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  1. A sad indictment of modern times. What do we do with historic cemeteries? Monuments that no one visits, but so much history. I am currently watching the cremation of the late King of Thailand, a bit of a contrast!
  2. Just caught up on this topic, not my Jacksons, unfortunately for me, but lovely to see families reminiscing.
  3. Enjoyed reading this! By any remote chance, are any of these Jacksons related to any who lived in Radford, Mansfield or Apsley ( all before 1940)?
  4. I think I agree with that theory. On my first posting Jill found a family connection.. Living in a country with a huge migration history my maternal and paternal lines go back a long way in the UK. The more recent branches include Germany, Thailand and New Zealand! This is providing me with hours of time sitting at the computer, I probably should sit on an exercise machine while I do it!
  5. Just checked, in 1881 census my great great grandmother and her children were in 23 Pelican street, she was on that as Harriet Hall, she had been married to James Jackson. One of her sons, Thomas, was my great grandfather.
  6. Nottingham has a city archaeologist! Roman digs, medieval dig at confetti college and, my favourite, open days digs at Nottingham castle! Love looking at this info from my kitchen table from the other side of the world...
  7. Great picture of earlier days. Family also lived in Pelican street, Clapham road and something I cannot find, but on the census as Cross Yard. Was/is Narrow Marsh(?) near that area? I do get taken off on tangents by pictures. I found old photos on various sites,some amazing history must have been cleared. I suppose in such an old city, there are archeological sites being explored. I know in the Melbourne museum there is an excellent display from the dig site from the middle of the city from a 'slum clearance', and that city has had less than 300 years of European settlement. On line museums now on my list.
  8. Had a bit of a Google, looks like an early family residence is now a take away shop!
  9. Just catching up and now inspired to look up Northern Cemetery. I have letters stating my great grandmother was buried at Bullwell in 1932. Do graves get maintained if there is no renewal fee paid? My second lazy question, I had family in Brassey Street Radford in 1901 census ( grandfather) I know it has gone, what is that area now if I saw a modern map? When I start to research I get very distracted and sidetracked! Thinking of those members affected by current hurricanes!
  10. Still learning this photo stuff! L-R 1. Gladys Jackson, John's daughter; 2. my great-grandmother Annie Jackson with daughter Nellie, and according to the back, Jack. Is that John T? On the back Annie wrote that she was upset with thoughts about Dad. Some mysteries and second marriages in this story I think. 3. My grandfather James (Jim) Jackson with his wife Annie in Australia early 70s, the next, cousins of Phyllis! Siblings, children of James and Annie, James (Jimmy), Joan and Connie Jackson around 1940 Australia. Joan was my mother, predeceased by her brother and sister. Each married and had 4 children. One of Mum's cousins did come to Australia. I remember meeting him in 1959 as a young one. He had been a POW in Italy. Served in RASC and captured in Egypt. I have letters he wrote to my grandmother from the POW camp expressing a long held desire to live out here. His wife, Ginette, was lovely, I believe she may have been Swiss. I have some records through the family tree, but I know they did not settle in Australia. This bit of research had me reading about POWs for quite a while. Sorry about the overload of information here, but I never get to share much about it. There is always one crazy auntie up the family tree who gets excited about the past!
  11. Hi new here

    Hi, joined this a week ago and loving the posts and kindness of those sharing memories. My grandfather was born in Nottingham in 1896, emigrated to Australia in 1916. I have been doing family tree for about year, and have become engrossed in his family's history after coming across a box of letters and pictures. He never said much, no relatives here, but started a big branch of his own family. we mostly live in Victoria, Australia. Really enjoying reading posts, looking at pictures, finding relatives and filling in my family tree.
  12. Really enjoying these posts, although when I was young having a reputation was not a good thing! It is now good to go back to my Ancestry delving knowing more about people. I came across Jill's grandfather in my searching earlier today! Before these postings and my solo research I knew more about Robin Hood ( the tv show of the 60s that is) than I knew about my grandfathers life before emigration!
  13. Gippsland Victoria. I saw a doco about the backs of old photos which gave me more info on the family photos on postcards. Lots of those formal pictures have the photography studios' names on the back.Makes you wonder about our digital storage, we should be making hard copies of those things we care about! Enjoying winter?