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  1. Martyn

    Notts County

    I went to Peoples College Secondary (Technical) School on College St up from the Playhouse and behind the Cathedral. From my second year our gym teacher was Brian Moore who was outside right for county. He also took us for english language (he was a hard bogger, dint like me cus I was better looking than him)
  2. Martyn

    If you like soul music

    Great! Have you ever looked on You Tube at the Northern Soul World Championships at Skeggy I see at the bottom of this one there is the Dualers (street band) one of my Wife’s favorites
  3. Martyn

    If you like soul music

    I finally got my son to go on Facebook and he asked to join on my behalf Thanks
  4. Martyn

    Things you don't see anymore

    This Nottstalgia thing is getting serious. Yesterday I went online to the Forest store and bought my 4 grandkids some shirts from the sale. 2 X 17/18 season at 5 quid each and 2 X 16/17 season at 3 quid each - what a bargain! Trouble is it cost more than that to ship them. I already have the polo shirt (its getting a bit washed out) but imagine the 5 of us all kitted out walking down Beale St, singing some very inappropriate song, when they next come to Memphis
  5. Martyn

    Nottingham Cinemas 1960's

    Yes and I walked around with one of those hats with the brim up at one side and carried a boomerang and a 2 pint jug (i think it is Swan) of frozen lager just to emphasize the point
  6. Martyn

    Things you don't see anymore

    I know it is heresy for a Forrest fan, but that Spurs double team was something else. I once met Danny Blanchflower when I was looking to buy a house in London (Barnet) but we did not buy his and ended up in Southgate because of schools.
  7. Martyn

    Things you don't see anymore

    Ian I agree,
  8. Martyn

    Things you don't see anymore

    Was that Dave McCay (can’t spell)
  9. Martyn

    The Old Market Square

    Amazing pictures! People patiently waiting in the queue for their turn to board the bus. I remember those ticket machines.
  10. Martyn

    Room 101

    Sorry to be so thick but I have been away for a long time - what is Room 101
  11. Martyn

    Nottingham Cinemas 1960's

    Speaking of the Ark Royal (or it could have been Eagle). We were in Freemantle, which was heaving with Yanks on R&R from Vietnam, loading grain for Japan when the Ark Royal came in. You can imagine a 1000 or so (professional) jack tars let ashore after weeks at sea (out of site of land and women) amongst a couple thousand (conscripted) yankee sailors and marines whose sole purpose in life was to dodge bullets and who perhaps had just got their feet under the table. It did not mix well and they tore the place apart. Ashore, I adopted a “cobber” accent to protect myself.
  12. Martyn

    Nottingham Cinemas 1960's

    Went to Rempstone a few times had great fun. I can’t remember the name of my Aekela or Balou, just that I hero worshipped them both. Akela we’ll do our best - Dib Dib Dib
  13. When I was a kid there was a one legged bloke used to sell the Post and Newessss (as he would shout it) on the corner of Long Row and King St. He was almost a permanent fixture
  14. Martyn

    Nottingham Cinemas 1960's

    Ian Couldn't find Arty or the cubs section. Mind you my scoutmaster must be north of 85 years old by now
  15. Martyn

    Duchess of Cambridge

    I was asking because Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) has some decent tail gate parties. A reason to go to Mississippi