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  1. When we were boys in the late 40s we had lots of great adventures. We could go anywhere without fear. One of our best adventures was to walk (yes we walked in those days) from the Wollaton Park Estate along the Derby Road and then up Triumph Road, which had open land opposite the tea warehouse, across the rough land until we reached the River Leen. Just about there the river ran under the main line railway. There was a concrete pontoon in the middle of the stream which we would stand on and reach forward to place pennies or half pennies on the railway line and wait for the trains to go ov
  2. I remember my mum's co-op number. How sad is that ! The co-op was on Middleton Boulevard.
  3. It was, as I remember it, called "The Electric Picture House", on Ilkeston Road. We used to go there in the 1940s on Saturday mornings. If the noise inside was too loud they would turn the film off and put the house lights up and tell us all off. Their (the mangement) favorite saying was "It's still going on". The best behaved kids got a ticket for another show. Afterwards we used to run all the way home playing being cowboys. .
  4. Does anyone remember the fish and chip shop, run by Mr. and Mrs. Craft,in the 40s and maybe early 50s, at the side of the old canal. Just off the Derby Road. The canal is long gone.
  5. The camp was at the Wollaton entrance. On the right as you went in. We, several times, as children, walked there to stare at the prisoners. We lived in the Wollaton Park Estate ( Selston Drive, Sutton Passeys Crescent area). There was an Ack Ack gun site quite near to our house. A bit noisy at times!
  6. I was a pupil there during the early war years. I remember sitting on the big hot water pipes in the classroom on cold winter days.