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  1. A couple of years ago I went on holiday to Sri Lanka and there were several sports channels on the tv’s in the hotels. All of them were Cricket. I think I have mentioned before that here in Memphis there is a very competitive Cricket League manned mainly by ex pat Indians. There is an Indian guy who I know fairly well (he owns the local liquor store) who has put his livelihood at risk, given the amount of business I do with him, because he will not let me play.
  2. Crickey! England just scored I think i’ll stick to Ainsley serry because with a Bulwell i’ll have to show ID and they'll take my kids from me - thinking about it they can have 2 of em.
  3. I just came back from lunch and as I was leaving the restaurant noticed the England v Tunisia game had just started. Will I have to adopt an American accent tomorrow to avoid embarrassment?
  4. Katjay, that is my understanding as well. When I first started working in an office we used to have secretaries, file clerks and a bunch more administrative personnel. The job of Office Manager was a big deal. Then with PC’s the number of secretary’s halved, then with the internet, laptops, email and cell phones they have more or less disappeared along with all those administrative positions and office space. The result is that people like me now type and instead of letters we message everything along with attachments. Just this morning I was told that my son should write a proposal
  5. Its the good life In the winter after snow we would sledge down the slag heaps over New Bridge by Radford Pit and in the summer would trolly down the embankment next to the railway by Western Boulevard bridge. Ian, After all that lead stripping have you had your blood checked
  6. Whats the point of an unloaded weapon? To shoot someone by accident!
  7. Phew, I thought for a minute it was the Royal Children
  8. Being away, I’ve never watched Eastenders, but I see stuff in the British papers about it all the time. This is the guy who was the landlord of the pub?
  9. Ian Whats that a picture of?
  10. And you didn’t have to worry about being killed or take a mortgage out to get a ticket
  11. In about 1990, I came back to London from New Jersey for a meeting and was staying at the Holiday Inn at Swiss Cottage. One night on my own in the bar just returned from dinner, a guy with an american accent was ordering some drinks. I asked where he was from, he said Jersey, told him I was, asked what he was doing here, he said he was in Chubby Checker’s backing group. I called him a liar, he took me over to the lounge part of the bar and there he was - Chubby Checker. I bought them all a round, which was reciprocated a few times and spent a couple of hours with him. Talked about the Beatles,
  12. Just went on line and checked - the 1953 Reliant Regal was a convertible (got to get this picture thing down)