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  1. Two Nottm servicemen celebrate Armistice Day in traditional style...Outside Lyons..1918
  2. Mercury..i will have a shufty..your moving story of your mate holding the fort during the riots...still i recall with fondness and respect.
  3. Church Lane Bulwell...never in it!neat twin set..hope my Hull mate Fogrider returns...like jonab...the feedback and help was invaluable.
  4. This was used for a time in the 1970's..small station on Popham St.
  5. Better shot here Rog...The Watson Fothergill designed Police Station captures Boots power station, as well as Island St. and the Station St.Printing Dept. Boots Gym and Printing got hit during the air raid .
  6. Leenside Police Headquarters..Dealt with Narrowmarsh and surrounds.
  7. The former Isandula Station on Radford Rd.Basford...
  8. A very sad looking Police Station at Ransom Rd.St.Anns Well Rd.junction.
  9. It's a year since my friend Dave passed away- remembering you with fondness and raising a glass of the good stuff in your memory. The title say's it all!
  10. The film footage i have seen is pretty convincing...
  11. Nottm Firebrigade site is very interesting..this Commer i certainly remember.
  12. From what i have read Rog..a higher plane dumped unused bombs over the channel..sadly Glenns plane was lower and got walloped..and perished. Divers visited it 2 years ago and discovered the sad truth.
  13. I wonder Oz...some Home Ales drinkers would have liked Shippo's to get a hit?? Sadly jettisoned bombs is what killed Glenn Miller.
  14. Found a snap at last!Reg's bike is propped up outside a great haunt of mine..especially of a Saturday..if i had 'owt left from Gee Dee..would pop in here for Double egg & Chips and heavily buttered wonderloaf and make fat butties ..so it melted and covered your fist! Decked out in primrose yellow and wooden brown stalls inside.1950's kitch sketches of windmills hung on the walls.Last time i was in here...i'd stepped off a Rosetta coach and had tea with our kid..as my Dad was moving us all to Bulwell. The Old Dutch.
  15. Clumber Street in the late 1960's..Skinner & Rooks outlet has been sold. Victoria Wine and Peter Dominic proved popular as Hicklings, Laings and Skinner faded.
  16. John Paul Jones..is the man on this.. 1969..Led Zep ll. Got this on 8 track...in the garage..great tinkering track.
  17. Harvey Hadden did keep his promise about helping the youth of Nottm. Before his death in 1931- he left strict instructions along with £30,000 to build a Stadium.
  18. The Bamboo was run in the 70's by my schoolmates ..the Brandemarte's..it was very orange outside.
  19. I don't watch soaps..but i often used to laugh seeing Corro residents eating in Roys Cafe..on said Street. But thinking back- there i lived smack bang in the centre and frequented The Olympian opposite the Peacock, The Elbow, Hughs on Huntington St, cappouchi's on Parliament St, Palace Coffee House, Trinity Square, The Empire and Empress..Tess's on the bottom of Derby Rd.was my fave..next door to the Amoy Chinese. Summat about pop music, high stools, and plastic oranges bobbing around in a juice machine.
  20. Years later i was doing the music at an all-nighter..and got to know a lady from the Pepper Mill..nice agen'. Don't forget there was a second one opposite Birdcage..up the alley to Selectadisc on Bridlesmith Gate.
  21. Don't forget Rog..i have those photos for you..our kid Pennyfarthing racing in the 60's. Harvey Hadden himself, was born in the Park in 1851..he ran the family hosiery firm J&S Hadden..then went to Canada ..making a fortune in land investments.
  22. I suppose like many i heard this on the Elecktra Nuggets Album...
  23. Was the shop with the Shakin' Stevens door..Baileys?