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  1. There's so many bike shops closed over the years but nothing compered to the Pubs that have closed, there must be at least six closed on Alfreton Rd alone from Bentick Rd to Canning Circus. Check out Nottstalgia "pubs closed in Nottingham" Its a shame to see so many of my old venues closed, you could have a good night out on Alfreton Rd without going into town . I Lived just around the corner on Forest Rd, my favorite was the Vernon top of Waverly St, now another supermarket.
  2. Hi Cliff Ton How did you attach the map to your post? I've tried attaching some photo's and can't do it. I think I need a program for this.
  3. When I try to insert a photo on my post I click on "chose files". Photo's on my desktop show up but when I click one the image box shows "upload failed" with a popup telling me I can only upload 0MB, Any answers please.
  4. In reply to Ian Simpson. There was Dawson's on Shakespeare St, they sold a lot of ex WD bike in the early sixties I bought a nice 1959 Triumph Trophy off them in 1964, they later moved to Netherfield. There was also a bike shop on Burton St not far up from Trinity Square. I worked very close by and often had a look in, a nice original Manx Norton sat in their window for ages £ 140 (I think) but no one was interested in those days. Anyone remember the name of the shop
  5. CT I remember the Futurist well and it's no where near the place I'm thinking about. I've been left Nottm over 40years now so its all a bit hazy. I had a browse around on google maps an the only place I could find that looks like the old garage is Kings Furniture Warehouse on Hayden rd not far from Hucknall Rd. Maybe it was NCV garage as Denshaw suggests
  6. Does anyone remember the name of the old garage near Nottm City hospital, maybe on Valley Rd. The owner was mainly a car dealer but he often had bikes for sale. He was quite a suave guy with a big moustache,he owned a vintage Bently sports car
  7. Sorry. That's Mansfield Rd Daybrook
  8. I just read a interesting article on the 1939 Velocette Roarer. I seem to remember this bike was on display at W A Wing on Mansfield for a while around 1963. Does anyone remember this.
  9. The White Post Cafe was a favourite haunt for the Nottm Aces and Mansfield White Cross motorcycle groups in the 1960's.We met mainly on Saturday night after the pubs closed and often went for a midnight run finishing back at "The Post" later.
  10. Another guy in the same league as Stan and Gordon was E A Oliver ( might be A E) I seem to thing we called him Erick. He had a wheel building shop on Alfreton Rd. He worked for George Brough for many years building frames, I was there one day and he was repairing a rare 4 cylinder Brough bike frame he built many years before. After he closed the shop he worked around the back for a few years in a workshop that looked like something from the 30s. A very helpful guy who always had time for a chat.
  11. For those who are not aware we have our own group on Facebook called Rockers Reunion Nottingham Aces,plenty of photo's and interesting items.
  12. Stan was particularly helpful if you turned up on and old Cammy Norton,Vincent or Vello as I did at times.For a while he rented a shop opposite his and I remember seeing a complete Manx Norton for sale less the engine,apparently someone bought the bike just for the engine as Norton would not sell engines only.Manx engines were popular in small hill climb cars etc. His best mate Gordon Banks was very upset when Stan died and years later still got emotional if you mentioned Stan's name.Two great guys, not many around like them these day if any..
  13. In reply to Blackie July 25 I think you are right about Dave Tye.He was in the BSA works scrambles team 1949--54 and done very well, so it seems fitting he would open a shop selling BSA parts. We called into his shop many times in the 60s on our regular Sunday Aces burn up to Matlock, it was like a club house. Great days.
  14. I bought my first motorbike in 1963 from a large bike shop in Daybrook They were on the opposite side to WA Wing the Velocette agent . The bike was a Ariel Red Hunter 500, 1958 Reg 451 DMA one of the very last made a very good low mileage bike., I paid £65. Wonder where it is now. I was hanging over a original Velocette MK 8 KTT, £85 but my dad who owned a Clubmans Venom 500 at the time wanted me to buy a slower bike. Anyone remember the bike shops name name ?
  15. Hi OLDACE (GB) I mentioned Starky riding pillion we saw the result of that terrible accident near Whatstanwell, he was carrying a Goldie exhaust pipe which was bought from a bike shop near Matlock ( maybe Cromford) ,it was near a old waterwheel,do you remember the name of the shop ? BTW when we got to the accident one bike had been stood up the front end was wrecked and the speedo stuck on 100mph. Sambo gave me a lift home from Cadwell Park "race of the year" around 1963-4 after my Vincent broke down ,it was quite an experiance he kept stopping to wait for other bikes to pass so he could burn them off. While overtaking a very long articulated truck carrying a huge concrete pipe he pull in between the wheels to let a car pass coming towards us, as we pulled out and passed the truck driver he screwed his finger on his temple to say what a nutter and I agree.Never again. Cheers Dick