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  1. When Tug Wilson and PC Geoff Baker just joined the force
  2. Love this pic of him too as well as the one with the town hall behind him
  3. Totally love the pic of Tug radfordred I have a copy of the pic myself and want to get it enlarged.
  4. My partner who came from Nottingham and his brother Roger knew Tug and had a chat with him and had always said that he was a great man in many ways. Although I come from Portsmouth I am always fond of listening about Tug and can understand why he was respected and feared at the same time. Just a shame that we lost such a great man as I would liked to have met him and shake his hand and would be great to stand next to him as im only 5'1 and Tug being at a great height of 6'8 though am used to standing next to my brother-in-law as he is 6'5 and a half