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  1. I follow you Waddo..tiles are a pain..especially when repointing valleys etc..
  2. This one fits the M:OBulwell!..Robinsons Hill area...Dad had the same motor..even after a smash on Kersall...Clay roof tiles were everywhere around me as a youth..slates were in town...and i always loved old brick..house commons were a bit boring.Used see a lot of hot air balloons going over..and small aircraft too...still recall RR engine testing..Did Commercial Rd.post office move to near Martins?
  3. Still miss Dio..what a voice..this song reminds me of a piss poor, piss wet day..went down to Londinium..to see a Ken Hensley gig..which was dire..and had no means of getting home from St.Pancras until the next day...the all night buffet..until the batteries ran out on me Bush tape player..Dio though eh?
  4. Brilliant Fog..yourself and the crews present at Dakins..and all other shouts..put yourself in danger everytime. Serving and retired Emergency Services get the thumbs up everytime.RIP to Albert..who made the ultimate sacrifice. I too feel close to the Central building..hope the photo didn't upset anyone..ian.
  5. Yes Fog..a very sad time, was the Chief Inspectors car a black car..like a Singer Vogue?..he had a black Triumph in the late 1960"s.
  6. Oops!..i was going by the paper. RITA not Rika..was presented by the Late Derrick Avery this award in 1958.
  7. I remember buying this in Bradleys Records..done some work at Monks and had some cash..played right up until the Summer..then Elvis died..maybe i played 50,000 Elvis Can't Be Wrong..or the like. superb Floyd..tad better than Meddle.
  8. Think i told a fib...was in The King and Miller.Now and Then on Leeming Street.
  9. Sorry to cause headaches..i just could not fathom it out!! Thanks you two guys..
  10. I did a 21st Century check..is Asda there or something?
  11. That's one i've not drink in anyway..cheers lads!
  12. Genesis's Tommy..what an album..and Banks hated it.. ..the red dress and fox's head were ready for the off.
  13. I thought Jon Andersons first band The Warriors were a great beat band. Roundabout is the one here.
  14. Could be Oz..i looked..and was not sure..better ask the 'Ozacle'..thanks..ian.
  15. When solidarity was here..not just a word from the Gdansk Shipyards..Mansfield Miners Rally- 1971.
  16. Oz..mate, is this the old King & Miller Pub..only guessing as the poster is not sure. .Sutton Rd.or Stockwell Gate? Ian.
  17. Yes i have that opinion HSR..they are getting too old as well. Took my Daughter to a meet & greet night in Dublin to see Rolling Stones..madam was lovin' it...me moaning at the changes in key...jaggers voice has dropped a million octaves..they have stopped using "who killed the Kennedy's" in Sympathy..Tumbling Dice was..as ever knock out..this was the 8th time seeing them. Charlie was a gent though. Saw The Who..a few years ago...as was ..fab! Dylan, Stewart and Jagger should quit those big gigs.
  18. Argus was a must LP..and great with your lady classroom mate.
  19. First broadcast in December 1973...help from Gong..Steve Hillage. Stones guitarist and MC of course was Bonzo Dog himself Viv Stanshall. Two slightly distorted guitars.
  20. Shake off that turkey to this.. Terry Reid played with these also.
  21. Fits the thread title this one..Got at least four of what's in the window...racked up some serious plastic from here...Scratching The Surface by The Groundhogs for £1.40 Thick As A Brick and Jimmy Webb 7". Happy days...bunked of from little downs or whatever the poxy Becket called that field..armed with the Family Allowance and 3 co-op books..the world was my oyster..be it Blue and Cult.
  22. Oh! yes..way before Michael Schenker on this one ...1971 on the now forgotten Beacon label...Mick Bolton( think?) had the flying V here. Thumbs in jeans top time.
  23. Fire Horses late..19th Century..picured here on South Sherwood St.Fire Station..which was built after a greater need to the one formerly on St.Johns Street..building took from 1885-88.