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  1. does anyone remember a coloured lady called yvonne living in balloon woods flats with 2 young girls .trying to find the young man who was around at the time who rode a burgundy motorbike. any help please would be great,its very important that we locate him so if anyone has any little bit of info i would love to hear from you.thank you.
  2. hi im trying to find anyone who lived at the old balloon woods around 1975 - please. also trying to find dennis storer for an old friend.thank you.atlast.x
  3. does anyone recall the names fearn,henshaw or storer who might have gone to the school please.thank you.
  4. hi can you remember the fearn family/henshaw family from around there.think he used to ride a motor bike. regards.m.x
  5. hi i asked last week if anyone knew of the fearns who lived in frinton road,im also looking for a dennis storer who i believe had a brother called peter,so grateful if anyone could help.thank you.
  6. hi jill im trying to find a dennis storer or a ......... fearn might have used the nickname 'randy' ,would be around 19 in 1976 or there abouts. iv been told they were around top valley,rise park and maybe broxtowe,just wondered if they rang a bell with you or if you would have any idea what i could do to find them.thank you.margaret.

    1. Jill Sparrow

      Jill Sparrow

      Hello Margaret


      Unfortunately, those names don't ring any bells with me.  I'm not familiar with the Top Valley or Broxtowe areas but there are members on the site who would be.  I'm sure one of them may know something. Good luck with your search.

    2. atlast


      thank you.m.x


  7. think this dennis has always lived in broxtowe rise park area,thanks,m.
  8. hi alan would you no of the fearn family and maybe someone who used the nickname randy.thank you.margaret.

  9. hi i see honiton road was very near to frinton road,wondered if you ever heard of a paul fearn maybe used niockname randy or a dennis storer .i no a dennis storer lives on allendale road so its quite possible they would have known each other,maybe from school.hope you can help me please.thank you.regards.margaret. it was richard fearn and joseph and eveline who lived on frinton road.m.
  10. hi im trying to find someone who might no a ....(randy).... fearn or a dennis storer from the broxtowe area from around the 1976 time please. i would be grateful of any help ,thank you.
  11. atlast


    hi jill only that her birth name was linda summers ,born in 1953.i no a little more but as its a bit private could I send you my e-mail to contact me please.thanks. atlast.xx
  12. atlast


    this is a very very long shot but here helping a lady to find her half sister.she thinks she may have been left with a family on bobbersmill road. her birth name was never no someone might no about an adopted daughter.thanks for listening.