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  1. Last time it happened was just after 9/11. That was when the scientists discovered global dimming, and there was a massive jump in the fluctuation in day/night temperatures. Perhaps we will come to respect the planet a bit more when this is over. NonnaB, are the reports correct? Is your neck of the woods coming out of this? and is it shifting southwards? Either way, take care all
  2. not much, He and Camilla are in splendid isolation in the Royal holiday home (thought that was frowned on?) at Balmoral. 50,000 aces of woodland, park and streams, with no one to social distance from, save a retinue of servants, flunkeys and security staff.
  3. We will probably never know, but my guess is that the scientific community will expend much effort and money to conclude that, possibly, the establishment near Wuhan accidentally released a virus. This then found its way into the local wildlife. Then, because of the Chinese preoccupation with strange animals for food and medicine, this jumped from normally discrete species (ie; they do not associate) into the human food chain. I also notice that the Chinese, via disinformation and their own version of whispers, are starting to cover their backsides. They would have us believe that the US dumped a "weaponised" virus on them, or that cases appeared in Italy prior to their own. I for one hope that, when this is all over, we all rethink the way we buy stuff, and where from. The virus has reminded me of the real cost of saving a few quid on my stuff.
  4. My partner has done some shopping today - Lidl at Clifton. Guy on the door making customers queue at a distance, and letting them in when some come out. Maximum of 20 inside at any one time. They have obviously taken their lead from HQ at Neckarsulm. Lets hope the big boys follow suit.
  5. Really feel for you there. Boris is getting this right - and I have never been a fan. He's listening and acting on best advice (unlike some leaders) We need to get everyone to realise that, if we follow these new rules, we all stay put, and venture out when necessary and within guidelines, the next few weeks will see the virus coming out of those who have it at the moment (and don't know yet) , and , once out, will go nowhere fast. Also read a fascinating article from a chemistry professor explaining how soap easily wipes out a virus. Way too technical for my mid range grasp, but, as ever, proves my dear old gran was right. Take care all
  6. just heard the ice cream van. Should he/she be out and about?
  7. My youngest daughter saw me listening to that. Her observation was that I always do that anyway. Got enough DIY supplies to repair and repaint the shed and fences, And ordered a complete set of running gear (probably from China) to bring the eldest daughters mtb back into play - she wants to accompany me on bike rides to keep me out of mischief. Mind you, she is on the rota at her school to provide cover. Middle daughter still in digs at Birmingham doing her course online, but I cannot realistically see her staying there much longer - online might just as well be at home. The youngest starts her Virtual lessons with the school next Monday. The internet seems to be proving its worth. stay safe
  8. Fun Boy three - the lunatics have taken over the asylum Phil Collins - in the air tonight The garden centres and National Trust gardens are open to us all, so with care might get my honorary Mother in law to Caulke Abbey for a good walk Got all the hardware now to repair the shed roof and re paint the fences. Banned from shopping, but not biking, so will set up a daily routine. China seem to be coming out the other side, so there is always hope. Take care
  9. biked to ASDA to pick up bread. eggs and tomatoes. dismayed by the SUVs with a dyson in the back to hoover up everything in sight. Further dismayed when I got back and saw the clip of the York critical care nurse in the supermarket car park. (bbc news site) Then, on the same site, saw the long read entitled "what can the UK learn from Italy?" Recommended reading for us all, I think. NonnaB could give us your thoughts?
  10. A peck is two gallons, a cwt is 112 lb So how much would two gallons of mud weigh?
  11. my grandmother used to insist "you eat a cwt of dirt before you die"
  12. Every government on the planet has been wrong-footed by this virus, and their response to it, and peoples reaction to it, will vary according to their individual circumstances. The dilemma is on a personal level. Just seen the Health Secretary's plan for the over seventies. My mother in law (or she would be if I was married) is 83. She is like all of us at a certain age, stubborn. She visits her 87 year old husband at the care home up the road most days (where her temperature is taken on arrival) and three times a week its off to the swimming baths. Without these, she would be pretty miserable. I am two years off the cut off point, but with heart, thyroid and diabetic conditions, probably need to take heed of the precautions. But not biking to shops and other trips would not help. Aside from the impact on my physical and mental wellbeing, staying in is not much of an option. Home consists of one daughter who works in a primary school, and another who attends the local secondary/comprehensive/academy/whatever. Lets follow the usual hygiene precautions, and hope that those who most need it will get the care they need. Boris is exhorting companies to step up production of ventilators. As HSR said, they are damned if they do..... Nonna has rightly tried from the outset to warn us of the seriousness of the situation. The local newspaper eco di bergamo had a full page of obituaries on Feb 9th. on March 13th it was ten pages. Lets just help whoever we can, and I hope your faith in whoever or whatever you put your trust in will see you through, and keep the posts here going - we need them more than ever now. Take care
  13. Covid 19 - much to ponder, as ever. Lots of hysteria, mostly generated by the media making hay while the sun shines. The government says don't panic, and we head in droves for the supermarkets, who in turn are disingenuous with their support. They say that the government can help by easing drivers hours restrictions and removing the delivery curfews. As one supermarket spokesman said "its like Christmas" I'll bet. The only beneficiaries are their tills. The virus is flu like. Our problem is, no vaccine yet. But we do have, certainly in this country, a lot of facilities for testing and vaccine development. In Nottingham alone there are dozens of individual research labs which are being turned to the virus - in the same way factories changed production during the war. Basic hygiene is common sense, but needs reinforcing for a generation brought up to eat and discard food in the street, for dog walkers who don't clear up their pets mess and the rest of us who have lapsed with taking care with coughing and sneezing. Off on my new acquisition, a Trek Marlin 5. Will mingle when necessary, and now I feel justified in wearing my daughter's Christmas present, a Darth Vader-like face mask - makes me look like an OAP mugger, though. Did notice one item, a Radio 4 interview with a senior medical officer who said that, when the dust had settled, he would hope that the Chinese government would be vigorously pressed to explain why the epicentre of the outbreak occurred close to a military biological research centre. I think the conspiracy theorist will exit the woodwork once again. Hope all of you take care and keep safe
  14. Our Youth group leader, (Grant) Keith Welch, took over from Cyril. Much later, he became Bishop of Epping Forest.
  15. Picture the scene. Group of spotty-faced City Treasury employees on a night out, dragging yours truly out on his first night out with this lot. Kick off in the Dolphin at 5:30 straight from work. Then down to the Clinton Arms for one of their "gentlemens evenings" My mate Tim decided that a better view was to be had from the window sill. Slipped on the spilt beer, and dragged the curtain down as he fell. We all got chucked out, and I didn't set foot in there again. Did go into the one halfway up Sherwood street - what was it called? One lunchtime, a tall lad in a big black coat and hat was pointed out to me as Paul Mccartney's cousin. Wonder what happened to him - the bloke who pointed him out? another ramble with oldphil