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  1. I know its early, but do you remember when the Coop used to advertise the Christmas Panto on their Milk Bottles?
  2. Attached is a picture of the classic on Market Street, it was the place to see 'artistic' films in Nottingham. Only went twice, once for a Kung-Fu all nighter and once to see 'Young Frankenstein'
  3. sorry, But i seem to remember throuth the druken haze that Friday nigths alway's endered with Freebird. I remember Ships in the Night by Be bop delux as well. I also remember very little after the third pint, but i have a few good pictures ( they used to call me Robin because og the stuffed Robin I had on my sholder ).
  4. Under the Kabab shop was a greek resturant called the Eviva Taverna, I think its now somewhere in the lace market. We once had a office Xmas do at the Victora Street Resturant, the plates created shrapnel everywhere!. Must dig out the old photos of the do. The night ended up one guy falling a sleep in the toilet, the personnel manager half passing out and then having a wresiling match in Victora Street.
  5. does anyone remember the real name of Warro's, the cider bar at the back of the QE ( Queen Elisabeth ) on bottle Lane. If you went you would remember the place, Upstairs bar, 60ft long, 10ft wide, Sewing machine tables, carpets that were recorded with the UN as a new life form, Cider that ripped the emanal off your teeth, Load rock music ( Furniture Music being a classic, along with Tony Blackburn and every night ending with Free Bird - all played on the cheapest sound system you ever heard ), strange pictures painted on the walls, the worst toilets in the city ( you went for a paddle not
  6. Woolies was in a V shape around the Sawyers Arms, This pub was very tolerent of younger drinkers. A used to work as a shelf filler in Macfisheries in Broadmarsh in the mid 70's. And after work a few of us would have a quick pint in the Saywers, this was also the first Pub I played the Video Game 'Pong'. Not sure if it was the first in Nottingham, but a few people did come in just to play the Pong Machine. If this sends you all retro try going to Bar 7 at Canning Circus ( formally the Royal George ) as they have Space invader and similar machines.