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  1. There's plenty of info on the old pre-war Campion motorcycles,but i cannot find anything about their motorbike shop of the 60's. I think they were BSA agents.
  2. One bike shop I have not seen mentioned Is Campions they were near the Central Railway on Station St ( I think). I remember drooling over all the new bike in there showroom window in the early 60's. Campions had a long history associated with motorbikes and made there own bikes in the 20's--30's I think it was the same company.
  3. As kid I was always snooping around Pownall's on Alfreton Rd opposite Skills toy shop,did this site later become the Windmill pub. I believe one of the Pownalls owned the big house on the right at the bottom of Southey St, later on to become a club.
  4. I played the cornet in a brass band for a couple of years in the early 60's, The Bestwood Colliery Black Diamonds. We played at most of the bandstands around Nottm ,The Moorgreen Show, Skegness and many other place around England, including many brass band competitions. I loved it at the time, the movie Brassed Off was so typical. Very sad to see most of the bands disappear. The last I heard was the Black Diamonds had re-formed and are still active.
  5. Around 1968 I worked as an electrician at J & S Farr's corner of Trinity walk and Upper Parliament St. I spent many hours in all the cafes around Trinity Square but my long time favorite was the Empire, you could not beat it for good food and value for money. It was just a basic old style cafe .
  6. One very popular solo entertainer around in the 70's--80's was Jimmy Willan, I always looked forward to seeing him on my many trips back to Nottm.
  7. Anyone remember Ivan Jay And The J-Men, they were quite popular playing around Nottingham for many years in the 60s,they later went on to be called 10 Years After. The name Clive rings a bell, a friendly tall blond lad he used to sing around the traps with a few bands. At the Sheds Beeston he used to put on a long black wig and do a terrible copy of a Screaming Lord Sutch song.
  8. I bought a new Honda CB 77 from Horace Rogers reg number GAU 60D, a good little bike,went to the TT races on it that year.I followed up later with a Honda CB 450 Black Bomber, it went well but I liked the CB77 better.
  9. Regarding the Empire cafe. I had a nice meal there for my nieces wedding reception in 2001 . Still the same building but many changes inside ,quite a posh restaurant then.
  10. What Bike ? Oh I just noticed it but my mammery not that good
  11. Hi Cliff Ton . Yes the Empire Cafe .A good place for a cuppa and a ham buttee. Probably named after the Empire Theatre , but that's another story.
  12. The Toreador was at the other end of Burton St to Trinity Square ,I spent many happy hours there with the Aces, Ruth was the manageress, a nice European lady. I worked as a apprentice electrician at number 3 Burton St in 1962. O A Whittaker's.Just around the corner from Trinity Square. There was a very good cafe opposite the Evening Post offices on Foreman St,it was there for many years, always full of workers, I cannot remember the name,
  13. Hi Sue No I don't know them, If you want to look up Tony C on facebook or Richard Ementon and and ask to be your friends then you can be invite you to the RR site. Regards Dick
  14. Hi Sue. Yes very confusing but glad to hear you are still alive. I put a post and a photo of you on the the Facebook group "Rockers Reunion Nottingham Aces" telling our old mates the sad news. I will have to change it now. This site is not really a chat line. Most our old mates are in the RR group, ask one of them to include you in the group if you like ,or I can do it I'm on Facebook, there's some good photo's and topics come up all the time. Regards Dick.
  15. Hi Sue Sorry to hear about Sue Rayson ,are you the Sue who went out with Tony Calladine ? I'm not sure if we are talking about the same Linda who married Mike Elson I thought she had passed away years ago. Yes things are much better in Oz I cannot believe how your government has let this Covid 19 get so out of control. Regards Dick.