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  1. oldphil


    if it's the same as York, go in for evensong, you won't be charged. If your conscience pricks you, buy a postcard!
  2. oldphil

    How's your day?

    Back in the day you and your two mates would have got Wesley to deliver.
  3. oldphil

    Newark and its history

    Biking over to Averham on Friday to see my sister (weather looks good then) Tempted to come back via Newark for the first time in ages. Is the bacon shop still on the corner of the market, next to the tea/coffee merchants? The finest combination of aromas I ever encountered.
  4. oldphil

    How's your day?

    Nice to see you back Ben. Look forward to your posts.
  5. oldphil

    Unashamed Political comment

    Quite so. Jill is English, Rog is British. We got here courtesy of Italy (the Romans) , the Germans (Saxons) the French(Normans) and the Scandinavians (Vikings). Me? whatever blood courses through these old arteries, I'm on the bike again to make the most of our British weather. Along the way, I don't mind what nationalities I encounter, as long as they extend the same courtesy to me as I will accord them. Have a great day. and don't get wound up by the Westminster Windbags. Phil
  6. oldphil

    The Lost City.

    just seen it! I only remember the colour(blue) Must have been Raleigh, with dads employee discount. First trip out, straight down Bagnall road, dad chasing after me and mum yelling that "he'll kill himself" not much changed, but the bikes did. Mind , I'd probably be safer let out on a trike these days.
  7. oldphil

    Poverty Capital

    Nonna, as they say round your way, "Vivi e lascia vivere" I tend to skim through the posts, and cherry pick the photos. Keep looking for Old Basford and Cinderhill, more in hope than expectation. As for the banter, my dad always said "listen to their opinion, then walk away with your own" . Seems good to me.
  8. oldphil

    What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Just checked Amazon. 185 gram tin - £48.65. Blimey!
  9. oldphil

    What was in YOUR sandwich?

    Irony there. Lot of my aunts and uncles worked in Boots, Raleigh and Players. Players by far the better payers. Give the world health problems, pay good money: try to improve the world's health, pay peanuts. Raleigh were somewhere in between.
  10. oldphil

    How's your day?

    I spent a long time struggling to commute on the bike, sweating, short of breath - two hours to do a twenty minute journey. Several times helped by passers by. Put the symptoms down to the heart condition. Then the GP had a brainwave. Had the test, ended up at the thyroid clinic at the City Hospital. Went on the bike, and the first trip I was over an hour late! Still saw me. A professor Al Kidiki and a doctor Saif Sahir. My tests showed what was clinically described as a knackered thyroid (workrate about 3% of capacity). Started the tablets; worked within 5 days. Spent a year belting to and from the clinic to get the balance of medication right, haven't looked back since. Last November, after the annual check, GP reduced the dosage. Feel even better now. They really will work, just give them time.
  11. oldphil

    Royal visit

    Don't you have ti have a medical before it's renewed? Mines up in three years. Forty odd years of driving have given me experience, but also health issues. I am not sure that I would pass todays test first time. Still, that always leaves the Trek and the Giant. Unlike Prince P, I do not have thousands of acres of private estate to drive on - that's why the licence was surrendered so easily!
  12. oldphil

    St Anns in the 60s

    When I tried that with my barber, he lent me his fishing tackle.
  13. just off on the Trek sleigh for an hour, before the fun starts in the house. Have a very peaceful Christmas, all of you
  14. oldphil

    Memories of visiting the library

    No, it's still there. Didn't the Queen visit near there recently? Spent most of Saturday mornings in there. Phil
  15. oldphil

    Local Winner of Masterchef

    As ever, Nottstalgians have risen to the occasion with every side of the argument in full swing. True, the gap between rich and poor hasn't changed since Charles Dickens first made it a public issue, and conspicuous spending is all around - houses lit up like Skeggy front, booze and food in prodigious quantities. Even saw a big van this morning advertising "dial a dog wash" But, it all makes work for the working man to do. In amongst it all, people man food banks, the sally ann take people in, and doesn't one of the London stations become a hotel over a few days? So, whatever faith, food, drink, music or rituals float your Nottstalgic boat, have a lovely Christmas, and keep the insights coming for 2019 (I think there will be plenty to go at, as ever) Phil