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  1. Baby talk sounds silly, but according to Wikipedia it helps children to learn! My mum called teeth “tushy pegs” or “peggies” when we were very young. Mind you she was from N. Lincs not Notts.
  2. I do...but it’s too dark to see them It only gets light while I’m at work, except at weekends.
  3. When I lived in Beeston I used to enjoy walks around Attenborough Nature Reserve, Beeston Marina and Wollaton Park. I hope you find lots of walks you enjoy!
  4. Amazing photos! They show a different side of Nottingham I’ve never noticed.
  5. I like seeing birds and other wildlife in my garden. I miss them during the dark months.
  6. Hi plantfit, Jill, catfan & others not keen on Christmas, I’m completely with you on this. Many people find it a difficult time especially if they’ve gone through family breakdowns, bereavement, parents who were very strict or abusive, etc. Others don’t dislike it exactly, but it’s nothing special to them. I think it’s a very over-hyped celebration and get fed up with the way the hype seems to take over the last two months of the year. I’m always relieved when it is over and I can look forwards to the days getting longer.
  7. Thanks Lizzie Mary and Cliff ton for your replies and your warm welcome! I do remember the Broadmarsh looking increasingly shabby and run down as the 90s went on, it has the look of a place about to close. Will be interesting to see if something better can be done with it. I liked the balconies overlooking the Emmett clock in it’s former location, I agree you got a better view of it from there. I missed the fountain sections and low walls in Market Square, it gave people somewhere to sit. It all looks too flat now. Slab Square is a good name for it!
  8. I recently had a short visit to Nottingham after moving away 15 years ago. It was a surreal experience, so familiar and yet so different at the same time. To save cash I parked in Beeston (my old home town) and took the tram to the city centre. It was only a brief visit, but these were my impressions. The Good: I really enjoyed the tram ride, those weren’t there when I lived there last, it was a fun way to get into town and enjoy the views along the way. The “Castle Wharf” area on the canal looks really good. They were starting to develop that when I lived there before, I
  9. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while so I thought I’d better join! I lived in Nottingham from 1988 to 2004, first of all as a student, then I did some shop and factory jobs, before landing my dream job as a research technician in QMC. I met my husband in Nottingham and we got our first house together in Beeston, where we ended up living for 10 years. We had to move away in 2002 because hubby lost his job and couldn’t find anything else locally, so we had to relocate to the London area. It’s OK down here but it’s not a patch on Nottingham. I really miss my old h