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  1. I'm from a student background, but semi-professional (worked w/ a few small marketing companies over the years). The documentary has a fairly broad, national outlook. It will be available for public viewing. I have some contacts in the industry, but at the moment it is aimed at an online (rather than TV) audience. I know this forum has a broader appeal than just students, but in some ways I'm interested in that to get across the larger historical changes. For instance, so far I have interviewed a few Baby Boomers involved in employment agencies/helping young people get a leg up etc.
  2. Hey all, I'm an Australian making a documentary on young people. Basically, the idea is to see how life is different for young people today compared to their parent's generation. Whether you're a parent or a young person, I'd love a chance to interview you. It would be on camera so you'd have to be brave enough for that! Let me know if interested. Josh