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  1. Hubby tells me that one of Uncles was employed on the construction of this building & that a good part of the frontage collapsed during it's construction .. Apparently, it was held back with a steel cable - the cable snapped & part of the frontage all fell down .. Sue
  2. Thank you .. Great to see these old photos ... So I take it they rebuilt the bridge - obviously much stronger than this collapsed one .. .. I too have used the Meridian swimming pool; Once past the gate security it was easy .. .. It later became an indoor climbing centre .. Sue
  3. I used to live Nottingham Road end & would often walk - or roller skate - through to Mansfield Road .. I remember this bridge - there were offices both sides of the road, with garages underneath - set in what was once a deep cutting .. Cliff Ton - How do I get to see the photo you posted ? .. philmayfield - my mother once worked at Coopers - & my Grandpa was a Director at Stag and, for a short time, I worked in the Export office a P.P. Paynes .. Sue