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  1. The flu vaccine is a new one every year, so the covid one presents no greater risk. So much experience and research goes into everything we take, it shouldn't worry us. In the last 6 months I've had the jabs for flu and pneumonia, a tetanus booster and currently on a five year programme of six monthly injections in the stomach as part of the Orion 4 project to try out a new diabetes treatment. Feeling a bit like a pin cushion. If no one signed up for these, no new stuff, however cleverly produced, would get out to people. having these jabs is a mixture of blind faith and the feeling that, hell - I''ve got to die of something at some point!
  2. oldphil

    4k Smart TVs

    HSR, they have to keep updating the technology, or they won't sell anything. Usually, the quality of the technology outstrips the content.
  3. Not sure what will happen this year. We really cannot leave Helen's mum on her own - especially now Ken has gone. Middle daughter tested positive and isolated. She wants to come back when term finishes. I really do not know what the rules are. Common sense has kept me away from virtually everybody since March, and I do not want to spoil it for a silly mistake. That said, there has to be a balance. The latest scientific evidence tells us that cooking on a gas hob yields more NO2 than car exhausts, and prolonged exposure to open fires causes a myriad of respiratory ailments. As Fun Boy Three nailed it "The lunatics have taken over the Asylum"
  4. Some won't, Nonna. Headline from report from doctors in Italy in the Times today "Covid deniers abuse doctors across Italy as deaths mount" To paraphrase Basil Fawlty " We've got both ends of the evolutionary spectrum staying tonight"
  5. Christmas day is brilliant for popping to usually crowded places. Early bike ride to the embankment is refreshing. I kept thinking through lockdown 1 how nice it was. We've done Wollaton lake on boxing day - bit busy, but nice.
  6. Sorry about the ridiculous delay! Information provided by the Times Health correspondent ( if I remember rightly) Also pointed out that, in the highly unlikely event that brexit is any other than a smooth, well-managed transition to orderly borders (!), there could well be a few problems getting such an environment sensitive (-80) vaccine over from Belgium.
  7. B*gger Pfizer is right. £30 for two doses that have to be kept at -70 degrees. Getting that over from Belgium post Brexit? The Oxford vaccine, being distributed from Oxford at cost (£2.23) and kept at normal fridge temperature. We should hold our nerve (and our cash). Somehow can't see common sense prevailing - it's been in short supply so far.
  8. Yes, Nonna. Beauty of it is, you sign up, and immediately cancel online - still stays valid for the rest of the month. Do it every November, and the better half does December. After a couple of months the offer comes back round!
  9. Col....One of the old boys down the allotment swears by chopped straw mixed with horse manure! He throws some greenery on top, and swears it keeps the cold frame glass frost free for weeks on end. Now....where's that rag and bone man?
  10. Jill, he could usefully refer to the NHS choices website: "There is a well-established link between thyroid disease and cholesterol because thyroid hormones control the functionality of lipids and the production of fatty acids in the liver. This means hypothyroidism can result in high cholesterol and hyperthyroidism can result in low cholesterol.3 Oct 2019" Are you sure he wasn't there to paint the surgery walls?
  11. oldphil


    It looks just like my old Ammaco after it (and I) argued with a taxi on Loughborough road some years back. Held up traffic in both directions for two hours!
  12. I had my flu jab a week last Saturday. She checked, and told me my last Pneumonia jab was 2008 ( the heart attack year) and was now overdue. She gave me a Pneumonia jab, in the other arm, so they both ached for a bit. she told me that the Pneumonia jab will last ten years "unless Government advice changes"
  13. Had the flu jab on Saturday. The nurse noticed the last pneumonia jab was 2008, so overdue. Gave it me there and then, in the other arm. Have to say, it ached more than I remember, and felt sore under my armpit. Alright now, though. It will last ten years "unless the advice changes" so determined to live long enough to need a couple more...........