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  1. hyson green

    sadly, it was all down to money. The houses on Stockhill lane were upgraded (inside bathroom, etc) at a cost of £3500 each. The council were enticed by a 75% government grant providing that the building provided 75 bed spaces per acre. the only way to achieve that was to build upwards. The social problems did not take long to materialise. Like the loss of mines in Mansfield and Worksop, it takes a while to realise that communities are defined by self-confidence and pride in an area. Still, enjoy Easter Monday!
  2. Working Class Life 1940's, 50's.

    nor the last. human nature is not a patch on Mother nature, sadly. Einstein was asked what weapons mankind would use for the third world war. His reply was "I do not know. But I know that world war four will be fought with bows and arrows" says a lot about the human race (and Einstein for that matter) Still, it's Good Friday tomorrow, so enjoy your Easter!
  3. We all live on through those we leave behind. I've passed on all my dads daft sayings and bits of his life to my girls, I'm sure some of my words will echo through their future families. Some cultures believe that we are all one great spirit. Pity a few more don't believe the same. Anyway, Carpe Diem time. Off to Attenborough and Long Eaton via the river and canal. Weather set fair today (anyone still use a barometer?) PS Loppylugs, wasn't that the adagio mentioned in the Branagh film about the Wansee conference? I think the quote was "the adagio will tear your heart out" very moving. take care all Phil
  4. Chulla

    I've not been on NS that long, but I was struck by how thoughtful and wide-ranging his topics were. Condolences to his family. Phil
  5. My Bike rides

    I still don't know how you manage being so close to the ground! Brilliant video, though. Just taken the snow tyres off the Trek. Also, picked up a tip this year - wear some small crampons on the heel - that way, you keep your balance when you put your feet out.
  6. Slow Down, Folks.

    Takes us a while to work it out, DJ360. Motorists hate cyclists, who in turn hate motorists, pedestrians and dogs. I got knocked off my bike by a taxi driver on a mobile. Year later, I had to attend a speed awareness course. Illuminating that - if I'm doing 36, instead of stopping at point A, I'm still doing 18mph - enough to injure a toddler. It dawned on me then - I'm a motorist, a cyclist and a pedestrian (not a dog walker, though). But, above all, I'm a human being, and like all of us, I make mistakes. Stupid ones some of them. So now, when confronted by human frailty, I impersonate Basil Fawlty - works for me.
  7. Good idea - I always forget YT. Going to pick a warmer day than today though -along the Trent and the canal it was bitterly cold. My dad used to call it a lazy wind - too lazy to go round you.
  8. Heard that one before. Middleton Top to Parsley Hay is a railway line, but the Victorians had to put in winding engines!
  9. They are lit by Solar power, and switch off at 4:00 o'clock - so taking lights is advised.
  10. Classic Old Films On TV.

    Don't you mean a four pound short-handled fine tuning device? If you're going to offer professional advice, always borrow from their handbook.
  11. Now that it's fully circular, we have decided on the Monsal Trail early March. Neither of us have tackled it before, and our more sensible halves think we should book the cardiac ward in advance. Have any of you covered it, and, realistically, how long should we allow for it?
  12. There are some nice places without too much effort, Carni. Today I'm heading for Sawley via Attenborough - Towpath and riverbank all the way. so nice and flat, but lovely scenery. Next week it's Redmile via the Grantham canal. No hills, but lovely views. Every year we make at least two forays into Derbyshire, but the rules are simple. Because we are a pair of heart attack survivors, if the hills (or any section for that matter) get too much, we both get off and walk. I've noticed that I come across a lot of electric bikes, which I used to regard as cheating. Now I'm not so sure (as Paul said). As the age-related ailments creep up I would definitely consider something that would keep me in the saddle a tad longer. Anyway, enough of me banging on - just enjoy the scenery wherever you find it.
  13. the older we get, the more covers we hear. we associate the originals with certain times of our lives, so I suppose we listen to them through a rose coloured hearing aid(if there is such a thing)
  14. Things that pee you off

    Quite agree. My mum and Dad were my Foster parents. Never new my biological parents, but it didn't matter. I was lucky to have one family, and didn't get shunted around. I was also lucky to avoid the childrens home - if all the stories are to be believed.
  15. How's your day?

    Too right. I've been told never to run out of my Levothyroxene. I hope your friend makes a full recovery.