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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Dad is here now loves the pics and memories it brings back. Same owner used to own the Nang Kok (spelling might be wrong) which was replaced by Victoria Centre then he opened Kong Nam I believe?
  2. Eyup This is my first post, I read the rules so I think I've got it all right. My dad used to goto The Kong Nam in the 60's, I think him and his mates were their best Customers. I went there once in the late 80's. It has long gone but the man my dad used to always talk about ( he never knew his name but they used to call him Minder steeper stair as that is what he used to say to them on the way out ) Now this man opened Welcome Chinese take away on wood borough road, it was along time ago when my dad saw him there (he still remembered my dad and said 'ah hello Mr Keith