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  1. Andrew the dubious. Because nobody is sure about him
  2. Sixes and sevens this morning. Seven days in Sorrento only enough to catch Pompeii and Capri. Notice that they do Vesuvius e-bike tours. Under serious consideration. Nonna, I now know why you enthuse about the lifestyle! Small hotel in a sidestreet in St.Agnello. First thing in the morning a guy in a tiny three wheeler delivering fresh stuff to the hotel and residents. They don't put up with the rubbish our supermarkets fob us off with (with a few exceptions) came back with a 1.2 kg bag of coffee beens, so time to try some and get back on the bike.
  3. The chap running my speed awareness course had a telling fact. Done for 36mph on London road, he said that, at 36 instead of 30, instead of stopping, I would still be doing 18mph. Thought about that, and trundled along at 18 mph - enough I reckon do do some real damage to a pedestrian, especially a young or frail one.
  4. Providing some of the rules of the road are transposed to the pavement/cycleway. If we all stayed left (including walkers, runners etc) it could work. At the moment it is a bit of a free-for-all.
  5. Still, at least you didn't get into the car ready for a bath.....
  6. So do I. Alpha. Dad driving us back from Christmas Eve "do" at relatives. Coming along Stockhill lane, Ilooked out the offside back window, and saw the kerb! Told dad he was on the wrong side, but by then he'd mounted the kerb and hit a lamppost, just as a double decker loomed by inches from our left side. Being an old morris oxford JT, all dad had to do was wipe the bumper with a wet cloth.
  7. That was how they kept the mining villages relatively peaceful
  8. As Woody Allen said, "The only way to live to be a hundred is to give up everything that makes it worth living that long" My Grandma's interpretation "moderation in all things" The trouble is, every day the "experts" add to my list of banned things as well as the things now found to be good for me.
  9. Well said. Whether it is Christian charity, or an Atheist's pragmatism, the truth is that to help others helps ourselves. Vaccinate the world, and the world will stop coming back with more variants. Give help to people who have been unfortunate in their choice of birth, and they will climb up to join the rest of us in helping out, instead of needing help. A happy, moderately healthy and hopeful New Year to you all.
  10. I have to say that the weirdest thing after starting these tablets, were strange images when I closed my eyes. Wouldn't not take them though. You have to put one in your upper gum for an hour to dissolve - not to be swallowed. I accidentally touched one with my tongue - revolting. Also, got a (slight) headache in my forehead. As they tell us, there are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio. I'll keep some of the tablets in reserve, along with my gout pills! Christmas eve is full of noise here - all three girls at home, working out how to wind grandma up when she comes down. I don'
  11. Couldn't agree more, Peveril. Just had an early Christmas present of labrynthitis. Three days flat out in bed unable to sit up because of the dizzyness and nausea. Food intake for three days - one slice of toast. Dr put me on prochlorperazine maleate, which is an unpronounceable Godsend. Managed to totter round the house yesterday, and today waiting for a follow-up call from the doctor. May go for a walk round the ponds later. Definitely no bike rides just yet. I feel immense sympathy for anyone who suffers from Migraine!
  12. Cannot get enough jabs, it seems. Orion-4 have re-started their programme, so I'm off to QMC to get jabbed in the stomach. Either Inclisiran sodium 300mg, or the placebo. Every six months for the next few years, so my fix off jabs sorted for the foreseeable future!
  13. It's only saving grace was that it opened at 5:30pm, well before the rest of the town pubs. The City Treasury was opposite, so any weekday night out started there. Must have had far greater energy levels in those days!
  14. Brilliant week walking round Hebden bridge last week. Masks seemed confined to older age range. Youngest tested positive on Friday, waiting for the PCR result today. Then this morning I tested positive. PCR test is being fetched as we speak. Typical, no booster notification yet, and the flu jab not until Saturday. Boris bleats on about ensuring we get our boosters, but the admin is swamped with flu jabs, covid jabs for younger age groups and all the usual demands this time of year. So far, only hacking cough that sounds like I'm on 20 Capstan Full Strength a day, and a head
  15. Gave up paying a fortune for "Artisan" flour. Discovered that the French bakers are only allowed to add water, salt - and vitamin c powder (ascorbic acid). Get some off Amazon (cheaper) and away you go. Tastes nice - but difficult to compare to the memory of the bread we had at Les Bessardiere! nice with soup,though