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  1. The Grosvenor Pub

    Hi Jonab I do remember going along a sandstone passage for a short while; however, my friend could have exaggerated the extent of the passage! Just out of interest, my first home in Nottm. was in Third Avenue in 1956.
  2. The Grosvenor Pub

    When I was a teenager I used to be mates with the landlord's son.( early 60's ) .The pub's cellars were part of the cave system under Nottm. and you could get as far as the cemetry on Forest Road East. I expect the caves have all been bricked up by now. It was rumoured that the ones in the cemetry were used by "beatnicks".
  3. Events in Nottingham

    Why 'sadly' catfan?
  4. Events in Nottingham

    Does Nottingham still host the "Goose Fair"? As a kid I used to "clear up" with my mates when the fair had gone. We used to roam the Forest site for coins people had dropped. You'd be amazed at the "treasure" we collected, only to spend it at a shop on Berridge Rd.
  5. Aryergooindahn?

    Does anyone remember a forward called LeFlem? You could put him and the ball on the goal line and he would sky it 9/10times! I remember watching the great John Charles playing .
  6. Aryergooindahn?

    Met a bird dawn Palais wunce. She wanted to be an 'Hair Ostess'.
  7. Mods & Rockers

    My first bike was a Honda CB 90. I worked on the Post over Xmas and earned £50. I bought it in Hull, where I studied and used to ride it home most weekends down the A614. When I was 21 I bought a Velocette Venom Clubmans with earnings and a bit extra from my folks (for my 21st b'day). I loved that bike: changed the Thruxton bars for Clip-ons, put on rear-sets and a swept back pipe. It looked the dog's bo**ocks with it's massive fuel tank. The downside was that I spent a lot of weekends replacing the cylinder head gasket, which blew regularly. It was bought from a dealer in Arnold It would be worth a fortune now!
  8. Fairham Comprehensive

    Glad to hear something about Fairham. I knew Chris Perry. He used to run to work. Eddy Latham was a maths teacher I worked with again later in Liverpool. I taught mainly German. Can't remember the names of the "houses".
  9. Fairham Comprehensive

    No mention of this comp. that I can find. First comp. in the area: 1800 lads from Clifton , organised in a 'house system'. My first 'proper' job. I taught there for 18 months, before following my girlfriend ( now my wife of 45 years) to Liverpool. Enjoyed it and taught some great, talented kids. Mr Thom was the Head. He had a glass eye. Mark Wallington, ex Leicester City goalkeeper, had a brother who taught there.
  10. There's a pub in Kimberley called The Three Ponds. My father in law, who was originally from Jacksdale,and I went there once and had some bitter, which was so bad he took it back to the bar and asked the barman, " Which bloody pond did this come from then?".
  11. Nottingham Youth Choir

    Can't find a mention of this. Used to practise/ rehearse at Clarendon College. I was a member and we performed "Carmen" at one stage. Unfortunately, another youth and I were booted out for pulling bra straps of girls in the row in front!
  12. Carrington Lido

    Margie, you are a mine of information! Yes, it was the Curzon. The Metropole was nearer to Woodthorpe Park where Claremont Cross Country took place. In my last year lots of us were hauled up before Jack Aram for "lampooning" the cross country by wearing hiking boots! I wasn't a ' bad boy' ,but had the cane quite a few times in my years there!
  13. Carrington Lido

    What happened to the swimming pool? Are we talking abat the same place? Next to the church and close .to the Carrington Fish & chips shop.p
  14. Carrington Lido

    Did anyone visit the Carrington Lido or the cinema on Mansfield Rd. (the name escapes me)?The cinema was replaced by a Shell petrol station. Iremember seeing "The One That Got Away" with Hardy Krueger there and Eroll Flynn in "Robin Hood".
  15. Hi Yes Albert (Mr. Brown) was certainly there and the others ring a bell. I had the cane from Albert for being involved in playing football with a tennis ball on the hallowed rugby pitches one lunchtime!! Didn't Albert have a wooden leg?