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  1. Wellington-Circus-1967-geograph-org-uk-1Early 1967 on a sunny Wellington Circus, shame the Rectory and other Cathedral buildings vanished..but a new Hall was on the cards for years. Lamberts Dye House can be seen up on Talbot Street as it is not yet obscured by the City Gate building that replaced the Albert, Tess's Cafe .Mia House next to Clements Pianos..and the sun blinds to the Amoy Restaurant can be seen.Just visible up Shepperson St.is the loading bays belonging to the co-op.

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  2. Capturing the Raleigh workers at knocking off time.

    -1960's.gettyimages-501214579-612x612.jpgcould'nt wait for the hooter me..on a Friday i'd go the pretty way home via the Stag and the Robert Peel...often woke up in Rise Park outside Charlie 2

    Happy days.

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