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  1. You've jogged my memory again, DJ. In the Attic box I've got his spider jiving. I really must check that the discs haven't been damaged by this heat.
  2. NonnaB, this site is reserved for the safe and sensible. It's all them others
  3. They work well on teenagers, too.
  4. Too right, OZ. Not always possible, though. Sellers need to state country of origin. Had a small victory last week. Old Felco 4 secateurs cannot be sharpened any more (20 years old). Do I get some cheap Chinese lookalikes for under a fiver? Bought a replacement blade from Switzerland for £12. They do new springs for a couple of quid. Set for another twenty years of use. Plan A is to live long enough to wear them out! I find I can get a lot of Bike-related stuff from Taiwan. Hopefully, they'll stay out of China's clutches. Buying stuff is very confusing when Raleigh call their ty
  5. There is a lot that needs to be done over the coming months. Ignoring the covidiots who are assuming that everything can just go back to "how it was", there needs to be a multi-pronged approach. The vaccine manufacturers will be working flat out to produce all the variants of the new vaccines as well as the usual flu ones. As a society, we need to move to the pan-asian approach to mask-wearing; ie; always wear one in company (at least when we have a cold) This should drive down the strain on the NHS come Autumn, and may give us all breathing space. Just a thought.....
  6. best bit of the day, mate. Cracking day yesterday at Sutton-on-Sea. Bacon and sausage breakfast at Woodthorpe Hall, few hours on the beach watching the youngest do back flips and air curls from a standing start(?!) - and me groaning when I get out if the chair! Trip down slowed up as I drove slap into the middle of the Police operation to catch Daniel Boulton. Crawled past armed police and much activity. Detour through Louth (mostly on the pavement) gave me time to appreciate what a lovely place it is. Fish and chips from Waldos and sitting on the prom on top of the world.
  7. Radfordred, does it run down to Barker gate? Sure I've used it to cut back from the Lace market.
  8. Ben, didn't Gunn and Moore have a shop in Trinity square, next to the Dolphin pub? It was opposite the City Treasurers - we got our badminton kit from there. A girl I worked with, Shelley, was married to Mike Smedley the cricketer. We managed to wangle discounts on our kit and gear. I'm sure it was Gunn and Moore, but will stand corrected by the passage of time!
  9. Thanks for that, DJ. I was surprised that the BBC had taken them off the Archive section of the I player. some of the best musicians in their field I have ever listened to. Some of the backdrop film of the Highlands and Island were a perfect setting for the sessions. Licence money well spent
  10. So sorry. Margie. It's 1000 beats a minute! I must learn not to rely on my memory!
  11. One of David Attenborough's programmes pointed out that the Elephant's heart beat once a minute, and the Elephant Shrew beat at 60 per minute. Both animals had the same average number of heartbeats in their lifetime. So, yes, catfan, we need to make the most of every single one.
  12. Must have been a standard reading book. Our Friday afternoons at Old Basford were reading, that one amongst them. Read your post and immediately thought of the huge classroom with vaulted windows, and sunlight streaming through. We had to take it in turns to read passages out. Thanks for jogging the memory. All I have to do know is recall the teachers names! Can only remember Mrs Ford!
  13. When they diagnosed the underactivity, they built me up to 200. That proved to be too effective, so I dropped to 125. It's been stable for a couple of years now (fingers crossed)
  14. tried it for seven whole days and got tired of the world and his (badly trained) dog making friend requests
  15. True, DJ. Sadly the world turns on the money to be made out of it. That discolours the media and scars our opinions. The immediacy of "news" reporting gives none of us time to, as the high court judge would have it, to reflect soberly and at length on the facts before us - having first ascertained that what is before us is, indeed, a fact and not a disguised opinion, and then to present a clear picture of the situation.