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  1. The pub down the road from St Pauls's Church Hall was called in the 1960's The Radford Arms. I was one of the many fencers who frequented it on a Friday night. The landlord and his wife, enjoyed the influx of people at just gone 10.00 pm so much that they would lay sandwiches on just for us ! Who was your dad ? I am still in contact with other fencing people from that time .......
  2. Whilst contemplating my navel, during isolation, thoughts for no apparent reason, drifted back to Bilborough.... Remembering the snow ploughs cutting a path through the snow drifts on the top road (health and safety, humbug) just meant lots of freshly moved snow as ammunition for the snow ball fights with William Sharp ! Five years spent trying to be educated by the most part enthusiastic teachers (they failed miserably, as I left with NO GCE’s and to this day 53 years later, the flimsy result slip nestles in my wallet !). Met friends there who are still friends, started fencing there which I then carried on for another 45 years.... so both good and shall we say, not so good memories....
  3. This has brought back memories..... Was at Bilborough from 1962-67, starting out in !R. The teachers mentioned around that time are in the most case still filed away in my memory even after 50 + years ! The famous/infamous Mr Kirton, who seemed to enjoy the female shape rather more than shapes made of metal. Dr Peake, an old-fashioned, but excellent Head Teacher. 'Fruit Gum' Robinson, the name was given during the Lake District walks, for his love of 'borrowing' pupils sweets. Had completely forgotten about the Camms coach copulation with the petrol pump, I was on that coach. Was also, unfortunately, playing in the rugby match when Tony ? the Head Boy got the injury that unfortunately led to his death and i do remember that PE Robinson was distraught. Two of my children went to Bilborough College in later years, I used to live overlooking both Bilborough and William Sharp playing fields.