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  1. Apart from originally sitting in a much larger plot and having a hedge at the front the house looks as it did when i lived in it as a child. As a kid it had a wide drive which went shortly to a garage on the left and further on in between the house and the back of the garage where there was a part we called "The Office". Originally the nursery down the lane was run from here and the daughters eventually did most of the paperwork with the help of a manager called "Nutty". Later they moved the admin to the nursery itself and Nutty moved with it. The house itself had a full size billiard tab
  2. I am a member of the Robinson family through my mother who was one of the daughters of the founder Thomas Robinson. He lived at Lyon House 411 Westdale Lane which was built by his father in law (Mr Lee) who apart from being a builder was also an amateur rose grower and my grandfather's business partner when they started the original nursery on Westdale Lane near the top of the hill into Gedling. Thomas had 6 children but a boy died young under the wheels of a cart leaving 2 boys Tom and Eric and 3 girls May Lily and Joan, all 5 of whom worked in the business at one time or another as the pro