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  1. I was there from 1957 until1961 i was in mr Braziers then Pop Stanley, Mr Turner And finally Mr Winter. actually I enjoyed my time there and went to camps in Rufford, Wolferton and somewhere else. also went to Bruges and several other trips. i remember the school dinners were good and the shop across from the gates sold penny rolls. Mr Marshes secretary was quite sexy and Mr Winters was always sniffing around her. pop Stanley was always sniffing around as well, one very wired fella. the teachers were firm but fair and the school ran well and the teaching was
  2. I was born on Trevitt Street off abbotsford street in 1946 i went to Sycamore infants, Elm avenue junior and then on to Manvers senior before moving to Netherfield when I was 12 We had Scotts the grocers on the corner of our street, Ethel's paper shop and Gilberts chemists on the other end of the street. my aunt and uncle had a grocers just down Dame Agnes street and my cousin Terry Penn delivered the milk. i can remember the shipstones horses and scarcity of cars, playing in the street was normal and just down the road was a nice park at the bottom of sycamore road. m