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  1. D- Day bound troops relaxing in the Market Square ..1944.
  2. Dated 1931..at the old firehouse on South Sherwood St.Firehose drill behind The Guildhall.
  3. I can't find owt about the Queens Road fire in '67...though when i skivvied at Boots Picture Framing Dept...there was a place that was boarded up for yonks.Parrs fire in 1973..perhaps Fogrider recognises a few faces.
  4. IAN123.


    And Why?...even in Ikea do those small teapots leak?.. very annoying.
  5. When i'm over ..i get the bus here to the Elwes..not sure of the date..but that Crown Paint Centre was there when i was jobbing.The 39 to Carlton..there was another Golden Egg Cafe along here.
  6. Sad the Wimpy Bar has gone..dated a Tracey from up Rise Park at the Vic Centre one...upstairs.jonab mentioned the Maid Marian Way branch..and that was my fave..the ketchup filled plastic tomatoes..remind me of the showdown / shootout on the Goodies Show. Late 70's when visiting Hull a lot..they did a triffic' stack burger....heavy on the gherkin!
  7. The old Firestation on South Sherwood St. behind The Guildhall.Wheeled ladders provide a guard of honour for the days coronation.
  8. Just wondering what the state of The Old General is in? Great fun..the way they dressed him as Santa at Xmas.
  9. Cheers Fog..healthy 2019 to you...never thanked you for determining the ingredients for that foam! Ian.
  10. Spotted this Nottm photo this afto'..
  11. Cheers Oz...Syds was a great shop...and would order you anything. When at College on Chesterfield Rd. They had moved to the 4 seasons and the prices rocketed up! But i still have loads of beat music on vinyl..courtesy of this store. Also 2 quality 2nd hand stalls on Friday Market . Looking at the photo above: i'd forgotten about The Sherwood Room... Is The Rufford still open?
  12. The Swan was a great gaff for soul nights.Mansfield for records way back when? Syd Booths...was there one in Sutton?
  13. 208 ...PSD bound?..outside M&S..dig jolleys Mk2 Cortina.
  14. Din't spot this down Central!
  15. Great pocket coverer.. recollections of this area.Me Dad went to school over the road...after he had left Mansfield....took a girl to see Tommy at the Futurist...great movie...crap date. During the miners strike..after leaving the Picses Fish Bar..i rescued a bloke from a crashed and burning Allegro...transpires he was 'supping out of the pot'.. been boozing in the wheelhouse..and crashed near Scotland Rd- his ladyfriend in agony....he were'nt to keen on my rescue...thanks anyroad Norman.
  16. Correct Rob...had a great read today all about Reg. The Chad has a great collection. Reading about the Fletcher family..great stuff!1974 north time trials...recognise anyone?
  17. Forest Town race track.Well organised were Mansfield.
  18. Such was it's popularity..this is the hostel at Woodhouse.
  19. Oz might recall how cycling was and is big in Mansfield.Near Landers Bakery...1968- the great north Time Trials.
  20. When i started this thread..i did'nt realise i would learn so much!Never thought about firefighters during WW2....a couple of 1940's local lads pictured.
  21. Nice memories Ben..i recall the 2nd hand car plot too. Used the baths regular Ben..Friday night in particular..it was 50p for a bar of pink soap- satchet of Vosene- big towel and a comb wrapped in tissue.
  22. When this and the Bulwell Viaduct came down...i had to get the 141 to town.Northern Bridge..is that a 2cx?
  23. 1935 in The Old Market Square.Folks boarding the 42 near Queen Vic statue.
  24. Most of Physical was recorded on the Stones Mobile ( BMC) Unit( smoke on the water)...or some at Stargroves...1975 all over it.