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  1. There are many unanswered questions..why no one noticed some of the nighttime activitys of the girls..(altjough now as a resonsible mother and grandmother is obvious they were acting out the abuse in their lives. Leaving some children of a night to get out of the way ...and go wondering.. Also ..the night one of the girls ..set fire to her room..... And all of us girls rushed down ... To the main school in the new building ... .and the girl in question has suddenly gone home... Never to return.. I think about her to this day ..but can i find a record? No..
  2. Its only took me 40 years to share ..if course there are many more ramsdale some happy some shameful ..and sad ..only one happy memorey is the peacock in the grounds "chocolate drops" if i remember correctly ..everyday he waited in the grounds so i felt funny the things you remember to brighten your days Ian 123 ..ty my love ..god bless u x we are children of a diff time.. Least now its out x
  3. Thankyou ..its important..that these for me at anycase) not be forgotten ..for the sake of children... And social history ..only by not sweeping it under the carpet can we learn.. I realise heather your experience was happy ..mine however was not ..i realise also ms alton acted as thought she was correct ..i realise the house mothers were understaffed .. I craved my mother as i wrote it took me years to forgive. Her and my father ..and the sytem ..however to my mothers defence...she also was bought up in full care ...if only someone had taken time to break the cycle .. Thankfully with my own
  4. A lot of girls shouldnt have been there ..but it gave you a break from abuse you were suffering in your life my case sexual abuse by my uncle which my parents never belueved ..i cant forgive the sytem the fact they totally missed it and to find recently ..that maggie thatcher had her life commemorated at the now golf club is an insult to alot of kuds that were let down by the gov erment and council and social services ..because of that failing ..lots of abusers have walked.i know the house mothers did the best with the recources they had .the problem is higher up ..and its no wonder ..the
  5. Ive spent my whole life trying to forget this place and time in my life ..ive only just begun to forgive my mum .im happy heather to heqr you were happy ..that helps actually ..maybe i was so angry at my parents who knows ..i spent alot of time with ms alton.who delighted in putting me under the oak table outside the dining crime running up the beutifly oak and red carpet stairs ..jyst adjacent to the dining room.. She seemed to be conected to nuns..i cant quite remember ..but she had awful boney fingers. When she grabbed me ...sat under the table. Most of the night .
  6. Heather glad you enjoyed it..i missed my parents ..and i misbehaved ..didnt u have red hair ?
  7. One day i decided as part of my healing process to search for information..on ramsdale park school. I couldnt believe the lack of information it seemed like it had been shoved into the recesses of everyones mind can this place and time spent there by young girls be forgotten.this is my account of that time through my eyes as a young child to best of my knowledge ..they say nothing that enters the internet can truly be forgotten so then it stands as a public record. I will continue if ..thats ok with you all ..i warn you ill be candid.!