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  1. Hi Diane, I was there in 1967 and I think I remember you.  Did you have blonde hair? Yes, there was definitely something odd about the place but I'm not sure what it was. I do remember that we all queued up to receive our medication so maybe we were all in a bit of a Zombie state. I think we were all some sort of experiment on how to treat people with "difficulties". Still, it did me no harm. Do you remember a day when we were in the garage (with Nurse Kelly) when we were ordered to turn over the mushroom compost they had put in their, in order to grow (mushrooms?). How strange was that?

    1. Diane


      Hi Cullen,yes I did have blonde hair so I bet it was me what's your name I'm presuming Cullen is your sir name forgive me if I'm wrong lol.I remember also queuing for tablets.No I can't remember being in the garage that's my problem I got so many blank memories of being in there.I do remember a nice nurse although can't remember her name but she always reminded me of Lulu.The strange thing is I've tried googling but it's as if the place never existed .I'm wondering if your right and we was used for experiments.Nurse Kelly I can still visualise her use to give me the creeps and her hands for some reason I remember her hands looking rough.Thinking about it you mentioned mushrooms well I hate them and don't even like the look of them maybe there's a reason.

    2. Diane


      Just searched Google and apparently in the 60s they use to use magic mushrooms in experiments as a form of brain washing to treat patients with depression and anxiety it was illegal though.Makes one wonder.

    3. Nick1


      Am sure they did not use magic mushrooms more like diezapam in small doses.

  2. Hi, Just found this site and not sure whether I'm adding this the right way. I was in The Gables in 1966/67 and well remember Nurse Kelly, yes she was very frightening, but I'm not really sure why now. I seem to remember there was also a really nice Nurse called Sister Tinsley. I had School Phobia and wad sent there as part of my treatment to get me back to school (I understood it to be part of St Ann"s Hospital). It was mixed and I shared a room with someone named Cathy, who had a boyfriend she Sebby Coombes and she came from Radford. It wasn't a nice place and I remember that we all ran away one Sunday afternoon but came back later as we didn't really know where to go. I believe the house did become some sort of home later and it eventually burned down and was replaced by a modern building which I think was a Nursing Home. Oh its all coming back to me now, there was also two boys I remember being there at the time, a ginger haired boy named Nick and a boy named Brian who came from Clifton.