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  1. I have been told by vegetarians that the smell of bacon is the one thing that can make them wistful!
  2. Couldn't agree more. 6:12 bike ride. So peaceful. Gathered my thoughts ready for the odd jobs at the mother-in-laws. She's coping well. Her generation are stoic, but she is still fragile. Handled long 'phone calls with the hospital, Registrar and the Coop without batting an eyelid, then floods of tears when she saw "his" bench refurbished. Ken always grew tomato plants, so I'm setting some up in raised pots for her to look after, keep her busy. The worst bit is no hugs of consolation from her daughter, cremation with no attendance (we are all deemed at risk). Still, others are suffering much worse, so best to keep plodding. Have a good day wherever you are.
  3. The Idea of me socialising is academic, now. My partners father died around midday. Aside from my hourly ride first thing, I've been confined to our house and her mothers garden. The 4th June would have been their Diamond anniversary, so quite sad. I've laid off rebuilding my youngests bike, and will go up to her house tomorrow to strip down and varnish the old bench under the canary bird that the pair of them sat and, often as not, bickered incessantly! Will also be able to keep an eye on her. My eldest wants to get a brass plaque to put on it - she doesn't see why it should be only public places that have them. So, keep taking great care - whatever the experts advise - they've been wrong before, and will be again.
  4. my youngest says Boris - the oldest says Derek Jacobi in I, Claudius. Hilarious. Comedians, all of them. They reminded me on Thursday that my driving licence expires in two years. If I do nothing, does that mean that dads taxi can no longer operate?
  5. my partner went to Lancaster - the campus setting includes the Trough of Bowland and nearby Morecombe. wish I had the stamina for some rides round there.
  6. Just rebuilt the CRS with front and back panniers. When some semblance of normality returns, the new Lidl and Aldi on Wilford lane and Wheatcrofts island respectively, will see a lot of my custom. Two or three trips a week will get most of what we need, and the exercise should be very useful. However, I suspect the one car we have will revert to dads taxi very soon after lockdown disappears.
  7. Haven't been in a shop for ten weeks. Spent a lot of time in car parks reading " A Spot of Bother" - appropriate. Been surreal this week. The 19th was my cycling buddies birthday, the 20th was my partners and the 21st was mine. Cue a lot of skype and zoom with Birmingham, Canada and America. Building a line of large(ish) stepping stones across the lawn to avoid the annual re-enactment of Ypres in winter. Just thinking we had been lucky to be untouched by covid, then a double whammy. My niece, a nurse at Grantham, went back last month after maternity leave (her second), despite her mum pointing out that she could stay off another 6 months. She was looking after 6 elderly ICU patients. Yesterday, my sister rang to tell me that she has tested positive. So far only mild symptoms. But Mum can't help - she broke her leg a while back and is still hobbling. The other twin has one son and is furloughed, so is helping out - she takes the view that rules take second place to sheer necessity. Anyway, put the 'phone down on that conversation, to hear that my father-in-law has been taken to QMC having tested positive and suffering what sound like acute symptoms. At 88, he has done very well so far. At the moment, I am trying to get my partner and her mum to hope for the best, and plan for the worst. I must admit, when it hits close to home I have become far less tolerant of the congenital idiots who flout the rules under the guise of liberty or convincing themselves "it's only a cold" Well, rant over. Should have the path finished today, if the rain holds off. Take care
  8. Totally without education, respect or personality.
  9. Up bright and early, thanks to a 'phone call from the Grand at 5:30 to say they now have cases of covid 19 on the floor my father in law is on, but he is ok and confined to his room. Would I tell his wife? Why ring at that time? They have a lot of people to contact? Still, got me onto the Trek an hour or so early. Garden watered, coffee welcome, and treated to the sight of a couple of blackbirds, a thrush (I think) and some sparrows chasing off a stubborn magpie. Do they steal eggs, or something?
  10. Probably because the number of boatmen around at any one time would have kept a lot of pubs in business.
  11. The reality may well turn out to be the different ways different countries record the deaths. Sadly, the real global death toll from this nasty little bug could be much higher than our current records show, especially in countries where the bureaucracy needed to accurately identify and record the deaths is patchy at best, and, at worst, politically suppressed. Rode round the Jubilee campus in wollaton yesterday morning. Several of the blocks - Aerospace Technology, Innovation Centre, GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories and Romax - All of them working to find solutions to the situation. Keep taking care Phil
  12. bit like Corncrakes on the Broads. Like Marmite, you love it or hate it. just in for another of Lidls' finest Columbian beans. Just my front drive is a stand of the old ancient hedgerow kept by the developer as a ransom strip (made an offer on it three days before lockdown). I'm no "twitcher", but amazed at how happy they seem to be to be alive. Afew of them get in the way of my spade when I'm in the border. They run from the tiniest sparrows, through thrush, blackbird and robin, up to some bad tempered magpies and crows. lovely. Made up for falling off the bike yesterday in Asda car park. Went to meet my daughter and put the heavy stuff in the pannier. covered in cuts and bruises, which, these days, take forever to heal up. still, back on again in a bit. have a nice day whatever you're doing and wherever you're doing it.
  13. the ladies love the lilac water!
  14. At my age, in this weather, I'm hiding my light under a bushel