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  1. These are from GLT 676...think Holland-up in Teeside had it..but i am sure it was in Nottm too. K2 ATV has some history too.This has some charm also.
  2. I'll have a look later fog...
  3. Duh!! Sorry Fog...me too.on a retired NFS site some kind fireman saved the tenders tax discs upto 1968..worth a gleg. Ian.
  4. Me too Fog...at fire displays and tours..we were told 1940. Some photos say 1938..and said "opened" in 1938! I am sceptical...bet that Leyland is worth a pretty penny today.
  5. Yes..Fog..and because it opened during some bad bombing on a national scale..it had no opening do. This is Blue Watch..Central 1938.found some 1914 period shots of the old firehouse.
  6. Fire attending bicycle..nice!
  7. Blue Watch at Central.
  8. Great post Compo.. Newstead housingAnnesley Housing.
  9. 1938 photo of Boots Fire Station Beeston.
  10. Kick that bleddy door in !!Sankeys fire..Bulwell 1980
  11. Missed that Fog...good sleuthing! Always remember your bike outside Central..to the far right was the Chiefs motor..recall a Hillman Hunter..and an Avenger..both red.
  12. Nottingham Fire Brigade gather at County Hall to help with the East Coast floods of February 1953.
  13. Now..this is Beeston.Sad that Central Fire Station on Shakespeare St.never had a grand opening.
  14. Had a mate at college ..fell foul as a youngster..a borstal around Skegby way back?The Greyhound..were'nt bad..better than The Railway..i drank in ...a few stone ago!
  15. City Ground fire 1968..
  16. Did notice the chunky rear ones Fog.. Must say The MerryWeather was my all time fave.
  17. Nottingham tanker...even though red- it's a White.
  18. Lunchtime Stoney Street.1983..Broadway/ Kings Place.
  19. Had a music day totally..and raided the racks for Track. Arthur made this the B-Side..he is a great carpenter too.
  20. Commo, may i pass on my deep sorrow to you Graham and your Daughter Sam. I am sure all Nottstalgia members also feel your loss. From Ian and Family xx
  21. Dear members..our friend Graham..Commo, has informed me of the very sad loss of his Daughter Nicky. Alas his twin Daughter succumbed to her illness and passed away on Boxing Day- 2018. Graham has requested that i post a fitting tribute, together with a piece of music of his and his Daughter Sam's choosing. This, though sad- i consider a great honour. Àra Bàtur..The Boat of Life.
  22. After a hard day watching the snooker..having an Alan hour.
  23. Ayeup..have a look at the thread 508 at Tent City i posted. There were lots of additional photos on this USA veterans site..and the folks were nice to talk to. I refrained from names because sadly most perished.Maybe they were a mixed lot?.i know they performed a Concert at the Council House and The Albert Hall..and frequented a cafe in West Bridgford..that spoilt them with very scarce doughnuts. Edit: Dicks closing line to his Grandson..gets me everytime.
  24. Anyone recall the ACNAC fire on Hungerhill Rd?
  25. My late Mum had some great stories...about those days..a very sad one..on Derby Rd .near Hooleys . A deuce and a half hit a small child..and killed her..the U.S driver was in bits.Also folk in Lenton and Radford had German POW's in for tea of a Sunday evening! They were allowed to walk to town...but could not avail of Public Transport. One evening on Wheeler Gate a couple of German POW's with large pink circles on their greatcoats..got a clattering of a Mams handbag..she ..from Bloomsgrove St..had recieved a telegram the day before of her Sons demise. Couldn't imagine a couple of Nottm squaddies being afforded the luxury of strolling around a German city and munching on pumpernickel...or did they??