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  1. Vaguely remember those names but have no mental picture. Mr Holmes? - managed our football team. I’ve got a picture taken in 1968 somewhere, will post it here.
  2. Sorry for late response! No, it was definitely Mrs Carty - but then, it was 50+ years ago! She wore those horn rimmed glasses on a cord, and tweed skirts, mid fifties I reckon. The whole class got slipper from her once for flicking balls of blotting paper dipped in blue ink from the inkwells up to the ceiling using our rulers!! Daft!
  3. Lived on Ryeland Crescent, across from the nursery school. Then went to Colleygate Infants and then on to Trent Bridge Juniors. Chaplin, headmaster? Introduced me to the cane, would send us to wash our hands in hot water straight after - made the pain worse! Formidable Mrs Carty who had a version of a cat o’ nine tails but used a slipper instead. Milk monitor was a perk cos you could stay in the classroom during break and mess around with girls. Marbles, bulldog, cards, tennis ball footy and winter slides in the playground. Great footy team, Area champions in 68! (Seem to remember we were joint champions in fact, Welbeck?) Avoided Trent Bridge Seniors and went to Roland Green Bilateral ‘69 - 74. Reid, Science - like to use his cane too! Smithy and Coombes, PE. Smithy was our Brian Glover from Kes. Access to the countryside around the Trent was brilliant; scrumping, fishing, egging. To be continued...