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  1. Brilliant week walking round Hebden bridge last week. Masks seemed confined to older age range. Youngest tested positive on Friday, waiting for the PCR result today. Then this morning I tested positive. PCR test is being fetched as we speak. Typical, no booster notification yet, and the flu jab not until Saturday. Boris bleats on about ensuring we get our boosters, but the admin is swamped with flu jabs, covid jabs for younger age groups and all the usual demands this time of year. So far, only hacking cough that sounds like I'm on 20 Capstan Full Strength a day, and a head
  2. Gave up paying a fortune for "Artisan" flour. Discovered that the French bakers are only allowed to add water, salt - and vitamin c powder (ascorbic acid). Get some off Amazon (cheaper) and away you go. Tastes nice - but difficult to compare to the memory of the bread we had at Les Bessardiere! nice with soup,though
  3. Does anyone know whether or not the Texaco at Clifton has any petrol? Making good use of the Trek at the moment, but will need some juice before long!
  4. They came to their senses during lockdown! now it's one vegetarian and the rest omnivores. Getting over a stinking cold at the moment. Flu jab on the 30th October this year - earliest they could do it. Keeping away from the world for now.
  5. Just read that Bulwell Academy require a GP's letter before the students(?) can use the toilets during lessons. I appreciate that there will be twenty sides to this story, but what is going on?
  6. Crumbles being made most days here at the moment. Remains of the ancient hedegrow next to our front drive (still owned as a ransom strip by the estate developer) has a mass of blacberries. Apples courtesy of our neighbour. He planted trees when each of his children were born. All Cox's Orange Pippin, but one tree produces them at the same size as a Bramley! Probably not as good to cook with, but, with custard (and ice cream), I can't tell the difference.
  7. Youtube have what they call the best version ever - and it's hard to disagree. Not sure when it was performed. I only have Let it Bleed and Goats Head Soup - but it's always been enough. The poster in the Goats Head Soup sleeve is pristine - my mum absolutely refused to let me put it on the wall!
  8. You've jogged my memory again, DJ. In the Attic box I've got his spider jiving. I really must check that the discs haven't been damaged by this heat.
  9. NonnaB, this site is reserved for the safe and sensible. It's all them others
  10. They work well on teenagers, too.
  11. Too right, OZ. Not always possible, though. Sellers need to state country of origin. Had a small victory last week. Old Felco 4 secateurs cannot be sharpened any more (20 years old). Do I get some cheap Chinese lookalikes for under a fiver? Bought a replacement blade from Switzerland for £12. They do new springs for a couple of quid. Set for another twenty years of use. Plan A is to live long enough to wear them out! I find I can get a lot of Bike-related stuff from Taiwan. Hopefully, they'll stay out of China's clutches. Buying stuff is very confusing when Raleigh call their ty
  12. There is a lot that needs to be done over the coming months. Ignoring the covidiots who are assuming that everything can just go back to "how it was", there needs to be a multi-pronged approach. The vaccine manufacturers will be working flat out to produce all the variants of the new vaccines as well as the usual flu ones. As a society, we need to move to the pan-asian approach to mask-wearing; ie; always wear one in company (at least when we have a cold) This should drive down the strain on the NHS come Autumn, and may give us all breathing space. Just a thought.....
  13. best bit of the day, mate. Cracking day yesterday at Sutton-on-Sea. Bacon and sausage breakfast at Woodthorpe Hall, few hours on the beach watching the youngest do back flips and air curls from a standing start(?!) - and me groaning when I get out if the chair! Trip down slowed up as I drove slap into the middle of the Police operation to catch Daniel Boulton. Crawled past armed police and much activity. Detour through Louth (mostly on the pavement) gave me time to appreciate what a lovely place it is. Fish and chips from Waldos and sitting on the prom on top of the world.
  14. Radfordred, does it run down to Barker gate? Sure I've used it to cut back from the Lace market.
  15. Ben, didn't Gunn and Moore have a shop in Trinity square, next to the Dolphin pub? It was opposite the City Treasurers - we got our badminton kit from there. A girl I worked with, Shelley, was married to Mike Smedley the cricketer. We managed to wangle discounts on our kit and gear. I'm sure it was Gunn and Moore, but will stand corrected by the passage of time!