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  1. @Cliff Ton yes, thats the one. Thank you! Do you remember the name of the petrol station at all? @DaveN and @TBIJust so I've got this timeline right, it was a filling station, then a book shop and after a job centre or where those last two incarnations the other way round? I'm so impressed people replied so quickly!
  2. Hi everyone, New member here, hope people can help with a question I have! I'm trying to find out about the boarded up building on the corner of Carrington street and Canal street. It's up for sale at the moment and the down stairs has previously been used to exhibit art. Let me know if this is enough to identify it? At one point I'm told it was used as an early drive through petrol station, I've seen an old photo of this and I just find it facinating! Can anyone give me anymore information about this, does anyone have any photo's or stories abou