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  1. Ha ha Mark I will never forget that!!! Fond memories indeed.
  2. Hi Alan/Jack sorry I have been busy and not had chance to check your messages. In fact I've been busy starting a new job involved with Electric motors! Id love to see Jack next time I'm in Ilkeston. I'll send you a private message if thats OK?
  3. Hi David that's an interesting advert. Where did you find that and are their any more? I'm interested because it was a family business that went into administration in 1988 regards Richard
  4. My Dad, John Peach was a face electrician at Cotgrave but I'm not sure of the year. It would have been well before 1968 though. Late fifties I expect. By 68 he would have been back at Jones.
  5. I'm going to ask a relative about who was running what in 1968. I think my dad was involved in the refrigeration side then which eventually was sold off and became Foremost Refrigeration. I worked with Frank Blair in 1984. I worked in the light machines dept. Was Frank a fitter?
  6. Alan I'd be really interested to hear anything your dad can remember. Depending on how long he worked at J Jones. I've attached a photo of Joseph Jones circa 1950
  7. Jack Jones was my great uncle (my grandma Peach nee Jones brother) John Peach was my dad but I don't think he ran the business until the early 70's with Richard Jones (Jacks son). Jack Jones must have retired around 1970 I would think
  8. Hello Jack I saw your request about J Jones on Canal Street. Joseph Jones was my Great Granfather who founded the business in 1912. I'm way too young at 49 to have been around then but funnily enough although I worked for J Jones on Daleside Road in the early 80's you and I did work with at least one of the same colleagues that being Fred Palmer. He was in his mid 80's and the longest serving employee in the Uk at the time. He worked with Jo Jones as a 14 year old! I'd be interested in hearing anything you can remember about Joseph Jones. Regards Richard Peach