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  1. PJSChilwell

    Beeston's Cinemas

    I seem to remember that the last film at the Palace had quite an apt title. I think it was SOS Pacific! From what I remember, Boots was one of the occupants of the structure that took its place. Another loss to Beeston was the old Boots shop in the square.
  2. PJSChilwell

    Beeston's Cinemas

    MEGA NOTTSTALGIAN, Thank you for posting the photos of the Palladium. It had far more character than most buildings in Beeston. I always imagined that it was a theatre or music-hall before being a cinema. I didnĀ“t appreciate that films were shown so early on. Like Nottingham, Beeston lost a lot of character with re-development, and a lot of history was blown away.
  3. PJSChilwell

    Games you played

    Katyjay, I am in California, in the San Bernardino area. Sorry for the late reponse.
  4. PJSChilwell

    Games you played

    KatyJay. Are you still around? We played Rum, stick-a-bum on our street. We split the kids into two teams. One kid was a kind of stop against a fence or something solid with the legs open and the rest one by one bent over, put their head between the legs with the shoulders against the legs of the kid in front. Forming something like a caterpillar. Then the other team one by one would run as fast as they could and jump as high as they could to landing on the back of the caterpillar trying to make it collapse. The team that was able to bear the must kids on their backs before it collapsed was the winner. As has been mentioned the cry was: Rum, stick-a -bum, here I come.
  5. PJSChilwell

    Beeston's Cinemas

    I used to go regularly to all three Beeston cinemas and occasionally to Lenton Abbey - it was further to walk there. I never considered any of them to be fleapits, in fact I preferred the Palladium. It was smaller and cosier. I used to go by myself and get in for a shilling at one stage, and if there was an A film being shown it was a matter of "Will you take me in please mister?" Not that you would do that today! I remember the Cinemascope premier at the Majestic (Essoldo) when "Three coins in the fountain" was shown, if my memory serves me right.