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  1. What Bike ? Oh I just noticed it but my mammery not that good
  2. Hi Cliff Ton . Yes the Empire Cafe .A good place for a cuppa and a ham buttee. Probably named after the Empire Theatre , but that's another story.
  3. The Toreador was at the other end of Burton St to Trinity Square ,I spent many happy hours there with the Aces, Ruth was the manageress, a nice European lady. I worked as a apprentice electrician at number 3 Burton St in 1962. O A Whittaker's.Just around the corner from Trinity Square. There was a very good cafe opposite the Evening Post offices on Foreman St,it was there for many years, always full of workers, I cannot remember the name,
  4. Hi Sue No I don't know them, If you want to look up Tony C on facebook or Richard Ementon and and ask to be your friends then you can be invite you to the RR site. Regards Dick
  5. Hi Sue. Yes very confusing but glad to hear you are still alive. I put a post and a photo of you on the the Facebook group "Rockers Reunion Nottingham Aces" telling our old mates the sad news. I will have to change it now. This site is not really a chat line. Most our old mates are in the RR group, ask one of them to include you in the group if you like ,or I can do it I'm on Facebook, there's some good photo's and topics come up all the time. Regards Dick.
  6. Hi Sue Sorry to hear about Sue Rayson ,are you the Sue who went out with Tony Calladine ? I'm not sure if we are talking about the same Linda who married Mike Elson I thought she had passed away years ago. Yes things are much better in Oz I cannot believe how your government has let this Covid 19 get so out of control. Regards Dick.
  7. M Newton Hartley rd and Radford blvd I'm pretty sure was Needham's Motorcycles . Can't remember if it was Jimmy Jnr or Snr. I new them both well. Jimmy snr was a mate of my dads and worked at Horace Rodgers for years. Jimmy jnr was one of the original Nottm Aces motor bike lads (as I was ) .I think Needhams Motorcycles moved to Ilkeston rd late,. not sure if they are still around. I left the UK in 1973 so I'm stretching my memory a bit here.
  8. I was pretty close about the location , I've been informed the place was called Wards Garage 269 Hucknall Rd two doors away from Haydn Court. Google maps Wards Garage Nottm and there it is with a for sale sign on it.
  9. Hi Cliff Ton going back to my old post about the mystery car and bike shop. I had a browse around and I'm pretty sure the building is now called Hayden Court its on Hucknall rd near the traffic lights on Haydn Rd.I worked at the hospital for a while and often looked in on my way home. He always had plenty of old bikes and cars, his pride and joy was a early Bentley open sports, What really sticks in my mind about the place is I traded a Vincent Black Shadow in on a Mini Van around 1965 .Winter was coming and I needed a car. I regretted it ever since.
  10. Another bike shop on Alfreton Rd was A E Oliver .He specialised in wheel building and frame repairs and worked at Brough Superior in the 30s making frames. I had a few wheels done there for various projects plus a few welding jobs. A very friendly guy always ready for a chat. One day he (Eric I Think) showed me a Brough frame he was repairing, that he had originally made for a very rare Brough Superior Austin Four 3 wheeler. When he closed the shop on Alfreton Rd he worked around the back of the shop on Holden St for a few years until he retired well into his 70s. Another
  11. In reply to SWE62 I remember Knowles very well In, fact I went to school with his son. I bought lots of parts of him including a large Brooklands can which I fitted to a Garden Gate Manx Norton I had on the road at that time .1964. His shop on Alfreton road was there for many years, later on, the rear of the shop on Peveril St sold car parts. Knowles senior was a interesting character always ready for a chat just like the guys at Gags, special breeds, no-one around like them these days. Glad I was There Cheers Dick
  12. There's so many bike shops closed over the years but nothing compered to the Pubs that have closed, there must be at least six closed on Alfreton Rd alone from Bentick Rd to Canning Circus. Check out Nottstalgia "pubs closed in Nottingham" Its a shame to see so many of my old venues closed, you could have a good night out on Alfreton Rd without going into town . I Lived just around the corner on Forest Rd, my favorite was the Vernon top of Waverly St, now another supermarket.
  13. Hi Cliff Ton How did you attach the map to your post? I've tried attaching some photo's and can't do it. I think I need a program for this.
  14. When I try to insert a photo on my post I click on "chose files". Photo's on my desktop show up but when I click one the image box shows "upload failed" with a popup telling me I can only upload 0MB, Any answers please.
  15. In reply to Ian Simpson. There was Dawson's on Shakespeare St, they sold a lot of ex WD bike in the early sixties I bought a nice 1959 Triumph Trophy off them in 1964, they later moved to Netherfield. There was also a bike shop on Burton St not far up from Trinity Square. I worked very close by and often had a look in, a nice original Manx Norton sat in their window for ages £ 140 (I think) but no one was interested in those days. Anyone remember the name of the shop