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  1. I apologise. I like learning the history of old buildings and I'm not very good at research as others are. I'm sorry if what I'm posting is wrong... I say thanks in advance. I do always read your replies. Please don't judge me.
  2. Could anyone provide me with any history and information about 94 Friar Lane, in the city centre, that now houses the Robin Hood Legacy Experience attraction? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there everyone. I'm trying to find some history of the Weir Cottages, Beeston, that now houses the Beeston Canalside Heritage Centre, and maybe some info about the former occupants. Does anyone have any history and information about these cottages? Thanks!
  4. Hi there. Bit of history wanted if possible. I had a distant relative that lived in a location in Carlton named Filey Cottages. I've been informed that these cottages are now 123/125 Cavendish Road in Carlton and I am intrigued about the history of the cottages. Does anyone have any information? Here is a photo of them.
  5. Thank you for that information. Yes, this is indeed my great-uncle Derek. It was rumoured in the family that Nellie was the one who stabbed him to death and that her husband took the blame for it. But alas we will never know the full truth. I will certainly try find out where to view the newspapers and see if there is any information I can find and will order the death certificate. Thanks again for your help.
  6. Hi Brew. Yes, very sure. He was stabbed under mysterious circumstances at 9 Chepstow. The story is a sort of mystery within our family. The story goes that he was arguing with my great granddad and great grandma (his parents) and during this argument, he was stabbed. My great-granddad took responsibility but we quietly suspect that he took the blame for his wife. These are the basic details we know but we'd like to see if there was anything available out there that could enlighten us more as everyone who was alive at the time that could have provided us with more info within our family are no
  7. Hey all. I'm trying to get some information about a murder that occurred in the 1970's, a man who was stabbed to death named Derek Bull, at no 9 Chepstow Road, Clifton. I've searched the net high and low but can't find anything or any info. Can anyone help me as this was my great uncle and we would like to be able to learn more. Thanks
  8. I recently have been reading about the Idlewells Shopping Centre and read briefly that the site on which it was built was old slum housing and that there are stories of a witch living there named Louisa. What are these stories and the history of the slums before Idlewells was built? Anyone have any info on this?
  9. Hello there. Does anyone have any history on this building, the Railway Inn? I've passed it a few times and it has fascinated me for years what the history is and who once frequented it over the years.
  10. Recently visited a wonderfully beautiful building for a wedding, the old Vicarage in Westhorpe, Southwell. It's a stunning place to host a wedding so was wondering if anyone knew any history of this lovely old vicarage??
  11. This is the building. It's underneath where these vaults / cellars are. Almost looks like an old cellar but much larger.
  12. I recently visited the laser tag game Quasar Elite with my children. It is located at 22 Cranbrook Street. Now as someone with interest in Nottingham's history and buildings, this one has skipped my radar. The game itself is located underground 22 Cranbrook Street and looks not like a cave but brick. Seems very strange and I asked the owner what these underground vaults used to be. He didn't have any clue on the history so thought I would ask on here. Does anyone know what 22 Cranbrook Street actually was and what were these underground cellars / vaults used for? It i
  13. Hello there fellow Nottinghamites! I was wondering if anyone could tell me some history of a building on the Wells Road named the Victoria Works? My granny remembers the building but can't recall what is was used for etc or the history, so thought I would post here to see if you lot knew owt? Thanks!!