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  1. Most of them were idiots! The rule " your missus can come in ...but not you"??!! No jeans tonight,.. when those in collared shirts and slacks were the troublemakers. You could see the folding pattern and pin marks on these thugs new shirts.
  2. Wool Shetland Shawls was started by The Framework Knitters in Hucknall in the 1850's. It was extended to Beeston and Chilwell by two Hucknall men, William Limb and Frank Wilkinson..
  3. I can see the convent,was that a glove factory on Sycamore?
  4. Aah! yes,recall that building... had a 'Georgian' look about it, commer van also.. thanks Cliff.
  5. Reading Rob's post on Maid Marian Way made me wonder how many GPO/Telecom/PO buildings were scattered about the city? I knew of Bath St,Broad St,Thurland St,..and learnt yesterday... the top of St.James's St. Anymore information?
  6. I'll go one further,sitting in The Generous Briton one night...bloke on the next stool produced a yellow tin...doused himself down...and promptly set fire to himself.... I rushed to find the Landlord... his answer? ..."oh! he always does that "!!
  7. Correct Catfan, one needed 3 convictions to drink in there.
  8. Landlord/Lady were smashing...certainly a soap smell in the best side on payday.
  9. Nice, those bus shelters..I have cleaned many a time. I signed up with Plum Personnel and Manpower Services...first job was cleaning those... Adshels, I think the name was- going round in an ex post office BMC ( the high one.) Washing them. Can't make out the livery on that rigid.
  10. Maid Marian Way I thought was a disaster.. footfall wise, seemed a feasible plan to get traffic from Collins St. etc..up to Derby Rd. wasn't a bad plan. But the shopping idea was tacked on later. I mean,you got to the top of St.James's St. past The News house, to be greeted with those cream ( when new) railings....running from Chapel Bar to Friar Lane, no wonder Mount Street shopping arcade failed! Save for the Midland General beauties... a waste of concrete. I certainly recall doing a Jeremy Thorpe and vaulting those railings to get to the "upper" part of st.James's street. I think it's found it's niche in Indian restaurants and those subways being filled in helped.
  11. Delving back now: I had a 'slate' at The Scotholme Hotel...which was paid back on Thursdays. There is a common theme running throughout my posts... booze.
  12. Never used BSC...a bit like SS headquarters. The Loggerheads on Cliff rd. News house on Canal St. Grands Central Diner/Sam Fays. Town Arms near Hollowstone.
  13. Drinking on your lunchbreak is probably frowned upon in today's working world ( unions/management) have snipped it down to half an hour in our 21st century. Despite job and location always managed a tipple at a local ,even when driving a multi masted stacker...a Lansing Bagnall no-no today. Pennyfoot st, w21 Boots- Robert Peel. Empties Dock, Island st- Stag & Pheasant. Gerrard's, Scotholme Hotel. Wilton Sporting Club,Bridlesmith Gate- Dog and Bear. Camelot Club,Bridlesmith Gate- County Tavern. W81,Boots,Great Northern Close- General Gordon. Presto,Hucknall - The Yew Tree. Sky plastics, Sutton- Staff of Life...long lunches here!! Knights mouldings, Huntingdon st- Maid of Erin. Standen Homes, Arnold- The Longbow. Anyone imbibe at lunch?
  14. St.Nicholas's church stands on Maid Marion Way and even though the present structure is not particularly old ...st.Nics is one of 3 medieval churches in the city still with us. The original building was destroyed in the 1640's..civil war most likely. I was told once on a trip "dahn Mortimer's ole" that the church tower was used as a vantage point to bombard the castle. Marriage/death records go back to 1562...so lots for the budding heir hunter. Cemetery is full since 1881. St.Nicholas is the patron saint of mariners and was visited by seaman/sailors alike. The large whalebone that hung for many years above the neighbouring pub,Royal Children- however was not from a matelot....but the fuel supplier whose whale oil lamps lit this hostelry.
  15. This particular road/street definitely displays it's date of construction, struggling in this area- twoing and froing to school amongst barriers etc.. ( don't recall plastic cones then). Re- bars set in a concrete (bucket) base and holding red/white lengths of timber. The Wimpy Bar was lovely, Tesco was just down from Brentford Nylons,. ( fluff freeman?) . Green Sheild Stamps has had a good mention before. The rear to the ABC and Odeon were visible. Was there a furniture/antique centre opposite GSS's? Anyroad- I certainly recall drinking Brew X1 and Youngers Tartan in The Hearty Goodfellow. It was a great locale for 'underage' drinking( Salutation*Royal Children.) Ben Truman's making me quite ill seems to ring a bell. Later as a waged lout..,The Mint Bar and The Kashmir were a must. Not forgetting the Maid Marion cafe which served as a fine venue for refreshment after 5 or 6 hours waiting to see Dr.Haworth up at the Eye Hospital. Does anyone recall during construction a large hut/cafe that was erected in the late 60's?