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  1. I heard through friends of the sad state of the pub there are cellars cut into the sand stone which were used as air raid shelters in the war. When I lived there I explored a short distance along them however brick walls had been built to bar full access. It was believed that they form part of the well known underground system that Nottingham is famed for and perhaps they extended as far as the castle.
  2. OK....... my parents Sam & Vi Wakefield were the landlord/lady of the Earl Howe at the time of the Fox & Grapes Murder, it is the next pub about 100meters up Carlton Rd. I was about 14 yrs at the time of the murder. Sam & Vi were interviewed several times by the police in the hope that the murderer may have previously visited the EH and they could help with enquiries, obviously a forlorn wish. I understood from my parents who were Sneinton born and bred that the F & G was nicknamed "Pretty Windows" because in the distant past someone who had been barred for brawlin