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  1. I think that what the government hoped would happen was that the first few boatloads to be actually sent to Rwanda would signal real intent and deter the remainder from attempting a crossing.
  2. I've always stuck to the rule never to climb a ladder if either the weather or myself are windy.
  3. Have I imagined it? Just now in the garden a Lancaster flew over, heading in the direction of Tollerton. Can't imagine it will have room to land. Trying to imagine the very impressive noise of those engines multiplied a dozen times over at dusk over Lincolnshire all those years ago.
  4. Of course they were. The old days were when we were young enough to enjoy them, and not old enough to appreciate them. Hearing everyone's memories here brings them alive, and keeps them fresh.
  5. must admit - I cannot fault Castle healthcare. Using the online services takes three clicks to get to my prescription list, empty boxes next to the ones needing replacing. Submit, and as soon as the doctor approves them, they get e-mailed to the chemist round the corner. Usually ready to pick up in two days. The record was ordering at 7:30 one Monday morning, and picking up a couple of hours later! PS-without my glasses I couldn't even find the boxes, let alone tick them. My far better half reckons I've never ticked the right boxes, ever.
  6. Over the coming years, it will be interesting to see the A & E records for injuries caused by e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars for all the usual reasons. Poor levels of attention on the part of users and pedestrians will prevail in the statistics. On the question of trailing cables on the pavement, some pedantic citizen will doubtless treat them as you would overhanging branches - cop them and chuck them in the owners garden. I see a few round our estate on driveways, It wont be long before the bored Neanderthals take to roaming the streets at night with insulated bolt croppers. Th
  7. Thanks, Rog, that's where I've been looking. At that price there's little to lose! Amalfi coming up, so if I survive the heat, I'll fit it all in September and report back.
  8. Come autumn. I'm swapping out a double ring for a single - would you recommend the oval? Overall gearing will be the same (with a bigger rear cassette). I keep seeing the oval rings getting a lot of hype? If they make an old git a better cyclist I'll be a happy man.
  9. Whatever the officer motives and state of mind at the time, he should not be working with guns and tasers. I notice that the Evening Post are asking readers to sum up Nottingham in three words, Bit brave, I can imagine the initial reaction of many people I know. Anyone got any good ones?
  10. Turn the cover inside out. Put your arms inside to the corners. Get hold of the corners of the quilt. Shake the cover down your arms over the quilt. With a large double, you can stand over the bannister and shake it into the stairwell. First saw it done in Switzerland, and it's never let me down.
  11. my late father in law worked at Wheatcrofts for a spell. clearing out his old gardening journals, I have a splendid handwritten diary of the preparations leading up to their display for the Chelsea show in 1962. Early morning shifts to inspect every plant, nicotine sprays (!) to ward off insects. Trips to nearby farms to collect gallons of watered manure (mostly chicken). And all the while under the watchful eye of a couple of terrifying head gardeners, and occasionally a large gentleman with a ridiculous moustache.
  12. Swapped the knobblies on the Trek for a pair of Continental double fighters - urban tread but small raised sections at the edge for the odd foray onto loose stuff. Combined with a smaller crank makes it easier for this arthritic old git to make reasonable progress!
  13. I really wish I hadn't taken the Raleigh Nitro to the dump now!
  14. It's been a busy year. Alarmed in July to find my weight and numbers had ballooned. Dr talked about increasing three of the medications. Asked for a reprieve. After Italy, realised I needed to stick around for the family. Fericious diet courtesy of Dr Mark Porter (which isn't as dire as expected) and last Saturday the nurse taking the bloods told me I had shed 1 stone 8 lbs. For the first time in years I am no longer clinically obese, merely overweight. Nine more lbs and I will be classed as normal (a real first, that, in many ways). So, Christmas will be enjoyed via the antics of the girls. T