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  1. Was it previously the British Rail Staff Association?
  2. The nurse said the second jab is a top up to an already strengthened immune system, so shouldn't produce any reaction. I love that word "shouldn't"
  3. It was the Oxford AZ - made in Liverpool! Had the sore arm but not much else.
  4. Surreal at the moment. Went to bed shivering - very badly. Three blankets and winter duvet sort of worked. Hour later, woke up in a cold sweat. Banished to the spare room, window open wide and no duvet - bliss! Still couldn't sleep, so walked the estate - very weird this time of night. Then how's this for surreal? Heard a swishing, getting louder, and three guys on mountain bikes with the brightest lights I've ever seen came flying down the main drag. Back home, mug of tea and check the web. Apparently the mild fever (it didn't feel mild) means the immune system is working properly.
  5. And, apparently, according to the presenters, we live in the "East Mids". They have "celebs". But, for sheer, unadulterated stupidity you cannot beat the frantic attempts to cram all the legally required terms and conditions into the final three seconds of the advertisment (I avoided "advert" deliberately). More serious, though, are the pathetic attempts by the gambling and drinking sites exhorting us to be "gamble aware" and "drink responsibly". They are on screen for the blink of an eye. I feel a separate thread looming here! PS: the jab yesterday was Oxford AZ. Comes from a site i
  6. Trouble is, there is too much street furniture, Drive down Derby road towards the lights at Radford boulevard. On the way down the bus lane us 7:30 to 9:30 and 3:30 to 4:30 (or thereabouts). You are watching all the traffic, correctly using the lane. Cross the junction behind a van, lorry or bus and you may not notice that the lane is now buses only 24/7. you spot it, and you have to quickly manoeuvre into the right hand lane - usually to someone's annoyance.
  7. I've noticed lately how curmudgeonly I've become - ranting at the radio on a daily basis now. People starting sentences with the word "so", seasoned presenters repeating the first three words of their sentence before finishing it, and many more. I would bet anyone under thirty to get through an entire day without using the word "like" . My money would be safe before five minutes were up.
  8. Nonna, I'm on my first HP printer. It doesn't refuse the cartridges, just tells me they're non-standard, and I press "OK" and carry on!
  9. tried this with my Cannon, and it worked! Start by installing the cloned ink cartridge, and automatically the printer will issue a prompt “an ink cartridge cannot be recognized”. Proceed to “Start”, then “Control Panel” on the computer and double click on the “printer”. Look for the icon on the “Epson Printer” and right press and select “Printer Preferences”, regularly found at bottom of the dialog box. Click on the tab showing “Speed and Progress” and look at the Epson Printer monitor box. Turn off the ink monitor by checking off the “Disable Epson Status Monit
  10. On the subject, do you remember the shop on Vernon road along from the library, on the way to the Futurist. She introduced me to all manner of exotic brands(no sniggering) ; Camel (oval and tasted of camel dung) Pall Mall, long and sophisticated, Passing Clouds. And Picadilly, because we saw them being chuffed on "the Sweeney". All of them made us lads look the business - so we thought. Think the girls thought otherwise, though. Most of the girls I went out with didn't smoke. Pity I didn't take the hint then, instead of waiting 40 odd years to have the heart attack!
  11. Cliff, here's another reason betting and booze are treated lightly by the government; this years taxpayers list, the top three; figure in red are the tax paid, followed by the individual net worth. 1 Denise, John and Peter Coates Gambling £573m £573m £7,166m 2 Glenn Gordon* Spirits £436m £436m £3,186m 3 Fred an
  12. Didn't get it until I checked you post from2014! She sold single ciggies to us kids! Now I remember. How un-PC is that?
  13. Ben, whereabouts was her shop? Running through all the ones on Lincoln street in my mind, and can't place her