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  1. Went to Brooskby from 1963 and then Fairham Mrs Harrison was headmistress and Mrs Parker was my teacher I lived at No.11 Brooskby Lane
  2. Used to go to Gem in the sixties with our parents and on our own Their was a free bus from Clifton The west bridgford brown buses
  3. Used to play table tennis in the church Hall in the sixties Remember one vicar who had dogs he used to take on Clifton playing fields and In the scout woods near the black path but can't recall his name
  4. I was at Fairham 1966 to 1970 Was in Kenyon house And Forms 1f and 2f and 3r and 4r Was at Brooskby school before that Remember lots of the teachers at Fairham Burns took us for Maths Naylor (tack) took us for RE Fred Riddell for History And Penny housemaster Smith also took us for Maths in our first year Stan Bullard for metalwork Perry for PE to name just a few