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  1. Copied bits from my post on Born ‘58, The Meadows Lived on Ryeland Crescent, across from the nursery school. Then went to Collygate Infants and then on to Trent Bridge Juniors. Avoided Trent Bridge Seniors and went to Roland Green Bilateral ‘69 - 74. Became a comprehensive a year or so later I think and Trent Bridge Seniors amalgamated. School seemed to change overnight and not for the better unfortunately! Mr Reid, Science - like to use his cane and used it for max effect, trust me! Smithy and Mr Coombes, for PE, good guys. Smithy was our Brian Glover from Kes. If you
  2. Looking at some of the old images on the council destroyed countless beautiful, soundly built buildings of architectural integrity. Talk about over zealous planners! Wonder whatever happened to the millions of cobble stones they ripped up from the Meadows? What's telling is the lack of trees in the old Meadows! Perhaps the Victorians only saw them as important for the grand boulevards and arboretums that they could enjoy in their leisure rather than for areas where ordinary workers lived.
  3. Vaguely remember the cinema closing. Was there a coal merchant opposite, sort of tucked under the railway support structure? Or was that at the top of Bruce Grove?
  4. Now what was this cinema called? Was it the Grove? Corner of Mayfield Grove and Kirke White St. Saturday morning matinee's to watch Flash Gordon et al. Was it a tanner when combined with the top of a PG's tea carton which gave a discount on the full price? Memory's sketchy on this one! And the back of the cinema was the cobbled alleyway that went all the way down to Ryeland Crescent to face the nursery school. We lived at that corner. Avoided it in the main as it was a
  5. Sorry Cliff Ton, forgot to say thanks.
  6. Ah well, we'll keep our fingers crossed.
  7. Haha, that's tweaked a memory, thanks Juliaw. We lived on Ryeland Crescent and mum used to load the pram with the weeks laundry and take me and my two brothers along. We weren't allowed in the actual wash house so had to stay outside in a tiny, barren, tiled waiting room for hours, bored to hell. Whenever the doors swung open we could peek inside and see the industrial sized machines and dryers and clouds of steam. Can't say they were fond memories, in my mind it's all black and white imagery. Dark, dark days....but very clean laundry!
  8. Yep, that seems to be the right position of Santa Fe although I seem to remember it being set back from the road a bit more. It was also used for our cub scouts nights, great times! One game I remember was for the scout master, (can't remember his name) to stand in the middle of the floor with a pile of small coloured bean bags at his feet. He then had a thick rope with a boxing glove tied to the end which was filled with something heavy. He would swing this around his head. We would sit in a large circle and wait for him to call our names one by one. That cub would then have to dodge the swin
  9. Hey Stoffell: My best mate at the time went to SA - not sure it was you as I don't recognise your pen moniker. We used to write letters for a time. Check out the 'Born 58, The Meadows' topic. I posted the Trent Bridge Football Team pic from 1968. You in that? I lived across the road from Ryeland Crescent Nursery School.
  10. 1. Any school reunions happening anytime soon? 2. Shame there's not a feature on this site that sends out notifications/alerts/newsletters to the database or maybe when someone posts. I'm sure like me, folks forget about the site. 3. Anyone remember any of the players in the footy team shot (see above)? Here's a reminder: Back Row (L-R): Kevin Pikett, Amullah Khan, Gary Wingfield, Stephen Carthy (emigrated to SA), Geoffrey Lander. Middle Row (L-R): Simon Barton, Kevin Charlesworth, Tony Brothwell, Paul Myrie, Gavin Neil, Mr Holmes Front Row (L-R): Chris Pox, David Brothw
  11. Sorry RichB, don't remember your folks. I think there were a couple, if not a few, owners during my years on the Crescent, 58 - 72. We'd get stuff on the slate for bread, milk and sugar and I think there was a freezer cabinet with all the famous sucker (ice lolley) brands. Shame the file size limit is so small on here, would love to see the Anglia van shot and any others.
  12. Apologies for the delay, but here's the TB '68 Area Champions as promised yonks ago. Mr Holmes, manager.
  13. Vaguely remember those names but have no mental picture. Mr Holmes? - managed our football team. I’ve got a picture taken in 1968 somewhere, will post it here.
  14. Sorry for late response! No, it was definitely Mrs Carty - but then, it was 50+ years ago! She wore those horn rimmed glasses on a cord, and tweed skirts, mid fifties I reckon. The whole class got slipper from her once for flicking balls of blotting paper dipped in blue ink from the inkwells up to the ceiling using our rulers!! Daft!
  15. Lived on Ryeland Crescent, across from the nursery school. Then went to Colleygate Infants and then on to Trent Bridge Juniors. Chaplin, headmaster? Introduced me to the cane, would send us to wash our hands in hot water straight after - made the pain worse! Formidable Mrs Carty who had a version of a cat o’ nine tails but used a slipper instead. Milk monitor was a perk cos you could stay in the classroom during break and mess around with girls. Marbles, bulldog, cards, tennis ball footy and winter slides in the playground. Great footy team, Area champions in 68! (Seem to remember we were join