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    Musters Club West Bridgford

    Lynne Perry that's her very blue if I remember correctly and very drunk
  2. Stevie Ray

    Musters Club West Bridgford

    I remember the Musters from my days working in Nottingham in the early 80s, my boss had a contract to refurbish a big printing works (I think) in Beechdale Road and he employed a lot of local lads as well as us. The locals introduced us to Musters one Thursday night and from then on we went every Thursday it was something we looked forward to after working til 10pm the rest of the week. I cant remember many of the act but Brian & Michael of Matchstalk men fame was one and a comedienne Lyne someone from Coronation St another, I think the compare/comedians name was Jason. We always went in to the restaurant after for a meal and a few late beers after the cabaret finished great memories and good to see others remember it fondly.