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  1. Certainly recall humming this. He had a hit previously with ex RAF mates "Good News Week". I don't remember hearing that as a child. These type of songs..stuck with me from when i was very young "Doggy in the window" would be another. Songs like "Paper Roses" and "knock 3 Times" were kid memories. Anyway a fine song which hopefully brings back a time and place memory.
  2. Living almost opposite Marshalls yard was brilliant the yard man knew i came in for a nose...and often scrounged a lift of a trunker. They did a night run to old Swan i think in Liverpool..imagine that today..mind you i was picked up outside the lido in case the gateman was watching. I was right up the top of the A66 one time..a red unit and a 40 ft stopped..a lift to my doorstep. Great memories of Moorbridge.
  3. And tut' wine bar - which was called ... The wine Bar. A haunt for a certain feline ex bus driver!
  4. This was an offy that was cut into rock. The elderly owner insisted on only selling us Rawlings minerals. Had gas lamps as well! More evidence of raised dwellings on this road( to take in the incline ) up to Forest Rd.
  5. Thats right phil..near the top the car dealer with bi-folding doors and petrol pumps at one time. Nearby was a 3 storey 19th century mill type building.
  6. Yew Tree.Half moon.Bedstead? Then nearer to moorbridge forest hotel.Apollo. The oak in Hucknall was dire. The Red Lion also.
  7. Watching my mother with the 'forbidden' gas poker..and thinking where is Cambodia? This particular song would come out the radio.Not heard it for a long time.
  8. Spent some happy days at moorbridge.. Tadpoleing when young and chasing a gorgeous gypsy girl called Shelagh. When she found out i was fairground stock..all was good. Stroll up to the swingers ( forest hotel ) For lemonade and crisps. Often the camp elders would flog homemade pegs or the like. As a youth i pumped petrol at the shell garage at Moorbridge..spent most of my pay on 8 track cassettes.
  9. That's the one Cliff.Gives the viewer an insight to the level of housing in this area. Some fine big houses too..which became lodging and boarding places in my time. Top right in front of Vic Station cliffs is the brewery..where York House once stood.Those glasshouses look familar too. Dryden St. was fairly affluent in it's day...being popular abodes for clerical and the professional gent....fast forward 60 years and they were slums. Prince Charles attended the opening of Trent Poly..late 69? He was jeered by angry mothers complaining of poor housing etc.. The most miserable boss from the Registary Office attempted to shoo the protestors with his brush. (He was famous for this..as he had banned confetti.)
  10. Maybe it was The Saracens?...long time ago.Lots of raised streets and terraces up at the top of NSst. Colville Terrace and Villas..have small unusual housing that takes in the incline of that area. Bunta sandstone all over..these alleys bring you onto Addison St and Forest Rd. I am sure Cliff posted an aerial shot of this area..revealing Gill St. Hampden St. Alma Terrace etc..
  11. Likewise Terry..North Sherwood st.to all points. I do recall the Canning family..all 16 kids passed thru our door and ate brown sauce sandwiches at some stage. Foster Johns on the corner of Peel St. Open on Sunday..2-4. Newcastle Arms on Bluecoat..opposite the Hole in The Wall. The National Garage washed cars in competion wth Moons below. The Urdhu Library and Mrs Mingay for boxes of Tide,No:10's and Tik Taks. The YWCA and Bills shop . Major and Matlock St. St.Albans Terrace backed onto Dennis & Roberts. Ossington Villas housed the Guyat family..tasty boxer was Timmy..good stance. Fon A Car began in mk2 Cortinas just behind the fleece. The Clinton of course..Go Go dancers galore. Weird thing about this area..entrys and alleys had doors..you could cut through to Shakespeare Villas from Mansfield Rd. Wasn't the Napier pub just past Chatham St? Hardy Hanson..good head on a pint of heavy in there. The flashers and touchers used the Arbo gates this side...most of them residing in those old Doctors houses on Burns and Arthur St . Good times and great for trolleying. Late '68 without my knowledge i stood with the late Firbeck and watched a paint place burn down. More memories if you want 'em kp.
  12. This was everywhere on the wireless as a kid..slice of Dundee cake and camp coffee..even that Ukranian Dentist on Chaucer Street. Do remember a reggae version played on Radio Nottingham's 'Back 'a yard' show.
  13. Over on my Birthday last year,bevvied up ....walked into Laguna, fabulous food, had the Lamb Baroda,the best gravy I've ever had in an Indian meal, 3 hours later..walked home a happy man.
  14. Dial that in Eire Dave..irish squad car arrives upside down!
  15. I deffo remember even before i went to school walking with the other lads..dropping them off and doing a shop in Brittains for veg on Chapel Bar. Sunblest/ Turners on Long Row and Dewhursts near Hurts Yard entrance. Into The Granary or The Pepper Mill for a treat. Even Jimmy Youngs voice. The same trip was made at 3.30pm Mums were run ragged in those days. Hand washing.daily food shop.mopping and sluicing. Did shell the odd pea though...with a bit of Twenty Tiny Fingers on the gram.
  16. Just a thought, I wonder how many people owned a telephone.. say in 1930? In the late 60's and early 70's not many of my mates had a phone.
  17. Sarah Vaughan..sang with the Fab Four. was a great wireless memory from kiddie time. 'Broken Hearted Melody'...don't know the year...but great song.
  18. Recall this whilst brushing my Mothers hair ..this, A letter from America and Listen with Mother. Childhood memories indeed. (Not forgetting the stack of shillings on the mantle fut' meter.)
  19. There was a clutch of snooker halls surrounding Goldsmith St. One on South Sherwood St. The Empire was clouded with fag smoke...how anyone performed a masse' shot in that fog - beggars belief. Were you charged by the minute? Maybe in The pint& pot you were. Mispent youth..nah!
  20. Could be Colin!..though this pub doesn't like folk to Pry!..quite literally. I found a pencil written receipt from the 40's amongst some old papers. It says? Keg,tap,mallet. Can't see full price £,... 10/1 According to relatives my Dad 'hired' kegs with a tap and carried to a houseparty on a pram. Of all the pubs I look at- this boozer ain't giving much away.
  21. Another shawl maker in Hucknall, Rhodes Bros & Sons. Sidney Stephenson Rhodes passed ( founder ) passed away in 1952.
  22. Thanks folks, apparently ...unless I have read wrong..Paul Pry was a character in a play?..not sure. Maybe Jill Sparrow's expertise? I know the song from Poole's ( Paul pry ) 'cherry ripe.' featured in the excellent wartime film - Went The Day Well. John West was the Landlord in 1898.