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  1. oldphil

    Maid Marian Way

    Standard Hill is the one that annoys me. Can you imagine Lincoln, Chester or York doing that?
  2. oldphil


    be on it in a bit - just off to English Youth Ballet rehearsals
  3. oldphil

    How's your day?

    quite agree, Phil. Jonab, an evening like that would happily be my last one on this earth. The phrase gift horse in the mouth comes to mind
  4. oldphil


    Because the light at the end of the tunnel is always some numpty with a torch bearing bad tidings of great sorrow. For me, "One foot in the grave" has become my autobiography.
  5. oldphil


    intrigued me to the point of checking the "historic UK" website (too hot to do much else today) - brilliant article - give it a read. click on the history magazine, then history of wales, then scroll to page three "history of Patagonia"
  6. oldphil


    What? men, or our nipples? I'm guessing it's to do with the point on the timeline when they're developed in the womb.
  7. oldphil


    All down to the big con called globalisation. It's cheaper for the multinationals (the only ones with clout nowadays) to source all the manufacture of individual items in one place, then ship them to where they're needed. Works fine until things go wrong. Prime examples at the moment are the Co2 shortages (I thought we had too much on the planet), and the problems Brexit will cause the UK(supposedly) with the new European satnav. I reckon over the next couple of decades things will turn full circle, and we will go back to making daily walking trips to independent shops for stuff as we need it.
  8. Most chefs put live shellfish into cold fresh water, and bring it to the boil. As the water warms, the shellfish become drowsy and lose consciousness well before the water is hot enough to cook them.
  9. oldphil

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    It's from the German (Anglo-Saxon to be pedantic) "fleischhauer" or flesh-hewer. Gate is the Danish word for street.
  10. oldphil

    Things that pee you off

    pity Lloyds didn't save the advertising costs and put it into their IT system. That didn't say yes last week, and still isn't, I gather.
  11. oldphil

    Things that pee you off

    Most French people I meet use their batons to point when giving you directions, and wave them about energetically to underline their conversation. As to local plonk, when we use the farmhouse at Les Bessardieres, I followed the tip from the next door neighbours (a couple from Reading, would you believe) and fill up a flagon at the local shop. it's like a petrol pump, and the stuff is dirt cheap. Other tip was, always add "du syrop" to the glass first, or it's like drinking red diesel.
  12. oldphil

    Michael McIntyre

    That must be a misquote. More likely he was hit in America, not A hit in America.
  13. oldphil

    Michael McIntyre

    Few observations. Pictures show the poor lamb parked (along with the police car) on double yellows. Big black Range Rover cannot deal with a moped? Common sense, that's all. Michael Caine, when he lived in South Stoke, used to drive into Goring in an old Montego Estate, and the most expensive item he ever wore was a battered felt hat. Rolexes should be worn only when your minder is around. Anyway. I'm off now to take my old Raleigh and my Timex to Wilkos at Clifton. Will keep my eye out for mopeds (might buy a decent watch from them).
  14. oldphil

    hyson green

    sadly, it was all down to money. The houses on Stockhill lane were upgraded (inside bathroom, etc) at a cost of £3500 each. The council were enticed by a 75% government grant providing that the building provided 75 bed spaces per acre. the only way to achieve that was to build upwards. The social problems did not take long to materialise. Like the loss of mines in Mansfield and Worksop, it takes a while to realise that communities are defined by self-confidence and pride in an area. Still, enjoy Easter Monday!
  15. oldphil

    Working Class Life 1940's, 50's.

    nor the last. human nature is not a patch on Mother nature, sadly. Einstein was asked what weapons mankind would use for the third world war. His reply was "I do not know. But I know that world war four will be fought with bows and arrows" says a lot about the human race (and Einstein for that matter) Still, it's Good Friday tomorrow, so enjoy your Easter!