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  1. #14 That must be the place! I will ask him when I see him tomorrow xx
  2. I have mentioned this to my partner and we have agreed to get granddad a simple tablet for him to use. I am sure he will get used to it eventually :D He is very quick to learn. I will be sure to keep you all updated as to when he arrives on this wonderful site. Granddad loves hi music! He watches Glastonbury every year and we have a good old chinwag about the artists. He was a rocker back in the day so loves his Dire Straits etc but also a bit of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole. Probably explains where I get my taste in music from haha xx
  3. Thank you Shirley. It certainly is. Sorry if I go on a bit haha. You're right though, all stories are equally important. xx
  4. Thank you Nonna! Already I feel so welcomed by everyone. I must admit it has been a real eye opener for me too..When I first started my whole family tree I only did it because I knew it would make my granddad happy and because I was curious as to what I would find out. I have tried to do my step-dad's and partners trees but with limited info it has been hard. I thought I was going off track a bit as you can very easily do so on ancestry websites etc, however when I spoke with granddad and put things forward to him he was amazed and verified everything! There was a bit of a scandal
  5. I'll have a word with him Jill. Can't say for sure of he will or not though. I know he would love it. Thank you
  6. Thank you so much for welcoming me, I am sure I will enjoy also. I would try but he can only just work a mobile phone and even though he has spoken once about maybe learning how to use a computer or laptop I don't think he would grasp it. But as I said I will try :). One of the many things he has taught me is to know where I come from and the history behind our family, the places we live etc.. I now pass that onto my 2 children and that's obviously where I get it from. I started my family tree last year and in 2 weeks managed to get over 200 members on my granddad's paternal side.
  7. Only 2 years after my granddad Margie.. :). I am only 25 but I love talking to my granddad about life back in the day as it was lol Thank you for welcoming me. x
  8. Thank you :). It's one of their best. I have loads more but can't put them up. xx
  9. I spoke with my granddad Ray Nichols about this post the other day and he said he can remember all of them as he and his dad Arthur used to drink in them. if anybody remembers him I would be grateful if you could let me know and then I can pass the message on to him. A pub that I remember fondly is The Cremorne, I know it might not be the oldest pub but I remember being about 4 or 5 and going with my granddad when he used to play cards and dominoes here as well as other memories. I used to live behind it over 10 years ago too and saw it when it sadly got knocked down and turned in
  10. Hi all. I'll get straight to the point. My granddad and I often talk about how life was in the 40's and 50's. The other day we got talking about which schools he went to, who his teachers were etc etc. And I told him I would post something on here to see if anyone remembers him and his parents or brother. My granddad's name is Raymond Arthur Nichols and was born on 17 Nov 1941. His brother was Trevor J Nichols and was born in '44. Their parents were Elsie Nichols (Bowser) and Arthur Nichols, they all lived on Kelso Terrace. My granddad said that he attended Queens Wal