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  1. Thanks for that - I'm giving it a go
  2. They are brilliant, Compo - what a place to spend time. You are very lucky - keep posting
  3. Interesting morning. Went to QMC medical school to register for the Orion4 clinical trial for inclisiran (targets bad cholesterol) - my GP put my name forward. The school is a world removed from the hospital - quiet, intense activity and furnished like a decent hotel. Thought it was just an assessment, but I had my first injection (in the stomach) next one 10th January, and 8 weeks after that, then every 6 months for 5 years. Dad always said never volunteer for anything.
  4. Struggling to find a local one that doesn't charge for the process. Think it's time I had an objective assessment of my driving ability.
  5. came back from Birmingham yesterday in pouring rain. most noticeable feature was the "Christmas tree" in the outside lane. Car flies past, brakes go on and hair raising gaps between cars. Hate to say it, but some of the best lane discipline (and least need to brake) was on the Autobahn when being driven by family friends between Vienna and Munich. Was it Jeremy Clarkson who claimed to make most of his motorway journeys without much braking? Assume he means he anticipates well.
  6. The distance is irrelevant. The walk sounded perfect - views and weather and a feeling of satisfaction. Sound a peaceful place to live - the glums and mtbs apart!
  7. The past is a lovely place to visit - in your mind. Do it for real, and you can be disappointed, like meeting a hero
  8. The cycle way has been opened up all the way to Sandilands. Lovely run, only real hazards are all the new cyclists on the hire bikes. Have fun
  9. must be the High Pavement curse. My right ventricle blocked with fatty tissue, led to the heart attack. Still here after 12 years, albeit with a "degraded" arterial wall. Medication, decent diet, good coffee and lots of fresh air courtesy of the bike. You often describe some stunning walks round your way, so, stick with it, and good luck.
  10. City Treasurer handled the contract parking - £20 a month (1970 prices). The contract area had its own entrance, so no queueing for them. Made a couple of visits to the control room, via the lower entrance. I never saw so many posh cars, Astons, old Bentley etc. Different world.
  11. My name is Phil, and I'm 67 - and I failed rocket science and had an imagination bypass!
  12. Sutton on Sea is as close as we get. Up with the lark today - Dovedale beckons. Have a peaceful day
  13. probably "she's no better than she ought to be"
  14. Certainly is. It's like the library- all the other books don't get in the way of the ones you're interested in. Anyone seen the piece in the paper about the book "St, Anns, the end of an era"? - looks to be a fascinating record.
  15. Me and John Hackett shooting rabbits on his dads farm on Bagnall road - when it was all fields. What made it daft? He had found his dads 303 in the attic. Daft and dangerous; the noise fetched all the farmhands in short order - we'd frightened a cow, fired over a public footpath, and I'd tripped over the gun and gave myself a black eye on the bolt. Never known such trouble before or since. My dad said he'd never heard anything so daft - with a 303 there'd be nothing left of the rabbit to eat.