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  1. me too. Thought the international hackers had paid us a visit. Amazing how alarmed you get when you can't find NS - like waking up to no BBC
  2. Didn't realise so many were volunteers. fire over there, floods over here - put us humans into perspective. Have a peaceful Christmas, however you're spending it.
  3. doxycycline it is. nipped out anyway, and nothing untoward
  4. Just about to take advantage of the sun poking out, when I remembered the printed instructions form the pharmacy on my antibiotics says "protect skin from sunlight" does that mean going out in a hazmat suit? or sunscreen? seriously, at this time of year? Anyone else experienced this? PS, Cliff Ton - I haven't put bluebell shoots in, but do have some wild ones under an old Viburnum. Just had a look, and sure enough, there they are.
  5. It will. Getting over a couple of weeks of the worst dose of cold I've had in a long time. Antibiotics kicking in now, and sounding like that little-known dwarf, Wheezy. The girls fed up with my impersonation of the old boy on the bus on 60 Capstan full strength a day, so I took a stroll round my Pimlico bomb site of a garden. Closer inspection revealed dozens of tiny shoots - I put in 150 assorted bulbs in September. Then, lurking by the rockery, a tiny cowslip with two miniature yellow flowers - are they supposed to do that in December? Anyway, spirits lifted I'm off now to my bowl of steaming water, Vicks and an old towel - the girls laugh their heads off and send videos to their mates. Don't care - it clears the head, and Spring will be here in a blink. Hope we get a bit of snow, though. And I've still got Holiday Inn to watch.
  6. The Nottingham Heritage Gateway site has a lot of information about Jesse Boots acquisition of everything between the canal and Midland railway. The Station street laboratory building (I think called no 10) was the subject of a BBC documentary a few years ago. It is (or was) a listed building. At County Hall, one of our accountants had a boyfriend who was a graduate chemist on the site. He left an experiment "cooking" over the weekend. Unfortunately, it displayed an "adverse reaction" - his words. The reaction was adverse enough to blow out several windows, send a plume of smoke visible from across the river, and required several fire engines, His girlfriend told us that they moved him and his experiments to a remote part of the Beeston site.
  7. My gran always said that you eat a cwt of dirt before you die. Didn't realise what she meant until much later!
  8. I've got a small (4ft) White rose bush in the front. It's still producing flowers - Do I leave it alone, or prune it back for Spring?
  9. The Christmas Annuals - Beano, Valiant mostly. What did you have?
  10. Brilliant stuff! brought back so many memories - first 20 years of my life spent on Bagnall road. Grew up with all those images, and lived through many of the changes.
  11. PPS: brilliant pictures, Compo - Timing is irrelevant with landscapes like that!
  12. I'm just grateful that I have good enough health to enjoy any landscape. These last couple of weeks I done several Attenborough rides, Stoodley Pike walk and Gibsons Mill ( both North Yorkshire). And just as much pleasure walking over Sharp Hill to Wheatcrofts. I think my family has become my landscape, and vice versa. PS: in the fens, do you get the corncrakes in the evening? - an abiding memory of Suffolk/Norfolk, as I recall.
  13. Thanks for that - I'm giving it a go
  14. They are brilliant, Compo - what a place to spend time. You are very lucky - keep posting
  15. Interesting morning. Went to QMC medical school to register for the Orion4 clinical trial for inclisiran (targets bad cholesterol) - my GP put my name forward. The school is a world removed from the hospital - quiet, intense activity and furnished like a decent hotel. Thought it was just an assessment, but I had my first injection (in the stomach) next one 10th January, and 8 weeks after that, then every 6 months for 5 years. Dad always said never volunteer for anything.