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  1. ive been told people do still live in the caroline club. hard to believe given the state its in now . but often see vehicles on the site
  2. we had a wigfalls rental, i remember badgering mam for a colour tv and she always used to say "your dad says when the price comes down he'll think about it. anyway i used to go and help jenny stack the shelves in the new netherfield co-op on a saturday and the manager mr bilson asked me if i wanted to watch the cup final, of course i did !. he put me a chair in front of the biggest colour tv id ever seen . im watching manchester city v leicester city and my mam comes in the shop wondering where i am . she see's me watching the telly and bursts out laughing as mr bilson says he thought he'd give me a treat for helping out in the shop (i was only 9) mam must have told dad as he soon came down and stood the watching match til the end . dad was a sport fanatic and within two weeks we had a new colour tv !
  3. staffords became lonsdale and bartholemew until they closed
  4. bobster

    mortuary in netherfield?

    there was indeed a mortuary in netherfield opposite the fox and hounds pub . i cant remember the exact year it was built but guessing 1977, it was built because of all the backlogs during the bad economic times of the late 70's if i remember there were dead bodies stored in refridgerated lorries outside hospitals. to the best of my knowledge the mortuary was never used and the "crossing" club now stands on the land having moved from the bottom of netherfield where it was called the LMRCA club (brasso to locals)
  5. bobster

    Funny shop signs.

    the scaffolders pick up truck always made me laugh with the writing "for a better erection" written on it. not seen it for a while though
  6. bobster

    Netherfield 1911

    im no certain but wasnt there a st johns terrace at the end of dunstan street thats now been knocked down to build new houses ?, maybe this helps i 'm not certain like i say. but other than that ive never heard of a st johns street.
  7. we used to walk by there regular, we always knew it as the lorry park. drivers often used to park there overnight before moving on. its up for sale now freehold
  8. bobster

    old netherfield

    does anyonek now where i might find old pictures of netherfield ? ive seen the video of victoria road in the 70's and a few pictures here and there but there doesnt seem to be many about unless i'm looking in the wrong places (probably the case)
  9. bobster

    Pecks of Colwick Road

    hi all, new here. i knew alan he was my boss at armitages pet products in colwick, maurice worked there for a few years too. he has a son who lives on vale road cant remember his name now, might be phil, i understand maurice died a few years ago , used to see alan and his wife walking around colwick park after he retired but, i havent been down there for a few years , nice fella was alan.