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  1. carl hebb

    The Old Ice Arena

    David Jacobs remember that event he had a make shift stage supported on beer crates , mum commented on it being a bit unstable.
  2. carl hebb

    The Old Ice Arena

    Yes that was Ralph in the tunnel who also ground the skates I think as a part time income, I will never forget the smell of his burgers they had a smell and taste being unique. I always joined in with the speed skating being only nine at the time and very chubby but they did not seem to mind if I stayed on the inside with their hands behind their back and passing me in a flash, lapping me several times . it was for me a lovely time1962 and1963 before we came to live in Cornwall I will for sure visit the new Stadium on my next visit to see family this year but no doubt it will ,I feel not be quite the same.
  3. carl hebb

    The Old Ice Arena

    What memories!! the wife was always present with the organist, hands to the front together and a fur coat. Ralph cooked the burgers and gave a skate grinding service this was 1963. Thelma Perry gave me lessons the ex European Figure Champion, for the price of five shillings and six pence , about twenty seven and a half pence surely not at todays conversion rate am I right ?. Dad used to go to the Cricketers for a drink leaving mum with me during the lesson on Tuesday,s one night the Ali / Liston fight was on, being viewed on the pub tv and dad asked he could have the other channel on for a farming programme the barman said it would cause a riot. That was dad,s sense of humour of course he was there to see the fight also.I will never forget the old Stadium with the skate shop by the stairs up to the rink, and the atmosphere, and the feeling of stepping off the rubber matt on to the ice. Does anyone have any info of Thelma Perry a lovely lady and patient instructor.
  4. carl hebb

    Hyson Green Flats

    My Father had a lock up shop on Hyson Green (HEBB,S JEWELLERS) opposite St Peters Church I think? and almost opposite a shoe shop. On the next block was Hancocks Furniture shop a friend of dad,s. I believe his son Tony has a shop down the road now. We lived in a shop/house on Ilkeston Road,and when dad came home mother would ask him to take her to "the pictures" he would say he did not fancy the film. The reason being that he had ,locked his shop on Hyson Green in the afternoon due to lack of business and been to see the film . A friend of mum saw him leaving the cinema on one occasion.
  5. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    Merrikins also had the shop on the block next down to the Martial Arts, then the YMCA it was an off licence, around 66ish Mr and Mrs Parker took it , moving from , the previous mentioned Provisions shop 258? next to the Jolly Higglers across the side road. (Downwards) as previously mentioned Merrikins came to Cornwall soon after us. I can still remember the trolley buses being connected to the cables above by using a long pole happy days indeed.
  6. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    A bit more info going upwards next to the YMCA at least as far back as 1961 was firstly Wilde,s newsgents I think the next three could be residential any ideas folks? The far end , was a toy shop selling loads of games and jigsaw puzzles, we called her Co Co because of her over use of lipstick but not to her face , and next was the excellent fish and chip shop, I think a wool shop might have fitted in between somewhere. My last school was on the next block and Mrs Morris was the Head teacher .
  7. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    You are correct, I remember running down the side of Moons from Schooner Street On Old Duke Street , and slipping on some oil In the summer of 63 and tearing my shorts. Moons repaired cars and sold petrol , The beer arrived being hauled by two white horses to The Jolly Higglers next door to the pub was La Roche what seemed then at nine years old a large butchers establishment. Moons has now gone as I walked down there on my last visit 2016 I believe long gone. I have returned to the City three times in the last six years ,always compelled to return there with a touch of sadness , they were happy days.
  8. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    No Sue you are looking at Sketchley,s dry cleaners side on view on the mentioned block next up was Moons garage where the chap is standing a large covered workshop where the other two are standing was erected in our time.Next block up just out of sight was dads shop/house behind it now grass at the front by road Opposite was the YMCA now martial arts? On our block was Merrikins (fruit and veg) then our place next to us a café , old Nellies house next (very narrow) and finally Annie and Wilf Parker (general provisions) who treated me as a nephew, they used to call my mum Flo As our name was Hebb as in ebbs and flows.WE just beat Merrikins to live in Cornwall by a year hope this is of interest. They were happy times.Mr and Mrs Parker were very sad as we spent a lot of time the house behind.We had three smash and grabs from our jewellers window in the sixties.
  9. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    We left in 1964 it was dads wish to escape the rat race My Cornish wife and I have visited three times in recent years and we love the city I like to stand where our shop was at 262 Ilkeston Road now a piece of grass , feel safer here than in our nearest Cornish town of Newquay in summer season I left at ten years old now sixty three enjoy it folks!
  10. carl hebb

    Ilkeston Road picture house

    I remember a child being hit by the caretaker wearing a brown Arkwright coat if you know what I mean whilst going in, could,nt do that now . My parents ran the jewellers shop HEBB,S just above the picture house next to MOON,S Garage we left for Cornwall in1964 it was dads wish