhood memories of Goose Fair, my favourite ride was the gallopers, I vividly remember not being able to get my small hands all the way around the brass pole and the thrill of holding on for dear life, I loved it! I now collect and restore antique carousel horses and it is all because of Goose Fair. I always wanted to win a goldfish in a bag, took years of going before my Mum & Dad would let me get one and I ended up winning 2, I was ecstatic with my treasure. Wonderful how such a simple thing can make you so happy. Once I got my hair caught up on my sugar dummy because of the wind, Mum tried to yank my hair out of it and scalped me in the process, in hindsight water would've worked better, should've just found a tap! There's an incredible painting of old Goose Fair in Nottingham Castle, makes me wistful whenever I look at it.
  11. Albeit a few years past this period, I went to Greenwood and grew up in Colwick and once a group of us in the early 80's decided to go sledging down that run. Brave of me because my Dad would've strangled me if knew I was crossing the train tracks. We waxed the runners on the sledge with old red candles left over from Christmas and made our way to the top of the run. All 5 of us wouldn't fit on the seat part so one boy stood on the back of the runners and down we went. Well, the weight of us all took us down like a rocket until we hit something, it just looked like a frozen-over mole hill but it was enough to make the sledge stop dead in it's tracks and throw us all airborne. As we all lay winded for a couple of minutes and called out to see if anyone was indeed "broken" we eventually picked ourselves up and went back over the other side of the train tracks, defeated by the hill, never to return! My Dad still doesn't know about this, maybe I'll tell him now, I'm past the age of being walloped!
  12. Invent a great scheduling app specifically for physicians, medical consultants, and nurses. In fact, all hospital staff including porters and housekeeping. The shifts are not remotely intuitive, between the constant flux of swapping shifts, overtime calls, meetings, etc. I have yet to find a great app and don't have a single colleague who's life isn't run completely by their schedule and has their nose in their phone constantly trying to manage it. Something that can be shared with family and friends too as sometimes 2pm for them is my 2am... this way when they can't reach me they'll know I'm not rolled over in a ditch, just rolled up in my bed. You'd make a mint.
  13. Thank you FLY2, you're not kidding, I had some great reading and trips down memory lane here before I joined last night, great stuff. Hello Jill, The Mediaevalist (right up my alley) do they have any renaissance festivals near you? They had one here last year with an International jousting competition and I sadly missed it.. love a good joust! I sure did catfan, and also went through your Bulwell on a bus many times as a kid on my way to Vyella, my Mum worked there and I went to the nursery school across from it, I remember it quite vividly. Ay up LizzieM, I initially lived in Ontario but now I'm in Calgary, Alberta. Victoria is lovely, it's pretty much the only place I can find antiques over this end of the world. Have you been for a visit? loppylugs, I'd like to keep following in your footsteps, I first came to Toronto, arrived middle of Winter, -40 degrees for the first time nearly lost an ear waiting for the bus! I'm now in Calgary but have a yearning for Georgia, especially Savannah. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!
  14. Hiya all.. nice to find this forum, as a homesick, nostalgic, expat of Notts. I grew up in Colwick, loved it, still love it, couldn't have asked for a better place to grow up. I moved to Canada in the 90's, dragged kicking by parents, I forgive them now I have a great life in Canada but sure miss home and all things Nottingham. Looking forward to meeting new people from my old neck of the world.