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  1. I am Paul Dilks , now retired and living in Heanor. any old classmates etc on here?
  2. Ayeone! Are you Vanessa Dunn who used to be head girl. It’s me PD!
  3. Mr Thorpe ran a popular weekly ballroom dancing club. I learnt the waltz, quickstep, foxtrot and a number of country dances. Also proved to be a good place to meet the girls.!
  4. I sorted at Glaisdale in 1959 , later went to Bilborough Grammar to do the sixth form. Bilborough had no soul compared to a Glaisdale which had music and drama festivals as well as inter house sports. Glaisdale was a good school with caring teachers.
  5. I remember Mr Lockwood who was a maths teacher. He ran the photography club and I was a member. He also worked with Mr Viles in metalwork where they invented a simple computer. This was 1961 and the computer parts were really simple relays which loads of lads made from simple materials. After months of construction with circuit boards each about three feet long put together with wires, the computer counted to ten in binary by lighting up torch bulbs. Main motivation was building sub circuits which earned a house point each! the good old days.
  6. Do you mean Jacky Pownall who was famous a the scrap dealer on Lower Parliament Street in the 1940’s/50’s?
  7. 1959-63 Teachers I remember are Mr Dobby,Mr Parkin-Marshall,Mr Wardman,Miss Dove,Mr Dixon,Mr Sadler,Mr Davies (deputy head)Maurice Unwin (headmaster) Mr Viles,Mr Frost,Mr Sullivan,Mr Hailey,Mr Baker,Miss Rose,Miss Vernon,Mrs Kershaw.
  8. When I was born in 1947 we lived at Number 34 Plungar Close. I remember the Pavier and Alan went to the same school as myself. When I was seven , we moved to the top of Wigman Road. I later went to Glaisdale School.