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  1. Cycling

    Deja vous. Lincoln street, Basford, circa 1963. Paper boy comes out of the newsagents with his first days' bag, to discover a coal lorry parked on his front wheel. Wheel bent into the kerb like Salvador Dali's masterpiece Time. All things change and everything stays the same. Off to test the new knobblies in this frost. Phil
  2. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    With you there every step. I owe my life to a very intuitive A & E registrar whom I only know as Rob. He ignored a faulty ambulance read-out and went with what he saw on the table. Ever since, I do as I am told; take the tablets have a varied diet, no smoking (that ceased April 18 2008, an hour before the attack) and to pay back Rob, and all who worked with him, me and my cycling buddy - another heart survivor - do some of the annual BHF bike rides, usually under the soubriquet The Cardiac Twins. Definitely off to Morrisons now. PS DJ360 - your hankering for a full English. You can't be too far from Burscough? Pre- divorce, I had a lot of family there, and they swore that a full English to them was a mug of tea and twenty Players. Take care Phil
  3. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Spot on. I spent a couple of years with the clinics juggling my heart, thyroid and diabetes medication. Biking is now a joy. I know what Plantfit means- the ache at the end of a decent ride is a nice reminder that I've worked hard enough to justify small amounts of stuff that would otherwise not be good. Buy everything according to budget and taste- completely different for each of us. Off now to put it into practice. The girls have given me a three-pannier (plus back pack) list for Morrisons, and looking at the frost out there, I need some more coffee and my liberty bodice (called a base layer these days by the posh folk) before embarking. Take care Phil
  4. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Too right. Gran always said all things in moderation. Stop paying Benecol for their PR gimmick. I told Professor Hopkinson at the Cardiac unit that I was with Woody Allen on all this. "The only way to live to be a hundred is to give up everything that makes it worth living to be a hundred in the first place!"
  5. My Bike rides

    one takes your bike, the other your cash.
  6. What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Just got up to take my thyroid tablets, and noticed your post. Since a Heart attack in 2008, I've got used to my Mediterranean diet (and lots of coffee and biking!) What with that, and the eldest girls turning vegan, I've tried every form of spread, both dairy and non dairy. Checking the fat levels (and remember it's only the saturated fat you need worry about) the two I've really liked are Pure Olive spread (non dairy) and Bertolli Olive spread (dairy) Pure also do soya spread and sunflower spread..Put them in baked potatoes, or add it to mash, and you don't miss butter. I also use the girls' oatmilk or almond milk a lot. They have minerals and vitamins added to them anyway. The cardiac nurse said to me all those years ago that the only thing to moderate was saturated animal fats. Plant based fats our bodies deal with better. I think the two main exceptions to the rule are: Avocados - plant but high in saturated fat Eggs - dairy but the cholesterol in them is dealt with more easily in the digestive system. Instinct plays a part - I hate Avocados, and love eggs. Benecol is over priced, and needs to be consumed in vast quantities to be of benefit. Check it's saturated fat content to some of the other spreads -there won't be an enormous difference. Enjoy the sandwiches. Spread the anchor thinly, and do one side butter, one spread. Take care Phil
  7. Ashes 2017/18

    Following them? They might as well scatter them over the Great Barrier Reef and be done with it. How many things have we invented for other countries to make better use of? I can feel a thread coming on here (if not unravelling) Phil
  8. My Bike rides

    sounds like you've had the same experiences as me with both bike thieves and insurance companies. I'm now running my mates old bikes, replaced with reasonable bits, and a decent Abus D lock. My mate had a bike nicked from outside the bike shop in Long Eaton on a Saturday afternoon. The little gits used a hand held oxy acetylene job to get through a very heavy chain. Pity you can't wire your bikes to the mains (as P.G.Wodehouse said "would cause comment, you feel?) Trouble is, you can't not have nice gear just because you might lose it.
  9. Gay Prince

    Why people feel the need to shout about their inclinations and preferences is beyond me. It's personal. Time was you excluded Politics, Religion and Sex from polite conversation. And I think that the world was a nicer, safer place for that.
  10. My Bike rides

    That's cruel! The 4700 is what I really wanted. Had a Python 27.5 and Raleigh Urban 3 , both brand new, but got nicked. My cycling buddy gave me his old bikes - Trek 3900 and Giant CRS. I still cling to the Raleigh Meridian - it's 30 odd years old but so well made it feels indestructible. It still takes me to the less salubrious bits of Nottingham (yes there are a few!) where the less educated locals will not think it worth nicking. The metal badge on the front might be worth a few quid, though....
  11. My Bike rides

    Have you tried Bunneys bikes on Carrington street? seem to know their stuff and quite helpful.
  12. Shoplifters

    bloke I worked with reckons when it was Gem, everyone (including the managers) used to lob stuff over the side fence for their mates. Suppose that's literally "fencing" the goods?
  13. Didn't know that, so thanks. I've set the Tivo box up (I really like that thing - it's idiot-proof) Phil
  14. How's your day?

    Too icy for the Trek this morning, so walking boots on and went over Sharp hill to Wheatcrofts for a cheese scone. Nice and frosty in the Wood. Got back and put up the outside lights. Came inside to check the posts. Seems to be mostly Shop and Shirt - lifters.
  15. Christmas food.

    Steaming doesn't seem to overdo them, and sling some butter in at the end. Works for me. Really must get out now, the Trek is yelling at me. Phil